• Published 25th Feb 2018
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Dead by Sunset - I-A-M

Abandoned by her friends during the events of Anon-A-Miss, and facing a harsh, unforgiving winter homeless and without support, Sunset makes a choice. One that draws the eye of a certain Entity.

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I think the Crusaders' trauma caused them to confess.

I'm not usually a fan of horror but this was very entertaining to read. Well done!

Very good ending. Little disappointed there was no confrontation with the girls, but, hey, if that sequel happens, maybe we'll get it then. And that title for the next one, gives me an idea, of who it could be draining the Entity, but, who knows. I'll keep an eye out for the sequel, if it ever comes.

Got a bit lost for a second, but I think (?) I got a handle on it. Sunset was the Jane Doe, right? The jumping perspective messed me up a bit.

I look forward to the sequel, if/when it happens.

Omfg :rainbowlaugh: this comment, this comment needs all the likes XD

i'm pretty shear.

Few hours ago, I checked for an update and found chapter 17, finished reading, hit back, epilogue appears.

Beautiful & phenomenal, what a way to end this masterpiece. That's it, its official I'm getting Dead by Daylight now & playing the hell out of it! Congratulations on completing this & thank for all the time & effort, you put into this! We may again, see you in the sequel!

I am the exact same, though I will admit I'm dipping my fee-Hooves a bit more into the genre. Especially after finishing this gem!

I'll admit I was expecting something with the girls as well. Though I can easily imagine they have had to live with the guilt that they and the cmc drove sunset to suicide. I am very curious as to who may be draining the entity. Whom do you think it is?

Amazing story!

Well, Considering the next story title is Dead by Midnight, and their is only one character that uses the name Midnight at some point in EG series, kind of leads me to think it's a certain human bookworm.


Congrats on finally finishing this, really happy about the ending and can’t wait for the sequel.
One question though, was Timber like Adagio’s old husband or maybe some kind of representation of him? Thanks again.

Midnight killed the Entity? Ohh, this won't end well.


what about'em?


They're really hard to read if you don't know the source material and the author can't explain things.

Holy Mother of God this is one of the best Grimdark as well as Sunset fics on the net, I'm at a lost for words. All I can say now is I hope that sequel comes to light.

Why do I get the feeling that I am going to be expecting Gilda to come to sunsets rescue XD

Well, I now regret putting off reading this for so long. Great story, amazing.
Also, that human killing the entity is 100% Sci-Twi, or rather, Midnight Sparkle.

I'm very glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

So good it robbed me of a night's sleep. No, not nightmares, I stayed up all night reading.


I'm hoping that in the sequel, for at least the final confrontation, Sunset, Adagio, and Sonata get their Killer powers back. Fight power taken from the Entity with power gained from the Entity.

Yeah, I was sad to see it go on hiatus.


Hm thanks. Btw enjoy the story.


Damn. I know I haven’t been here in a while but this was one of the first stories I started reading on here

I liked this story. You put some interesting spins on things for why and how the Entity does what it does. I also appreciated the effort put into emphasizing just how bloody terrifying Michael Myers is. The silent, implacable force. Incidentally stoked for the new Halloween movie. :yay:

I think my biggest issues with this would be that despite their apparent importance earlier on, the Human Six + Twilight didn't really seem to do anything. There were there and then... nothing important.
And what about Discord? Couldn't he have helped Sonata recover some of her health? He was already there so why not?

I would have also been very interested to see some of the fallout from the Human Six and CMC's perspectives. The CMC likely had a lot of severe emotional issues after that unless they had Discord alter their memories. And considering RD's earlier vow to never abandon a friend again, to find out that she'd left Sunset in that hell must have been pretty damn devastating for her.

Still all in all, the best DbD fanfic I've read, on this site or any other.

If you do decide to continue this later on, would you be adding in the Pig, the Cannibal, the Clown and the Spirit? Or perhaps some other horror icon?

So to answer your questions in some semblance of order; the girls weren't really the focus of the story, they were there in the earlier parts to give context to why everything played out the way it did and to support the structure of the later story, but the story itself wasn't about them. I try not to go on tangents with characters that aren't important to the overall arch of the story, though I understand the dissatisfaction some people feel over it. Same with the CMC; in the end, the story is about Sunset not about the CMC, I feel like dwelling on them would just be revenge porn at that point, since it would just be miserable.

As for Discord, I'm always hesitant to use him because he's such a deus ex machina sort of character. I try to work in some manner of weakness or caveat for his powers otherwise you could always just say: Well why didn't Discord just fix it. In this case my mental reasoning was more that he still can't counter his 'cousins' magic. I realise that's sort of a cop out, but all I can do is beg a suspension of disbelief at that point because realistically there is no reason that Discord couldn't just snap his fingers and end world hunger except he doesn't feel like it, right?

As for the other Killers, I originally wasn't going to include any of the 'licensed' killers except 'Sunset as the Nightmare' just because this was a DBD crossover not a 'Slasher' crossover, but with Michael I just couldn't help it. My favorite slasher villain of all time is Freddy Krueger, but my favorite slasher movie will always be the first Halloween, so I decided to included 'The Shape' as a villain as an homage. I don't think I'll be including the Pig or the Cannibal, but I will probably be including the Clown and the Spirit, as well as whoever is the next Killer to come out in December of this year. If I do they will probably be the same as Sunset in that they'll be EQG characters in the forms of those Killers, but still.. likely not.


True the Human Five+Twilight (and the CMC) weren't the main focus of the story, but they also did more than merely set events in motion. They had their own threads of plot that have not been resolved yet, and that leaves the story feeling incomplete. To me, at least. Not wanting revenge porn or anything like that, just closure of some sort. The "Rawr! I'm out for revenge!" stories tend to feel like bashing fics to me anyhow, and I think we can agree the world doesn't need any more of those.

Discord is a deus ex machina character. He patently breaks the rules as everyone understands them, with only other deus ex machina being able to stop him. The impression I had gotten was that Discord couldn't affect his "cousin's" realm, but if they could get him to the Neutral ground of the EQG universe, then at that point Discord's powers could indeed have an effect. Though to borrow a line from another fanfic. Discord is chaos, and as soon as you try to define him, you misdefine him. You can't assign him to roles because by his very nature he has no set roles. He is chaos made manifest.

The way I see it, the licensed killers are now part of the DBD universe. The makers of DBD got legal permission to incorporate them into the game, so they can be counted as being part of it's universe. It'd be different if you tried to include someone like Jason Voorhees, who at this time would most definitely be out of place in DBD.
I loved Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, but the 2010 remake was disappointing to me. Might've liked it better if Robert Englund had reprized his role.
Michael Myers is my favorite killer, simply from thematic appeal. How can I put this? Freddy Krueger was a character (particularly Robert Englund's version), but Michael Myers was a force of nature. You can't stop him, you can only either slow him down or get out of his way.

I admit I was surprised when Sunset became the Nightmare. I had figured for sure it would have been Nightmare Moon in the role. Practically the embodiment of the idea, after all.

Dude love this and great trick with the killers but if u do dead by midnight are u going to include the new killers

Now this, is a story. Like OMG. 3chapters in and I feel like a wreck already. :ajsleepy: Sunset is best pony and I see what you did here; with the others. (Nice by the way) I really hope, that by the time I get to the end, she finds... somewhat salvation in the end. :twilightsmile:

Yea, I see that. I'm glad I discovered this story. Its captivating and breathtakingly good. So no matter what, keep up the good work you do. And thanks for this. Really needed something to read. :twilightsmile:

Well if you have the patience for my crackship epic Featherfall I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Bet. But Omg...I literally dont know if I have the strength to continue on the next three final chapters. Not gonna lie; I may have broken down a bit and shed some tears after that talk with Rainbow... you are too good my friend. And sorry for bombarding you with these messages. Your just so good at this it's hard not to voice my mind on how good.

Enjoy the rest of your day. :raritywink:

So since the King & Shy isn't finished and 3 of your stories were tied to this fic I figured if I was going back through the catalog this was a solid starting point to explore.

It's always interesting to see the kind of twists that people put on the Anon-A-Miss story, and while I don't believe the 'Sunset ends up somewhere else because of it' is unique in and of itself, this was most certainly an interesting franchise for her to wind up in because of it. Having never played Dead by Daylight myself it was rather interesting becoming acquainted with the games mechanics through the writing and you did a decent enough job expressing them that I was able to understand the premise of the game without having to look it up myself.

Funnily enough because I didn't know the game being crossed over with by heart I actually was confusing this in my head for Dying Light up until the moment the 'Killers' started hunting down 4 survivors and I was like "Oh yeah there is a co-op game like that isn't there?" No zombies for me here lol

There just always is something visceral about the betrayal in Anon-A-Miss that grips people to such dark places doesn't it? Especially when you pull back and think about it, it's just a bunch of High Schoolers having gossip drama. Give or take two years, even if it hadn't properly been resolved, everyone would've moved on with their lives and eventually looked back at the secrets that embarrassed them with a laugh. I mean, being called 'Piggly Wiggly' is embarrassing in the moment, but one of those things you can eventually laugh about because its utterly ridiculous. But it hits harder for Sunset simply on account of, yeah, this friendship with the girls really is currently her entire life. And no one else is really sitting down to kind of realize that, they're just being dumb kids.

So many fics inspired to cause such drama and visceral feelings, even to the point of Sunset trying to kill herself over it. And as the basis of a betrayal story, you definitely do a fairly good job of depicting her fall to insanity and being unable to forgive the girls for what they did. There is most definitely some insanity crawled all over those feelings too, given that after 1 or 2 games Sunset is already cackling with glee at being sliced and gutted and thrown on hooks, so it makes sense that her sanity latches on to those memories as the catalyst for Sunset just, going insane.

I'm not sure I'm completely sold on the Sunset and Tempest romance in this fic, its certainly there and it makes believable sense given the literal 'fighting for our lives' scenario in which feelings and adrenaline are going to attach you to those around you like nothing else, though given how you handled Romance in the fic that won me over, it definitely feels a teensy bit tacked on, but nothing so jarring as to take me out of the fic.

On the big plus, you totally write "No longer giving a shit" Princess Twilight the same way I do. Girls got a temper and when its on fire you don't want to be in the way. Loved every moment with her in it, almost a little sad she didn't go into the realm herself as I feel like that probably would've played out narratively better, but Rainbow Dash wasn't a terrible choice either. Even if she kind of felt like she got tossed around like a ragdoll for a bit and tossed out (something even she remarked on lol)

Your choice of survivors as well was probably the most interesting take on the fic, since there was a wide range of personalities to choose from as a result, and while I don't know if you nailed all of them constantly, given the situation they were in, scarred and broken personalities are pretty much the name of the game and I can completely forgive any gripes I would otherwise have there. And the focus was also very strongly centered around Sunset and Tempest, and since you got them to do what they needed to do, it all works out.

Also dang cliffhangers!

As far as an earlier fic of your work goes, this was enjoyable! Don't know if it'll rank up there with one of my favorites, but I enjoyed my read through and through. It's also impressive just how much your writing has improved within the span of a year, so that's something you should be proud of!

I might give the King & Shy a tackle sometime in the future, but it does seem like Featherfall is your current bread and butter, so I'll probably hop on over there and start giving it a read. GildaSet isn't necessarily an OTP, but I'm willing to be won over! And as long as it's half as fun as the other two fics I've read, I'm sure I'll enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

Technically three of my stories sort of... referenced this fic because it's where I began establishing my own personal EQG canon that I've pretty solidly kept to.

Sunset's descent into instability, not quite madness early on but definitely becoming unstable, was because she wasn't the most stable person to start with. I love Sunset but, with the best will in the world, that bitch is a little crazy. Sunset dives headlong into things as a part of her character, she doesn't go halfway on anything which is pretty obvious from how she's represented in canon. I just sort of follow that logic when I'm writing her character. In DBS that means Sunset pitches herself headlong into the darkness of the Trials, fighting and smiling the whole way through, in Rules of Engagement she hurls herself into the romance with Aria heedless of the multiple warnings she's received.

It's who she is.

As for growth as a writer... yeah, DBS is pretty rough by the standards of today. Over the course of writing Featherfall I've really improved I think, and you can see it as the chapters pass. It actually feels kind of good to go back and reread some of my older stuff to see where I've come from, even if the haphazard structure of the writing makes me flinch a little :twilightsheepish:.

Anyways, I'm very glad you enjoyed Dead by Sunset, it was a lot of fun to write regardless of its quality. Hopefully you enjoy Featherfall as well, and out of curiosity did you read the side stories to this? Adagio's Lament and Sisterhood Sonata? Lament is the one I'm particularly proud of as it's the first time I've written Adagio by herself, sort of in a vaccuum, and I know you enjoy Sirens so I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

I haven't read them yet, as I was kind of focused on getting through this first but did promise myself to go back and read them as well, so that will happen eventually. As someone who is writing the sirens having historical drama problems of their own, I'm sure I will enjoy them quite a bit though~

I also forgot to mention but, my favorite take-away from this and something I'm probably going to end up utilizing in a story at some point in the future is the idea of "The more powerful you are the more rules you have to play by" cause that's just such a stellar way of handling cosmic powers that I hadn't thought about before. The idea really intrigues and inspires me as that's such a fun and balance-able way to have 'all powerful cosmic entities that can bend reality', I'll be sure to keep that in mind from now on!

Power balance is a specialty of mine. I’ve been a Storyteller/Gamemaster/DM for about twenty years and I’ve had a lot of practice.

The powers and rules dynamic is one of my favorites. It’s there in both reality and myth. A celebrity with great influence has to obey certain social laws or that influence turns against them. A genie can only operate via the medium of wishes. Etc...

I can see the sequal. And sunset still has the nightmare form and legion is a dick

Watcher is micheal. Nightmare is freddy. Also don't leave us with a cliffhanger. There is a asshole who needs killing. Maybe he will force sunset to kill for him. Or create legion.

Happy anniversary to the finale of this amazing story, that convince me to buy the game & play the hell out of it!

I love this story, as much as I liked Featherfall, just something about this one that makes me continually come back and read it time and time again when I get that AaM itch. I hope you someday decide to write the sequel you hinted in the Epilogue, but if not... just know that I still absolutely love this fic, and you did an amazing job with it.


Because of all the new updates and such to this game, plus I love this story arc so much I’m still hoping for a sequel. Also going back to read this.

This was awesome. I'm only barely familiar with Dead by Daylight. I had no idea there was any kind of cosmic horror lore to it. I expected just some slasher story. But I absolutely love supernatural horror and gore. From the first chapter to the last it was super entertaining and I was surprised several times. I'm not sure how this would have read if I was familiar with the game but as someone with only a basic knowledge I'm impressed how well you handled making it not feel 'game-y' despite the core mechanic of the Trials kind of being game-y in of itself.

(This was a very good story.

The Epilogue wrapped up a good deal, and I enjoyed the whole story, the whole journey, quite a bit. It kept me on the edge of my seat pretty much the entire time.

With that said, two little things that I'm a little agitated at. One, nothing much with the Rainbooms, Twilight, and the CMC, especially Rainbow. I don't mind that more focus is placed on Sunset's return and this epilogue, not at all, however I felt as though they were a big enough part of the story and the whole arrangement of events and what went down, that there should have been a scene or two. Something to help wrap up their part. And second, and this is more personal, I'm actually pretty annoyed that there's another big bad on the horizon eating The Entity. That's just a personal thing, I'm like 'they just got through Hell, let them by happy dang it!'. I mean they are right now and it's moving and lovely, however it's not 'over over'.

So, yeah, mixed feelings there. But everything from Sunset being considered a siren sister, the romance with Tempest, the other cute romances, and the Siren singing circle, all of that? Loved it. Very good story!)

I heard Take Me Home Country Roads, again... and everytime I hear that song I immediately think of this story. Everytime. Needless to say, my sixth reread will happening soon.

I am incredibly flattered that you have read this story so many times.

It's just one of those things where, this story scratches so many of my favorite things to read, to the point where I just constantly reread it.

I hope you one day decide to write the sequel you teased at the end, but, nevertheless, I do love you're work! And I'm looking forward to diving into your newest stuff whenever I get a chance.

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