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When a dark unicorn mage threatens the whole of Equestria, the ponies must unite to face the impending danger. But this dark unicorn is not alone: he has built his army while the ponies of Equestria were unaware. Now, they must face an enemy who can attack them both in the real world, and the Dream Realm - one who absolutely will not give in until he has achieved his one true goal: immortality.

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Something had been trying to recruit her to its cause – something evil. And had it not been for the intervention of Princess Luna, it may have succeeded. She had been powerless to stop it.

Why she hasn't agreed or at least engaged in negotiations?

It was more a case of either accept, or be forced to. Starlight didn't really have much choice in the matter - whatever happened, the presence wanted her on its side. There wasn't really any negotiations to be made there.

This first chapter is just to set the scene. The second chapter is already finished; and it'll make things a lot clearer!


It was more a case of either accept, or be forced to.

That's kinda my point: she should have accepted in a way that causes least suspicion from him and tried to extract maximum information from him. For example, by discussing how exactly joining him benefits her (actually meaning "how exactly he is going to defeat princesses?"). She obviously gains nothing from boldly defying him in open.

That's true: and I have to admit it does sound like a good idea. But my plans were for this to always be a little more direct on this story - so I went with the defiant approach, and Luna's intervention. After all, there's good reason why the Princess of the Night was so desperate for Starlight to wake up...

Good setup so far. I think the direct approach is pretty fitting, since Starlight herself is quite direct overall, even if she does it with a certain level of sass.

Thank you!

And it's very true: Starlight does go for the more direct approach more often than not. It makes her a fun character to write, too!

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