• Published 12th Feb 2018
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In the Days That Followed - shallow15

Sunset Shimmer and her friends try to get their lives back to normal following the events of "Repercussions."

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Old Friends

Luna opened the box and pulled out the brand new notebook computer she had purchased on her way home after school had let out for the day. She quickly booted it up and connected the wifi. She opened the installed web browser long enough to download a special web browser from a site which had an address that was only a ludicrously long string of numbers.

When the browser was installed, she reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a portable hard drive. She connected it to the notebook and downloaded several innocuous sounding programs. In truth, each of these programs ranged in legality from available for purchase from any electronics store, to one in which the mere possession of the program was a Class C felony in most states. All of these were downloaded to the tiny computer.

Once everything was in place, Luna booted all of them up in a specific sequence, then looked at the readout from a monitoring program that coordinated everything. Once she was satisfied, she opened the new browser and entered another ludicrously long string of numbers. What came up was a chat room. Luna signed in with a name she had not used in years, and was taking a great risk using again if certain individuals in certain sections of certain government agencies were monitoring the room again.

All right, hopefully this will get his attention.

Luna clicked the “login” button and typed out her entrance.


PlaceHolder: What?!

00Pryde00: NMM!!!

Zyxxyz: MY QUEEN!

PuzzLED: Who dat?

CaptKlondyke: Holy shit, you're back?!

PlaceHolder: Learn your history, PuzzLED.

CaptKlondyke: Been a long time, NMM, where've you been?

Luna smirked. She could always count on the old gang to be excited when she showed up. PuzzLED was new, which meant they'd have to be watched in case they were a plant. She'd also have to hope who she came to talk to would make themselves known soon, otherwise she'd have to wait at least a week and buy another computer to try this again.

NightmareMoon: Had to go under after ForeverNight. But I got feeling nostalgic and decided to check up on you all.

CaptKlondyke: Risky move, NMM.

00Pryde00: I don't buy it. Either you're planning something or you're not NMM.

PuzzLED: Who the fuck is this? What's going on?

PlaceHolder: *sigh* Of course this comes up. NMM? Call sign, please.

Luna nodded to herself. This was a safeguard they had come up with to ensure the people who came into the room were who they claimed to be. Hopefully PlaceHolder and CaptKlondyke remembered her old call sign.

NightmareMoon: Call sign: Blackwatch Potpourri Toaster Marexico.

00Pryde00: IT'S HER!

CaptKlondyke: No shit.

Zyxxyz: Good to hear from you, my Queen.

PuzzLED: I still dunno who this bitch is.

PlaceHolder: Everybody satisfied now?

Zyxxyz: PuzzLED, ever hear of ForeverNight?

PuzzLED: No.

CaptKlondyke facepalms

Zyxxyz: PMing you, PuzzLED.

00Pryde00: Okay, you're NMM, but I doubt you'd break cover just for nostalgia.

NightmareMoon: … I could never pull one over on you 00Pryde00. I need help.

PlaceHolder: Not another ForeverNight?

NightmareMoon: God, no! I have some spooks sniffing around my neighborhood. I need help figuring out their deal.

PuzzLED: Okay, so she did some big thing in Manehattan forever ago. Who cares now?

CaptKlondyke: Spooks? Did they finally track you down?

NightmareMoon: No, but someone I know is attracting attention. Nothing related to anyone here.

PlaceHolder: That's not good.

PuzzLED: Spooks? What the hell kind of heat is this bitch bringing here?

PuzzLED has been kicked.

CaptKlondyke: Thank you!

NightmareMoon: What's with him?

Zyxxyz: He's new. I think he's some 14 year old from across the sea.

The chat entertained themselves for a while speculating on who the recently ejected PuzzLED was, but Luna soon found herself drawn away from the conversation by a private message that popped up.

CacoPhonee: You shouldn't have come back.

Luna smiled. Bingo.

She muted herself in the main chat and turned her attention to the private room CacoPhonee had created.

NightmareMoon: I know. But this is serious. I need help.

CacoPhonee: This had better not be another ForeverNight.

Luna frowned. CacoPhonee was going for the throat early. She must have made him really worry.

NightmareMoon: You know I didn't intend for ForeverNight to do that.

CacoPhonee: Doesn't matter what you intended. Manehattan had a three day blackout because of it.

NightmareMoon: I KNOW. But this has nothing to do with that. I need some information on some government agency I've never heard of.

CacoPhonee: And I should care, why?

NightmareMoon: They're tracking some of my students. There's been a series of incidents out here. I really can't say more about what kind, but they're on government radar.

CacoPhonee: I know about what's been going on out there. Who's sniffing?

NightmareMoon: STORM.

There was a pause in the chat. Luna waited, unsure if she was going to get a warning, a joke, or if CacoPhonee would just leave altogether.

She got none of these.

CacoPhonee: What's it stand for?

Luna told him. CacoPhonee asked a few more questions about what she wanted to know. Luna was upfront and honest, asnwering every question as truthfully as she could. CacoPhonee didn't press her about which of her students had attracted attention, only asking what she knew about STORM.

CacoPhonee: Okay, so you need to know who they are, what they do, who they work for, and anything about this Tempest Shadow person. Sound about right?

NightmareMoon: Yes. Can you help?

CacoPhonee: I may be able to dig something up. But we can't hand off here. PuzzLED's a plant, and there's more and more of them showing up. You need to make yourself scarce after tonight. Using your old handle was a bad idea.

NightmareMoon: I needed to find you fast. This seemed like the best way to do it.

CacoPhonee: I know. You still have that dropbox in the real world?

NightmareMoon: I'll need to set it back up again. Three days?

CacoPhonee: I can only spare you two. Got a lot of irons in the fire.

NightmareMoon: Two days. I'll check after sundown.

CacoPhonee: All right. Make your goodbyes and get out. Don't come back here again.

NightmareMoon: Thank you.

CacoPhonee: We'll talk about payment later. Now go. The Queen is dead.

NightmareMoon: Long live anarchy.

The private chat closed and Luna was returned to the main chat room.

PlaceHolder: You okay, NMM? You went quiet.

NightmareMoon: Sorry, private chat. I got what I needed.

CaptKlondyke: Oh good.

00Pryde00: So you gonna stick around? We're all curious what you've been up to.

NightmareMoon: I can't. I'm sure I've already attracted too much attention by coming back under this handle. I need to go. But it was good to see all of you again.

CaptKlondyke: You too.

00Pryde00: Good to see you.

Zyxxyz: Farewell, my Queen.

PlaceHolder: We'll miss you.

NightmareMoon: I'll miss all of you too, but my time is done. But remember, that while I may be gone...






Luna closed out the browser, disconnected from the internet, then formatted the hard drive of the computer. Once that was done, she shut it down, and took it out to the backyard of the house she shared with her sister. She placed the computer on a handy tree stump and vanished into the shed next to the large greenhouse. She emerged with a pair of safety glasses and a large sledgehammer, which she used to pulverize the brand new machine.

As she was cleaning up the remnants of the computer, Celestia appeared in the backyard. She was carrying a couple of beer bottles. She handed one to her sister.

“Productive afternoon?”

“We'll know in a couple of days. I have someone looking into it. I'll be getting something then.”

“And the wanton cruelty to the common household word processor?”

“I had to use my old handle and there was someone there who most likely a government plant. I couldn't stay long and I'm not taking any chances.” Luna took a swig of beer.

Celestia nodded. “Can we trust your contact?”

Luna pulled the bottle from her lips. “No. But he's reliable, and we're not transferring anything online. With luck, we'll have all the answers we need by Saturday night.”

Celestia nodded again. “Here's to good luck then.”

“To good luck,” Luna agreed. The two clinked their bottles together.

Author's Note:

Slight error in chronology here. This chapter happens before the events of the previous one. Sorry.

For those keeping score, this chapter happens on Wednesday night, the previous chapter on Thursday afternoon.