• Published 12th Feb 2018
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In the Days That Followed - shallow15

Sunset Shimmer and her friends try to get their lives back to normal following the events of "Repercussions."

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Wednesday Morning


An “Equestria Girls” Story by Erin Mills

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls” ©2018 Hasbro/DHX Media

Sunset Shimmer sighed as she entered the school office. She had only been back for a day since getting out of the hospital after the magical attack that had put her into a three-day coma. It had also been three days since she and her friends had fought the one responsible for putting her into the coma in the first place.

Sunset grabbed her arms and looked at the floor as the memory of their enemy being torn apart by an out of control cyclone of magic played through her mind again. She hadn't wanted that.

She hadn't wanted what happened to her friends either. Pinkie's arm was in a cast and Rarity...

She tried not to let her guilt over what happened to Rarity overwhelm her. Rarity had told her repeatedly that what happened to her wasn't Sunset's fault, but it was hard to not feel responsible. It had been her actions back before the Fall Formal that had put everything in motion, and while she felt she had made some progress in forgiving herself, or at least getting to a point where she could live with her guilt, she still had moments where she thought the girls would have been better off if they hadn't become friends with her.

Sunset sighed again and shook her head. Okay, enough self-loathing. It happened. It sucks, but it's not all your fault. You know that. And you and the rest of the girls are alive after all that. That's what's important.

Her shoulders slumped. I just wish I could believe I actually deserve to be alive.

She looked up and walked to the office desk. Pepperdance, the office student aide, looked up as she approached.

“Hey, Sunset!” she said brightly. Sunset forced down her doubts and smiled back.

“Hi, Pepperdance. How are you feeling?”

Pepperdance had been one of the bystanders caught in the crossfire during her friends' attempts to figure out who had attacked Sunset. She had returned to the school the day before.

“Eh. Slight headache, but the doctor says it should go away in a couple of days.”

“Well, that's good. I got paged. Principal Celestia wants to see me?”

Pepperdance nodded. “She's waiting for you. Go on in.”


Sunset crossed the room and knocked on the principal's door.

“Come in.”

Sunset look a deep breath and went inside. Principal Celestia looked up as the door opened.

“You wanted to see me, Principal Celestia?” Sunset asked.

“Yes, Sunset. Please, come in.”

Sunset closed the door behind her and took a seat. She swallowed as she saw Vice Principal Luna leaning up against the wall. Celestia finished writing on the paperwork in front of her and looked up.

“How are you feeling?”

Sunset blinked. “Um... just fine. The doctor said there's no risk of brain damage, since I was only out for a few days.”

“And your friends? I saw Rarity in a wheelchair this morning?”

Sunset swallowed and began rubbing her arm. “There was an accident. She's sort of paralyzed.”

Luna raised an eyebrow. “'Sort of?'”

“There's no actual damage to her spinal cord,” Sunset said quickly. “Just some serious muscle swelling and some trauma to her brain. With physical therapy, they think she'll regain the use of her legs in a few months to a year.”

“How did this happen?” Celestia's face was a mixture of concern and sternness.

Sunset sighed and closed her eyes. “We found who attacked me. They were corrupted by magic. We had to confront her on the football field. She was stronger than us. Rarity and Pinkie Pie got hurt.”

“And who was it?”

Sunset told her. The principal's eyebrows shot up. “You're absolutely certain about this, Sunset?”

Sunset nodded. Celestia picked up the phone. “I'll need to check the attendance records, see if she's been in class the last few days.”

“She hasn't,” Sunset said. Celestia put the phone down and she and Luna looked at her student. Sunset refused to meet their eyes. An unwelcome conclusion came to Celestia's mind and her eyes widened.

“Sunset,” she began softly. “Where is she?”

Sunset turned her head back and Celestia could see tears forming in the corners of the girl's eyes. “She... she didn't – We didn't want to. I tried to help her, but it was too strong. There's nothing left of her.”

Luna walked over, reached into a desk drawer, pulled out a tissue and handed it to Sunset. She wiped her eyes and blew her nose. Celestia turned in her seat and looked out her office window for a moment, considering. Sunset swallowed and shifted in her chair, unsure of what to say, or even if there was anything to say.

“Do her parents know?” the principal asked, turning back. Sunset shook her head.

“Not yet. But we're supposed to see them this Saturday. Her girlfriend arranged it.”

“Girlfriend?” Celestia looked surprised.

“Yeah, we're going to tell them what actually happened, and then figure out what to tell the police. She says she has an idea that will keep us all out of the public eye.”

“I think it may be too late for that,” Luna sighed.

“What do you mean?” Sunset asked, her stomach sinking.

“While you were in the hospital, there was a news report about some sort of incident at the mall. And from the looks of things, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity were involved somehow.”

Sunset paled. “They what?”

“Oh, dear, they didn't tell you yet, did they?” Celestia looked uncomfortable and reached into another drawer, pulling out a newspaper. “I saved this. You may want to look at it.”

Sunset took the paper and began reading, her eyes widening at the report of a massive rampage a the mall that caused thousands of dollars in damage. It got worse when she saw the accompanying photo. It seemed to be a screenshot from the mall security cameras. A tall woman in black overcoat and floppy brimmed hat was standing in the hall, firing what looked like a gigantic beam of energy into the ceiling of the mall. The beam's luminescence washed out a lot of the background, but Sunset spotted a winged female form in the corner of the shot.

She put the paper back on the desk and met Celestia's gaze. “Oh boy.”

“Yes.” Celestia put the paper aside. “Now, I know you've been doing your best, but it looks to me like the magic is running out of control.”

“I know.” Sunset looked at her feet. “I don't know what's happening, but we've been dealing with it as it happens as best we can.”

“Yes, but if things continue to escalate like this, it's going to attract attention. Official attention.”

Sunset nodded. She had nothing to argue the point with. Celestia looked at her, as if she was sizing her up. Then she slapped her hands on the desk, causing Sunset to jump in her seat.

“Right,” Celestia said. “So for now, the administration of Canterlot High School has no knowledge of the cause of these unusual events, and cannot comment on why they seem to be happening around the building. We are cooperating with all authorities interested in the matter.”

“What?” Sunset blinked, confused. Celestia smiled.

“That's the school's official policy regarding everything that's been happening,” she said. “Unofficially, whatever help you need, Luna and I will give it to you. And if that means playing dumb, well...”

Sunset blinked again as Celestia crossed her eyes and made a goofy face. “We don't know nothin' 'bout nothin'.”

Sunset bust out laughing, the principal and her sister following soon afterward. After a minutes, they got themselves under control. Sunset wiped her eyes and looked up.

“Thank you. Both of you.”

Celestia smiled. “You've turned yourself around and you and your friends have managed to keep magic from running rampant. And while we're not entirely happy with your plan to deal with the fallout from this recent one – “

“I promise I'll fill you in once we have everything solidified.”

Celestia held up a hand. “I believe you. But, as I was saying, while we have concerns, the last thing any of us, especially you, need is the authorities discovering magic exists in this world now. So if there's anything we can do to protect you and your friends, I want to assure you that we will.”

Sunset frowned. “You're risking a lot for us.”

“We know,” said Luna. “But we think making sure you all can operate freely when something happens is worth that risk.”

“Thank you. I appreciate it.”

“Then keep us informed, please,” Celestia said. “We need to be able to take whatever precautions we need when this happens to keep the rest of the students safe.”

“I will,” Sunset said. The principal nodded.

“All right, I think you should get back to class, Sunset,” said Luna. “And we'll talk again Monday morning.”

“I'll come in before classes start. I should have more information by then.”

“All right, Monday before classes. We'll see you then.” Celestia nodded.

Sunset stood up. “Thank you both again. Hopefully, there won't be any other magical problems for a while.”

“We certainly hope so,” said Luna.

“And should anyone of an official persuasion contact us, we'll be sure to give you a heads up.” Celestia stood up and extended a hand. Sunset gave a small smile and extended her own. The two shook hands. Sunset shook hands with Luna and left the office.

Celestia sat back down as her sister came around the desk and sat in the chair Sunset had occupied. “Are you certain we're doing the right thing?”

“Part of our job is to protect our students,” Celestia answered. “And that includes seven girls with magical powers who would be very interesting to some of the less scrupulous elements of society.”

“You can just say 'the government,' sis,” Luna smirked.

“Not just them. There's plenty of private sector assholes who would love to get their hands on Sunset and her friends. That is not happening on my watch.”

Luna sighed. “I know. I just hope this last incident hasn't already put undue attention on us.”

“If it has, we'll deal with who or whatever shows up.”

Celestia looked down at her desk. Amid the various papers, forms, and other paraphernalia, a post-it note sat on one side of the blotter. It had been waiting for her after she had come back from grabbing coffee from the teacher's lounge. It had also caused her to call Sunset to her office.

Tempest Shadow