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There comes a point in all our lives where we just need someone to reach out to us; to lend us a hand to get back on track, and to save us from the dark hole we're in.

Delta Vee has just reached that point, and as fate wills, she is about to run into one of the few ponies that genuinely can and want to help her.

The only question is, will she get herself to accept his help?

Find a reading done by ScarlettBlade here!

This story is directly based on the events in Anywhere But Here. Reading it first is advised, but not required.

Like Family Photo, Anywhere But Here, Black Honey and Fast Car, this story is entirely based on Shinodage's blog telling the story of Delta Vee and her family. As always, all credit for the characters goes to Shino!
Also, allow me to mention real quick that Shino went out of his way to draw the awesome cover art for this story, so go ahead and send him some love!

Special thanks to xRei, Pahnazd, and NumberEight for helping with the editing!

Namesake song. You know the drill.

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Comments ( 28 )

Honestly, I cannot sympathize with Delta Vee here at all, she's constantly blaming others for her own troubles, and when she gets help offered, she turns it down. Honestly, I'm sorta glad she and Jet divorced in this timeline, as she is a right bitch.

Feel free to shoot me for that, but I honestly hated every minute of her here.

Rise Against

Nice. House Carpenter by HURT comes to mind with Jet Stream:

'Cause there's a sad and lonely comfort
In the hollow of your eyes
But don't you let it take you over
'Cause it will eat you up inside

I heard you're married to a house carpenter
And your love will never be mine


she's constantly blaming others for her own troubles, and when she gets help offered, she turns it down.

Pride, bitterness, anger, and unresolved emotional wounding can make you irrational and lash out at all and sundry within reach.


Pride, bitterness, anger, and unresolved emotional wounding can make you irrational and lash out at all and sundry within reach.

And if she keeps going on like she is, she's just going to keep on burning bridges.


And if she keeps going on like she is, she's just going to keep on burning bridges.

Burning bridges?

Levi Weaver - Of Bridges Burned

I lit those bridges with that fire we couldn't put out
Then I stood outside and watched it
As it burned from house to house
And with a feigned sense of accomplishment
I pretended not to cry
I turned and muttered
"Now the worst has finally come"
Don't say his name where I can hear you and
Don't talk of the future in your hopeful tones
Don't try to say "he wasn't worth it"
'Cause this fire's cost me everything I've owned

poor delta... poor jet... :fluttershysad::raritycry: she just... saw it all wrong! Dear God, she just saw it the wrong way! He was gonna help her and she misunderstood everything! UGH THE FEELS!!!!

but really, nice piece of work you did there, pal. That story makes so much sense and explains so much. It ties up loose ends in such a way that it's incredible. Can't wait to see more

Sometimes I just want to slap some sense into the both of them. Jet for thinking that Delta will see the symbolism in what he does, and Delta for bolting without giving Jet even a chance to explain himself.

I know I've already said this before but...

“Daddy,” she softly spoke up, causing her father to turn his head and look at her. “When I heard that mare… I thought mommy was back.”

You glorious bastard.

Got some flashbacks while reading this one. I’ve been a long time Brony and this is “My Little Dashie” level of sadness. But that was 7 years ago, I’m a lot tougher now....*starts balling my eyes out* :applecry:

That line went straight through my heart.

She’s got pride that would even rival that of Vegeta’s.
I think Delta might be a Sayian...

8743835 I agree.

Up until now, I’ve always seen Delta portrayed as the helpless victim of the events, but more often than not her unreliability made it impossible for me to come up with a rounded opinion on her situation.

Having a different perspective flips the tables upside down, in this story Jet is the one I’m rooting for and whom I pity. In this story, I think Delta forced herself to see what she wanted to see and ended up bearing a large part of the responsibility for the family disgrace.

Delta isn’t anymore the damsel in distress I’ve imagined her to be: she’s an actively destructive character, with a prominent role in deepening the fracture with her ex. In this story, given how she more than anypony else makes it so that Jet and Apogee will not get a chance at a serene future, she almost looks more like an antagonist than a co-protagonist.

8744907 That’s so accurate. Great Ape Delta when?

The feels my god

exactly that. She's just too blind to see that she's the one destroying herself. Jet screwed up big time and he knows it, that's why he's trying to help her because she deserves better than this. But all she sees is her own portrait of what Jet is when in reality he genuinely wants to help her because he cares. But now, more than ever, Delta brought the destruction of the familly, the destruction of her new oportunity and all because she misunderstood his intentions.

Someone needs to make her wake up, to open her eyes and see the destruction she left behind. The destruction of her oportunities, of a better life and, most importantly, of Apogee

That puts Delta on equal terms with Jet on how dumb they are

The only difference between present Jet and Delta is that Jet work through his problems and tried to better himself, mostly by putting the majority of his efforts into his work while also trying to be a half decent dad and secure his daughters future. While Delta never moved on from her grief and pretty much destroyed any chance of her having a better life.
I've always been on Jet's side when its come to the story of this family because throughout all of it it just seems like doing his best make up for what he did wrong. He's got lots of money and a lifestyle many could only dream about but he doesn't care because he's to busy trying to make up for the fact that he make a stupid mistake one time.

8745497 8745712 You hit the nail on the head.

Jet isn’t innocent. I think it’s safe to assume he played a major role in their breakup, but many other different flaws of him have been pointed out here and in other stories.

What makes him stand out in this story is that he moved on. He acknowledged his mistakes and tried to live on and, as opportunity presented itself, he tried to make amends. That’s as much as I can ask from a genuinely regretful pony.

Delta, so far, hasn’t been able to change. She’s stuck in her own personal and closed mindset and stubbornly refuses to grow out of it. I can’t find any reason behind her actions based on the acts of the Jet portrayed here, it’s as if only the one from her past existed in his place.

From the comic we know that Jet and Delta’s relationship will somehow continue to exist and that they will talk to each other. We know that Delta will, in her own way, take care of Apogee at times. I’d be eager to read how that comes to happen, after the events in this story played out. How will she move on? What will be their terms to take care of their daughter?

Now I want moar :fluttercry:

I've always had the impression that Delta getting pregnant was of Jet's willful intention, but that's just me. Cause Delta had her own aspirations and plans, plans that by Shino's comic, excluded him from the picture and by Jet knocking her up, he had hoped that in some way she'd change her mind and stay with him, build a family and their business together as partners. Maybe why he's so torn up over everything is because he knewas deep down inside this was his intention and with one selfish desire, pretty much ruined Delta's future. But like I said, it's just me. Not that I'm a fan of Delta's 'woe is me' attitude and frankly, her blaming the world for her state of being is pathetic at best.

Wheew... this was heavy stuff right here, and after reading the comments, seems like I'm gonna be one of the very very few that's still on Delta's side. I will admit and agree, however, that they are both being idiots here, Jet with his idiocy and Delta being stubborn. But goddamn if I don't love a stubborn woman like her. Helps that I'm also a stubborn jackass :rainbowlaugh:

But whew... Jet did have somewhat of a decent idea going for EASA, and Delta ended up getting blindsided by her hatred and disgust of him. Which I will say has happened to me before, not in this context but in a similar way. Blinded by hate and not seeing the bigger picture. Hmm... and that ending, whew, that was sad, poor Gee :heart: precious bby.

Well, my stance on these characters isn't gonna change, and despite it all, I'm still going to be on Delta's side of the ring and rooting for her all the way. :heart: I'm gonna be behind her no matter what, and rooting her on to climb out of the eventual pit of despair she's dug. A lot of people fuck up their own lives by digging these holes of theirs, yeah... but that doesn't mean we can't climb out of them.

Praise be :yay:

Well shit, I thought I would relax myself abit by reading this before I went to sleep. I was wrong, I read the whole thing until 1 AM and can't sleep for about half an hour afterward. I feel bad for both of them really, especially Delta that ruining herself becasue of blind hatred of Jet while he wanted to redeem himself for his actions. Seeing one your loved one suffering is hell. :pinkiesad2:

I like that despite all of these events she still has mother's love towards Apogee. Sadly, I think she can't let Apogee to see her in this state at the end of the story. Please, write more I wonder what will happen when she's finally meet her little filly.

Okay. I've been slack. I should of read this when it was posted here but I never got around to it. Lucky Scarlett's reading was brilliant (he really is getting really good at those readings isn't he?) and as I said there. "As a father of four. P-berry really really knows how to tug at my heart strings." Its so easy to see yourself in a similar scenario. Yet despite knowing the outcome you're still shouting at them both. Hoping. Pleading that they Just. Talk. Properly.. Jets awkwardness and putting his hoof in it .. and we get. Delta always assuming the worst.. that everypony wants to hurt her. I'd really love to see this get resolved! They would make such an awesome flawed family. We get so close so often (new years eve was great) but unfortunately we never will. That's what makes it so good. And then there would be the awkwardness of "the other" stories should they ever get back together (and if they are still considered canon)

So true. This is evident in the later stories as well except Jet has grown tired of Delta's refusal to move on. She didn't have to forgive him. She didn't have to go back to the way they were (Jet wasn't making her, but I guess he hoped she might) she just had to let him share some of the successes THEY created so she could move on with her life and live on her terms. But she's just to angry to see it.

Forgive typos, writing these replies on my phone is hard...

I can't take this feelcoaster of feels!:fluttershbad: But seriously this serie is one of the best I read. Clopficsinthecomments make good stories but I would say this is more "canon" in my head. I hope you have more plans for this tragic family, maybe some kind of "happy" ending, not they become a whole family again (I can only hope) but that Jet and Vee can move on because they are still stuck.
Keep up the awesome stories!

But in any case, it was a… somewhat secure job, she didn’t have to stand outside at any wind and weather, and she didn’t have to… she cringed… do certain other things.

certain other? As in, two words, not one.

Delta pondered these thoughts for a moment, then shook her head. Shewas… just way too hungover to think about all these things right now.

Same thing.

Gut. I really liked that. It's a bit long-ish for a simple story, but you have my upvote, dear author, you have it indeed.

I'm not crying...

Underrated and a hidden gem of a story! I am not proud of my discovery of Epogee and her parents but it was worth it for me to find this.

Oh and I can relate to apogee in many ways with her situation but not all of them.

Ow, my feels. Good job P-Berry, good job.


That was such a sad and intense read... I know I sympathize with Jet a lot more, since he has gotten over his pride, but Delta still has a lot of an ego still left inside her.

The only one I actually feel bad for is Apogee. She just wants her parents together again.

Ohhhh... life's just too harsh on Delta, I really hope that the comic could give her a better future

PS: After having read through nearly all Space Ponyos stories in this group, I think this is still the most heartbreaking one among those that have focused on Delta’s life right after running away. And if Jet didn’t leave that article there, instead just talk to her about the compensation-offer to let her use EquestriAero as the ladder to get to EQSA, she might have actually accepted!

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