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After the events of MLP The Movie, Capper has nowhere else to go thus decides to move to Ponyville. our lovable Draconequus gets a bit irritated when he shares an awkward fact about his kind, so Discord decides to mess with them. how? well, he points out Rarity owns a cat. awkwardness for everybody!

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Comments ( 5 )

The concepts are interesting, but the execution needs some work.

The biggest thing would be something more fleshed out. The entire thing is very much a summary with the basics being told to us. Not simply the information about drapone, but the events that are occurring in the story. It's a bit more difficult in a case like this since a large main focus is on what is being told, but it can be improved with practice.

I love this story! You need to make an extra chapter!

I would love to read a sequel of this...
this is well thought out especially the tidbits about Discords species I would have loved to read more about Twilights questions regarding this subject with Discord actually answering... But your story title says Cappers Opal but Opal is not in it ... okay she is mentioned but not "Onscreen" she is only talked about I would love to read a little bit more about the situation are cats more feral Abyssians? are they more could this be the reason Opal is mean to almost anyone?

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