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'Cause there we are again, in the middle of the night; we're dancing 'round the kitchen in the refrigerator light...

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Wanderer D

Gotta love that Dragon's Milk.

Dragoness Milk.

Let that sink in.

Q: Can you get paid from donating 'sperm nectar'?

This story sort of reminds of of another lactation story, but it's around AJ lactating Cider from her tits. Got to say this is a good story and wish there was a sequel to it.

Author Interviewer

There's no way I will read this, but I have to know just how it's Wanderer's fault.

8728423 Aw c'mon, PP you know you wanna read it.

That as certainly a fic Petri n_n I can definitely see how it's D's fault.

Author Interviewer

Sorry, I'm not into fluids D:

> Implying that i wouldn't specifically mention urine if it happened

Also: There's a real-life beer out there called Dragon's Milk, and it's basically the best beer ever made, and a conversation with him about it sort of got out of hand. This is a reason why talking to me is a terrible, terrible idea.

I didn’t know enigmaticotaku had an alt account.

Truly a fantastic read. My favorite part was Applejack, funnily enough. I laughed aloud at her admission of defeat. At least both drinks are seasonal!

This was pretty good, the telling of the story almost beats the actions in it too. Something Abbott imagining AJ's face, priceless.

There's also the more subtle fact that Spike knowing Ember needed milked sent her to Rarity. Being a good friend, or making one of his greatest fantasies come true? For that matter, why does Spike now that Rarity would have expertise to help Ember... Truly there is a lot of evil genius going on in this story.

Ember gulped. “I. Uh. I don’t think I know what you mean.”

Edit 2/28/2018:

their face about how how disgusting the whole deal was.

Sequel Applejack and rarity join forces and with Embers help not only add flavor mixes and some more bigger Dragonesses to the company, Mina, Ballista and Prominence.

THANK YOU!! This site needed more Ember femslash. Please do more Rarity/Ember.

I agree, got a case in my fridge right now.

For the record, the title is based off the fact that there used to be a limited-production version called the "reserve stock." which basically added in a bunch of undercurrents and a healthy helping of chilies to the batch. I tend to like chilies in my beer, and it was far and away the best example of how to make it work, particularly with regards to how it brought out the best in the vanilla.

I keep searching for a store that still has some left, but I've had no such luck so far. Ah, well. :ajsleepy:

Dammit Majin Syeekoh!

This is Wanderer D's fault.

Huh what? Guess I don’t know Wanderer D well enough, do I.

Really fun read! I like the way you show the story through Applejack’s eyes, and then twist that view sideways into Ember’s, before snapping us back the AJ; each time revealling that both dragon and farm mare learn some new and shocking but brilliant things about Rarity that they didn’t previously know.

Boy, reading this sure built up a mighty thirst.

Ember threw her head back and roared as she came. Flames billowed from her jaws as she squirted over and over and over again, flooding Rarity’s mouth, dribbling over the sides of the chair and dripping onto the floor below. Ember’s vagina winked and spread wide, and — despite the steady gush of fluids that squirted out of her — Ember felt Rarity push even deeper, nuzzling the dragon’s clit with her delicate muzzle, tongue lapping at Ember’s warm, wet walls.

Is there a story of someone or some pony being unbirthed from something like this ? :duck: ( if it were me eating out ember's pussy,or a Dragonesses pussy , I wouldn't mind being shoved into her deep as she came . :rainbowlaugh: ) ) oh and drinking Dragon's milk would be AWSOME ! :rainbowkiss:
( Who knew Rarity is a lespony ? [ lesbian] :duck: [ Rarity : Oh Darling ! I just LOVE eating out other mare's pussies and dragon's too . I just don't care about Stallions that much .:duck:

Woah, that was certainly different. Very interesting take on Ember. I enjoyed the perspective of seeing both sides and how you still managed to convey it in a way that felt natural and flowing. Plus, not to mention all the steamy, hot bits. That was just *mpmhmm* a great bonus to the overall theme of the story. Don't be ashamed that you wrote this, be proud. It's really a good story~

It would be a shame for you to stop writing this sort of thing. You are rather good at it, I think. :ajsmug:

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