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Sunset Shimmer lived a perfect life. Nightmare Moon destroyed it. When Luna seeks reconciliation years later, past demons resurface to threaten all that Sunset holds dear. Though she is willing, the question remains: is there a limit to forgiveness?

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IX - Pancakes

Sunset rolled over and snuggled into the sheets. There was a sudden brightness, and she groaned, rolling back over.

The sleepy part of her brain smiled at the comfort of a newly found cool spot on the mattress, while the terrible, no-good, wants-to-be-awake part formed the coherent thought that it was morning and that lump sticking into her lower back was probably Copper’s hoof.


She rolled over again. She had the weirdest dream.

It was all so vivid. Nocturne, a pony unstuck from the world, searching for her lost love. Starswirl the Bearded of all ponies.

The thought got her heart rate going. An actual link to the greatest sorcerer in Equestrian history.

Sunset shook her head. She shouldn't get too ahead of herself. It was a dream. A weird dream. As real as it might have felt, she couldn't believe it so completely just yet.

Still… she had toyed with lucid dreaming before, and that didn't come anywhere close to how real this dream felt. Whatever. She'd figure it out later.

Sunset yawned and rubbed her eyes. She cracked them open, and not an inch away were a pair of bright green eyes.

“Morning!” Lily said.

“Gah!” Sunset almost tumbled backward out of bed.

Lily giggled and leapt on top of Sunset to nuzzle into her chest. “Hee! Wake up! Mom’s making breakfast!”

Sunset took another breath to steady her heart rate. She smiled and ruffled Lily's mane. “Good morning to you, too.”

“Come on, Sissy!” Lily said, leaping off Sunset to pounce on Copper. She shook her by the shoulders. “Breakfast time!”

Copper groaned, rolled over, and pushed Lily away. “Unless you're actively being murdered, leave me alone. Or you will be actively murdered.”

Lily blew a raspberry at her before turning to Sunset with a huge smile. She was out the door before Sunset could even laugh.

Well, it was no use resisting that amount of cuteness. Sunset stretched out like a cat, feeling all the wonderful pops in her joints, and followed Lily.

The sizzle of a pan met her ears before she made it downstairs, and her mouth watered at the delightful smell of pancakes and maple syrup.

Her nose was no liar, and the sight of halved strawberries and cantaloupe resting in crystal bowls on the bar window brought a smile to her face.

To her right through the kitchen door stood a unicorn mare humming away as she scrubbed a pot in a bubbly sink. Beethooven's fourth symphony, if Sunset had her Music Appreciation memories straight.

The mare herself was impossible to mistake for anypony other than Copper’s mom. The wavy sandy-blonde mane, the sleek tan coat. And when she turned upon hearing Sunset enter… hazel eyes. Huh. Genetics was weird.

“Hello, Sunset,” she said. She had the sweetest, motherly voice that brought Celestia to mind. “I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you yesterday for the festival. I'm Sparknote. Call me Spark. It's wonderful to meet you.”

“Same,” Sunset said. She rubbed her eyes and yawned, still not fully awake. “That smells delicious.”

“Thank you,” Spark said. She flitted over to the stove with more grace than a pegasus ballerina to flip the pancakes. There was already a tall stack on a plate beside her. “I love cooking breakfast in the morning. So you're from Canterlot? Copper’s told me so much about you.”

Lily came in from the back room with a hoof towel in her mouth and threw it on the counter. She tugged on Spark’s mane. “Mommy, can we have honeydew instead of cantaloupe?”

“Of course, sweetie, go get it out of the fridge.”

“Hee!” She skipped over to the fridge.

“But yeah,” Sunset said to Spark. “I grew up on Oleander, in the Free Feather District.”

Her heart fluttered as she said those words. She disliked ponies knowing how privileged she was. But this was Copper’s family. They wouldn't care.

“Oh, then you must know Top Stitch. I used to volunteer at the animal shelter with her in our teenage years.”

“I… yeah, actually. She and my mom do a book club thing every month.”

Well that took an odd turn in conversation. It was rare Sunset ever brought up her parents. No emotional baggage there. Just… she wasn't as close to them as most ponies were to theirs.

Spark laughed and put a hoof to her heart. “Oh, I wish I had time to be in a book club. There's so much I have to catch up on.”

She gave Sunset a sly grin. “You should see the stack of unedited articles on my work desk.”

“Too busy at work, I take it?” Sunset stepped up beside her. Even from the respectable distance between them, she could smell Spark's kiwi-scented shampoo. Given Copper and Lily's sharing habits, Sunset had half a mind to assume she and Whistle did the same. Would be a funny theory to test, at least.

“There's never a dull moment around the office,” Spark said. She slapped another set of pancakes on the pile and poured more batter into the pan. The smell and sizzle got Sunset's mouth watering. “Always something that needs looked over or edited or properly cited.”

“So you're an editor?”

“In-Chief, yes. At Fernwik’s.”

“Oh. Wow.”

That was a statement. Being top dog at one of Equestria's most illustrious magazine companies was no joke. Of course, that might have explained how Copper got her modelling gig way back when.

An ear-shattering skreee of wood on linoleum flattened Sunset's ears to her skull. She turned to see Lily standing on a dining room chair pushed against the counter.

With some difficulty, she managed to roll a honeydew melon up the side of the counter. She steadied it on the counter with both hooves and looked at Sunset.

“Howmushyouwan?” She mumbled around the handle of a chef’s knife, almost as big as her smile.

Spark gasped. “Lily!”

“Why-y don't I help you with that?” Sunset said, grabbing the knife from Lily's mouth before she had a chance to hurt herself. She grabbed the honeydew melon and a cutting board leaning against the backsplash, then gave Spark a placating smile before going to work.

Spark mouthed a relieved 'thank you’ before scowling at Lily. “Lily, how many times do I have to tell you? Never grab a knife without asking me first.”

Lily wilted and bunched her hooves up on the edge of the counter. “Sorry, Mommy.”

Silence took hold of the moment, and Sunset bit her lip, unsure when the punishment was supposed to be over. Spark had taken to setting the cantaloupe and strawberries on the table, so that was as good a cue as any.

Sunset ruffled Lily's mane and pulled her into a hug. That earned a giggle, and all was back to normal.

“Say when.” Sunset cut slice after slice after slice after slice after… there was no way Lily could eat all this.

Lily watched the knife chop up and down with that childish wonder in her eye. She looked up at Sunset with a big smile.

Sunset stopped halfway through the honeydew and gave Lily a concerned look. “I-Is that enough?”

“Uh huh!” Lily nodded and scampered over to the dining room table just off the kitchen. She clambered up into a seat and wiggled her ears, eyes on the honeydew.

Oh, jeez. Sunset could never raise a filly like her. She'd be the most spoiled filly in Equestria.

Sunset plated the honeydew and set it on the table. She almost couldn’t contain her smile from watching Lily’s eyes follow the plate so intently.

Copper clomped in with Lily's dinosaur blanket floating behind her. She let out a dramatic yawn as she wadded it up and dropped it on Lily.

“That ain't mine,” she said. “Belongs in your room.”

The blanket ruffled and wriggled in the vague shape of hooves, and a faint but beautiful golden aura tried and failed to move the blanket. Eventually, Lily found the end and poked her head out.

“Copper,” Spark said. “Why did you bring that down here? Go put that in Lily's room.”

“But it's her blanket. Why should I have to take it back up?”

Spark squared up with her and gave her a Mom Stare. “Because you are the older sister and you know better than to be petty.”

Meanwhile, Lily had already wrapped herself up like a burrito. An adorable dinosaur-covered, four-legged burrito. She gave Sunset a big smile.

The front door latch clicked loudly, and a muffled “shit” floated in from the foyer.

Spark started toward the hallway door. “Whistle? I've been looking all over for you. Where have you been? Were you out all night with that Night Glider again?”

Whistle stomped into the kitchen, floating a six pack of root beer and a bag of barbecue potato chips. “No, Mom, I didn't sneak out to some stupid colt’s house. I'm not Copper.”

She yanked a root beer bottle from its plastic ringlet and ripped open the bag of chips. “I went out for potato chips and root beer cause fatass here ate them all,” she added, jerking her head at Copper.

“At six in the morning? And don't call your sister that.”

Whistle sat down at the dinner table and gave Spark one of those rebellious ‘what do you want from me?’ shrugs. “Pack Rat’s opens at five.”

Sunset blinked and shot a concerned glance between them. A response like that would have gotten her spanked so hard, even now.

Though, Copper’s family dynamics were quite different than her own. Being an only child—and a well-behaved one at that—came with a lot of missed experiences like these.

“Don't you worry, Whistle,” Copper said. “Fatass will take good care of your stuff.” She threw her magic around Whistle's chips and root beer and floated them toward herself.

Whistle yanked them back. “Hey, fuck off.”

“Whistle! Another word like that out of you and it's back to your room.”

“You ever think getting to go to her room is why she swears so much?” Copper said, grinning at Spark.

Spark whipped her spatula around and stopped it right in front of Copper’s nose. “No more of your smartass comments until breakfast is over. You hear me?”

Copper nodded, leaning back, her eyes locked with the floating spatula.

Sunset giggled inside. She wasn't sure if Copper was more afraid of getting slapped with the spatula or getting bits of pancake batter in her mane.

Spark set her spatula next to the stove and gave everypony a big smile. “Wonderful,” she said before turning back to the last of the pancakes.

“Morning, everyone,” came String's voice from behind Sunset, loud enough that she jumped. He strode up to Spark and pecked her on the cheek. “Food looks wonderful.”

Spark giggled and levitated the pancakes to the table. “And it's ready to eat! Everypony take a seat, please.”

Sunset sat down in the middle chair, Copper on her left, Whistle on her right.

Lily, directly across the table, stuck her tongue out in concentration, trying to levitate a hoofful of honeydew slices onto her plate. Trying, being the key word. She could barely throw her aura around them, her horn fizzing and sparking the harder she tried. But what she lacked in telekinesis she made up for in melting Sunset's heart.

“So you girls had fun last night?” String asked as he plated a stack of pancakes for himself. “Dang near kept me up all night.”

Whistle snorted. She took a swig of root beer to try and hide it, but it didn't stop the looks String and Spark gave her.

Sunset shrugged and helped Lily get her slices of honeydew before helping herself to a little bit of everything. “I couldn't tell you. I was out like a light practically when we laid down.”

“Yeah, you party pooper,” Copper said. “Left me and Lily to be mischievous all by ourselves.”

Sunset wrinkled her nose. She felt the sudden need to check a mirror for any, um, unscrupulous drawings on her face.

“Whistle, take smaller bites,” Spark said, frowning. “Celestia knows, nopony’s going to take it from you.”

Whistle stopped mid-shovelling half a pancake in her mouth and spared Spark a brief glance. She looked back at her pancake and horked down the rest.

Spark rested her head in her hoof and sighed.

Sunset giggled. Their family antics were hilarious. She almost wished she had grown up with siblings so she could have experienced this herself. She glanced at Lily to see how she was getting along with that honeydew.

She… actually ate every last slice of it. Wow. Lily'd grow up big and strong if she kept that up.

“Oh,” String said. His eyes lay on Lily’s leftover rinds of honeydew. “I almost forgot. We need to find a foalsitter for Lily next week.”

“I told you, I'll do it,” Whistle said around the half pancake still in her mouth.

Spark glowered at her, at the pancake sticking out of her mouth, then back at her. She didn't bother dignifying that with a response, instead turning to Copper.

“Don't look at me,” Copper said before Spark could open her mouth. She put up her hooves defensively. “I'll be in Manehattan for that seminar thing, remember?”

“Since when did you care about keeping up on that shit?” Whistle asked.

Copper leaned halfway across Sunset to point an accusing hoof at Whistle. “You shut your whore mouth.”

“Eat a fucking dick.”

“You whip one out and I'll get right on that.”

“That is enough!” Spark slammed a hoof on the table. “You two say another word and you're both going to your rooms.”

The table went silent, everypony looking more than a little unsettled at Spark. Except String. He kept at his pancakes in his slow, steady manner like nothing had happened.

Sunset threw on a half-hearted smile. She would have volunteered, but she was going with Copper to her cosmetology seminar. They were staying the whole weekend to see the sights.

“Well what about Mrs. Clear Sky and Peachy Keen next door that I met on my way here yesterday?” she offered. “They seem nice.”

Whistle elbowed Sunset in the ribs. She gave a tiny but serious shake if her head.

“We don't speak to them,” Spark said. She set about cutting her pancake into pieces with sharp, measured strokes, without another word on the subject.

Sunset opened her mouth to say something, but came up short. She raised an eyebrow at her, then turned the wordless question to Copper.

Copper simply rolled her eyes and sighed before taking another bite of pancake. She chewed with all the gusto of a sad koala.

Whistle glanced briefly at Sunset with her head hung over her plate, mouth full of strawberry. She raised and lowered her eyebrows and pursed her lips in a “yep” sort of manner.

Lily looked as lost as Sunset felt. Their eyes eventually met, and all Sunset could do was give her a half-hearted smile. It seemed to work, as Lily slowly found her own and dove back into her whip cream-covered parfait.

“We'll figure something out,” String said. He gave Spark a stern glare, one that suggested Sunset should put her nose in her breakfast and ask Copper about it later.

“I said I'd do it,” Whistle mumbled.

“Like you said you'd watch Mom's plants last summer?” A strawberry flicked past Sunset and hit Whistle in the cheek. It left a splotch of whip cream, and Copper grinned, tapping a hoof to her own cheek. “You got a little somethin there.”

“Hey!” Whistle wiped the whip cream away. “Nopony asked you.”

“What did I just say?” Spark asked. Whistle raised a hoof to argue, but Spark cut her off: “To your rooms. Both of you.”

Whistle glared death at Copper, who leered back at her. It was enough to make Sunset sink into her chair and pretend she didn't exist.

Copper and Whistle got up and pushed their chairs in, Whistle making sure hers scraped extra loud on the linoleum. They headed upstairs, a muffled argument floating in from the foyer.

Welp. So much for a happy family breakfast. Sunset had only eaten one of her three pancakes, but after that little scene, she didn't feel all that hungry anymore.

“I’m terribly sorry you had to see that, Sunset,” Spark said.

“No, it's… families are families. I get it.”

Spark fixed her with an endearing smile. “Your parents must be proud to have such a mature, young mare as their daughter.”

Maybe? Sunset had never asked. Didn't feel like that was a question that needed asking. She smiled for Spark's sake.

“They seem happy enough, I guess.”

That seemed to hit home. Spark went back to her breakfast with renewed gusto and a smile on her face.

“May I be excused?” Sunset asked. She still wasn't hungry, and the questions regarding Spark’s earlier statement gnawed at her.

“But you've hardly eaten anything,” Spark said.

“I'm just not that hungry right now… can I save it for later?”

“Oh, of course, dear. I'll put it in the fridge for you.” She got up and was already floating it to the counter, where she got a Tupperware from the drawer.

“Thanks,” Sunset said. She made for the staircase. Up the steps, to Copper’s room.

When she opened the door, Copper shot to her haunches, and a smirk found her lips a split second later than it should have. It looked like she had been curled up with a green body pillow. She usually only did that when something was bothering her.

“You know it's nice to knock, right?” Copper said. “I totally could have been diddlin’ one out.”

Sunset wrinkled her nose. Lesson learned. She shook her head and pushed that to the back of her mind before stepping in.

“Is… something wrong?” she asked.

Copper smiled and shook her head. “Nah, why? Come here.”

Sunset felt the warmth in that request, and she pranced more than walked up to Copper.

Copper threw her hooves around Sunset and took a deep breath. They stayed like that for a moment, each enjoying each other's warmth.

Sunset pulled back and put a delicate hoof on Copper's chest. “So… can I ask what that was all about down there?”

“The Mrs. Clear Sky and Peachy Keen thing?” Her voice took on an odd tone, one best described as intense embarrassment and confirmed by how she threw her ears back. She scuffed a hoof on her bedsheets. “Yeah, that's… that's just Mom.”

Sunset sat down beside Copper and leaned against her. She felt Copper press back, and the warmth between them steadied the worry in Sunset's chest. Though, it wasn't difficult to notice Copper’s heart beating harder than it should.

“I… really don't wanna talk about it,” Copper said. Her eyes travelled loop de loops around the floor, stopping at all the socks and loungewear scattered about. Way more clothes than Sunset expected her to own. “I don't like the constant reminder that Mom's socially retarded.”

“Um, okay. Theeen what do you wanna talk about?”

Copper got that sly look about her. “How about you and Doppler? It's been a while since you've had a chance to sit on his dick.”

Sunset rolled her eyes. Really? She didn't want to talk about her mom’s homophobia, but it was fine talking about Doppler like that?

“For the last time, we haven't done it yet. We haven't even, like, had a makeout session.”

“Ugh. You're such a prude, Sunset.” She pushed Sunset in the shoulder. “If I was you, I'd be thinkin’ about that hot stallion meat all day every day.”

Sunset glowered at her. “Something tells me you do that anyway…”

“And who's to say I don't?” She batted her eyelashes in the way that always brought a flush to Sunset's cheeks. Almost.

“Alright. You know what? Change of subject. Why's the sky blue.”

Copper held a hoof to her mouth to hide a snort. “That hardly sounded like a question.”

“Because it wasn't.”

“Well that's a shame, because I had a perfectly good answer for it.”

“And that is?”

“Because I get to go have a lunch date with Princess Celestia in a few hours and tell her all your dirty secrets.” Again with the eyelashes.

Sunset withheld a sigh. Why did she still walk into those stupid comments? And that sly grin of Copper’s... She thought she was so darn witty, didn't she?

“Do you ever stop to think of a moment when you don't want to say something sarcastic or morally questionable?” Sunset asked.

“Where's the fun in that?”

Sunset rolled her eyes. She hopped off the bed and headed for the door. “You know what? You're stuck in here cause your mom said so. I'm going to go play with Lily.”

“What? Hey, wait. That's not fair!” She wriggled to the foot of the bed, her hooves dangling pathetically over the edge. “You're supposed to hang out with me!”

“Well that’s too darn bad, isn't it?” Sunset decided to borrow a page out of her friend's book and wiggled her flank at Copper, which… actually got a bit of a blush out of her?

Oh, found it. Didn't like her inappropriateness thrown back in her face, did she?

“Maybe you're just not cool enough to hang out with right now, since you've been sent to your room and all.” Sunset smirked as she stepped out of Copper’s bedroom.

“Hey Sunset?”

Sunset poked her head back in to see Copper grinning like a horny schoolmare.

“Wiggle that flank of yours again for me.” She bit her lip and winked.

“Go eat a rainbow.”

Author's Note:

Lily is too much fun to write. Just sayin'.

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