• Published 5th Apr 2018
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Who we really are? (or just another Sunset Shimmer background story) - FieryUnicorn42

Sunset Shimmer goes to Equestria to reconcile with Princess Celestia, however, this meeting makes her know more about herself and her former teacher than she ever expected.

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We are working in progress

Luna raises the moon and left the east balcony of the castle. Walking through the halls she finds a quite strange situation: no pony is walking or even talking on the castle, even after all the reunions of the day, always is a pony or two doing anything until later, and this pony almost always is her sister. The night princess inquires a guard pony and he says that princess Celestia canceled all her compromises after the visit of princess Twilight and another unicorn.

After a brief walk, Luna stops in front of her sister's room and knocks on the door.

"Sister, are you feeling well?"

There's no response. Worried, she pushes the door and sees that is not locked. So she enters and sees Celestia near a window, looking to the sky.

"This is a really lovely night that you give us Luna." Said the sun princess without turning to her visitor. Luna realizes that her sister's voice is carried by sadness, and she slowly approaches Celestia.

"What happened sister? The guards said you canceled all your duties after the visit of Twilight Sparkle. The only occasion I remember you canceling your duties was when our parents died. What could be so serious to you do such a thing?" Asks Luna with genuine concern.

"She came to see me"

Luna stops. Few seconds passed until she talks again.

"By 'she', you mean Sunset Shimmer, I presume." Said Luna, with a bit of sadness in her voice. Not long after she returned from her exile on the Moon, Celestia told her all about Sunset Shimmer, and she knows how talk about it hurts her sister.

Celestia only nods. Luna walks and sits on her sister's side.

"So is this. And by your state, I think you told all to her." Said the night princess. She only knows Sunset for what her sister's told and she wasn't sure how the girl could react to the fact that Celestia is her true mother. Base upon what Celestia told, their relationship was... complicated, to say the minimum. Sure they appreciate the company of each other, but Sunset was a challenge to Celestia. She was one of the few ponies who ignored Celestia's advice and argue with her sometimes.

"Yes, and now she hates me more than ever" Celestia who was looking to the stars, lower her head, and look at her sister. Luna finally could see her sister's eyes, they are red and her face is wet with all tears she cried. Luna embraces her older sister and for a moment they remain in silence until Celestia broke the embrace and talks again.

"I'm so tired Luna, tired of being wrong, tired of being strong for all the ponies of Equestria, tired of hurt the ponies I love to protect Equestria." The sun princess's voice is not more than a whisper full of regret and sadness.

"I know how you feel sister. Everypony see you like you're flawless, as a benevolent goddess who never fails, but you and I know the truth: We're just mares, so much powerful than others, but in the end, we and our subjects want the same: be loved and live a happy life with ours family and friends" Replied Luna with a little smile, wiping the tears of her sister's eyes with a wing before continue to speak.

"We both do things that we regret. Not long ago you and I were enemies, I put Equestria in danger and you had to banish me to the Moon to protect our loved ponies. For a thousand years I hated you, and when I returned all I wanted was revenge, but when I fought against you, you don't fight back. At first, I thought that you were weak, but after Twilight and her friends defeated me, I realized you're sorry and don't want to hurt me. Sister, I know how much you love all the ponies and how difficult was for you to choose between me and them. You loved me and loved the ponies of Equestria, and because of this love for them, you choose to be the princess they need and not my sister. With Sunset you faced the same hard choice: Keep a loved one with you and risks put Equestria in danger, or give up on her and again break your heart to keep this land and your daughter safe."

Celestia remains in silence, Luna kisses her sister's forehead and stands up, she knows Celestia has a lot to think about and decides to give her sister some time, maybe a few hours of sleep could help.

"Good night Tia, I'll bring you a good dream" The night princess walks in direction of the door when Celestia calls her name.


"Yes, sister." Luna stops and turns to her sister.

"You don't miss that time when we were just normal ponies, living with our parents near the ocean?"

Luna notices a bit of sadness in Celestia's voice.

"Sometimes, why? Are you planning to leave the throne?" Spoke the night princess after few seconds.

"No, is just even a princess can dream, right?" Said the older alicorn with a tiny smile on her lips.

Luna walks and sits on her sister's side, and looks through the window.

"Tia, when we became princesses, we left that old and normal life in the past, you know better than me that we can't live like commons ponies anymore, we have our duties, they come first than our desires, we are the leaders of Equestria and until the day when other ponies come to take our places, Equestria needs us."

The room sat in silence until Luna spoke again.

"You and Sunset need to sit and talk properly, so if you want, you can take a break from your princess duties, I can make our jobs so you and my niece can calm down, listen to each other and finally be a family.

Celestia stood up and face her sister.

"I'll never ask you to do it, Luna, it wouldn't be fair..."

Before she can continue, Luna gently put a hoof on Celestia's lips.

"Tia, I love you and I know that now you aren't in your best, so as Equestria's ruler, for your emotional health I command you to leave the throne for a few days. In the morning I'll send a message to Twilight Sparkle and she can come here and help me for a few days, I know she will be more than happy to help. Everything will be ok."

Celestia hugs her sister.

"Thank you, Luna, you're the best sister that I could ask for."