• Published 5th Apr 2018
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Who we really are? (or just another Sunset Shimmer background story) - FieryUnicorn42

Sunset Shimmer goes to Equestria to reconcile with Princess Celestia, however, this meeting makes her know more about herself and her former teacher than she ever expected.

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Turning a new page

Sunset opened slightly her eyes and aside from the shimmering sun of her apartment's window, all she could see was a cloud of pinkiness. She pulled Pinkie closer, feeling her girlfriend's skin against her naked body. Noseling pinkie's hair, she inhaled the sweet fragrance of strawberry and stay quiet like that for a while, just enjoying the moment and remembering the night she had with Pinkie. If she had to describe their first time in only one word, certainly would be 'magical'.

Pinkie surely was nervous as her, but they let their hearts guide theirs movements and everything feel so right and flow so naturally like she and Pinkie were meant to be together.

"I guess we really are meant to be more than just friends." she thought before kissing Pinkie's overhead and leaving the bed with all care to not wake her.

Grabbing a t-shirt and her panties, she goes downstairs to make breakfast, not that she was as talented as Pinkie, but she knows a thing or two about cooking.

About forty minutes later, she is upstairs again, carrying a tray to serve breakfast for Pinkie. Putting the tray in her nightstand, she gently shakes the girl.

"Good morning, sleepyhead."

Pinkie sits and rubs her eyes before stretching her arms.

"I guess I never slept that well ever."

"Me too." said Sunset sitting and kissing Pinkie's left cheek. "Wanna eat something?"

"I'd love. All that fun left me hungry."

Around 11 PM, after the prom ended the girls are in the CHS parking lot.

"I still don't believe that the school chooses Wallflower to be the prom queen."

"Are you envious that they don't choose you, Rainbow?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Rarity. It's just that she was invisible for almost the entire high school and now she is our queen? It's doesn't make sense!"

"Well, for someone trying to not sound envious, you are failing miserably, sugar cube."

"I think that she deserved, with all her effort on the gardening club, the animals have a nice place to live in."

"I agree with you, Flutters. Wallflower is a nice girl, it's a shame that she is so shy, I sure would love if she would tag along with us more."

Before Sunset or any of the girls could say something more, they heard someone calling.

"Hey, wait."

The rainbooms look back and saw Wallflower running in their direction.

"Yo, Wallflower. Congrats again for winning the crown."


The girls noticed Wallflower's nervousness, and AJ walked and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Something wrong, sugar cube?"

"I... I have something to tell you." replied Wallflower looking to Sunset.

"I'm listening."

"Since we began to work together at the yearbook committee, and you helped me with the gardening club, and you know, to not be invisible, and I saw that you really are nice, I was thinking in tell you about something that I found some time ago."

She opened her purse, grab a stone carved in a way that resembled a stylized eye, and handed it to Sunset. When the stone touched her skin, Sunset immediately felt equestrian magic on that thing.

"I found it on my first visit to the school's garden, there's some kind of magic that can erase memories."

"Don't say that you used it already." said Twilight concerned.

Wallflower rubbed her left arm and look to the ground.

"I've used it a couple of times. A little awkward talk here, a bad presentation in front of the class there, you know. I'm so ashamed."

Sunset looked to the stone in her hand and to Wallflower. She takes off her choker, where her geode was, and handed it to Pinkie, along with the stone before coming closer to Wallflower and put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's ok. I did a lot of things that I regret, too. I'm not saying that it's ok erasing someone's memories, but you recognized your errors, and I guess you don't wanna do this again."

"Yeah, this is why I'm giving you the memory stone. You are the only person that I know that is smart enough to know how to deal with magic."

"Hey, I'm smarter than her. No offense, Sunset."

"Eh, no offense Twilight, but I trust Sunset more. Your mad scientist vibe kind of scares me"


"Thanks, Wallflower, for trusting me. I'll take care of the memory stone. So, you wanna hang out tomorrow after the graduation ceremony?"

"Yeah, we will have a movie night and on the weekend we will go to camp everfree." said Pinkie handing an invitation to Wallflower.

Wallflower hugs Pinkie, who hugs her back.

"Thanks, I'd love to."

On the next day, around 3 pm, Sunset is walking nervously in front of the CHS statue pedestal.

"What if she can't come? She still Equestria's regent after all."

"No, no, she promised. We still have about ten minutes before the ceremony begins."

The portal starts to glow and Sunset sees Celestia walking out.

"You came!" she said hugging her mother.

"Of course I came. It's not every day that you graduate from high school. Also, it's a good excuse to visit your world, Celestia still owes me a tea."

"Come on, the ceremony is happening on the football field. Oh, and if anyone asks, you are principal Celestia's twin sister, Eos"


"Is the name of an ancient dawn goddess"

"I guess I'm not the only one with a bad taste for nicknames." said Celestia with a little chuckle.

"What can I say, I got it from you."

After the ceremony, Sunset and her mother are talking when the principal approaches.

"Welcome to Canterlot High, Celestia. I dare to say that you look really stunning today."

"Oh, please, we look stunning today."

"Awn, you will make this old woman blush."

"Eh, mom, Celestia, do you wanna some time alone? Please say no, if I had to tell my therapist that my biological mother and my foster mother, who are doppelgangers from each other are banging, she probably will need a therapist."

"Don't worry, sunshine, I'm not so narcissist to want to get laid with my own doppelganger, even she being so buking hot."

"Seriously, mom, I guess I preferred when you don't have a sense of humor."

"Awn man, I was really hoping that you and I, could have some fun later, princess."

"Come on, you too, Celestia?"

"Hey, it's not my fault that your mother is so damn hot."

Both Celestias start to laugh and Sunset joins them.

"So," said 'Eos' after a few seconds, "I guess now that school is over, we can spend some time together."

"Yeah, the girls and I will spend the weekend on camp everfree, but I can go to Equestria Tuesday morning."

"Well, I guess I can wait some more days."

'Eos' walked and hugged Sunset.

"Stay safe, sunshine. I love you"

"Awn, I love you too, mom."

"Celestia," said 'Eos' looking to the principal

"Say no more, I'll take care of her." said principal Celestia putting her left hand on her chest.

Sunset and 'Eos' broke the hug and the princess crosses the portal after waving her goodbye.

"So, miss Shimmer, are you excited about your future?"

"Yeah. I may not know what the future holds, but now that mom and I are finally together and I can turn a new page on my life, the future looks brighter than when you adopted me."

"Well, if you want a position that can keep you close to your old home, I can offer you a job here on CHS after you graduate. Who knows, maybe you could be my substitute in some years?"

"Principal Shimmer." said Sunset raising her hands and picturing her name at the principal's door office. "Um. You know what? doesn't sound that bad."

Author's Note:

So... I will end this story here, at least for now. I still have a lot of ideas about Sunset's journey, and some of it will eventually become new stories, but for now, I'll try to focus on my other story already published.

I'm not sure yet if I will talk about the times of Sunset on college in this story or in another, so I'll put this story "on hiatus".