• Published 5th Apr 2018
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Who we really are? (or just another Sunset Shimmer background story) - FieryUnicorn42

Sunset Shimmer goes to Equestria to reconcile with Princess Celestia, however, this meeting makes her know more about herself and her former teacher than she ever expected.

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The finals countdown (also, a gift for miss Shimmer)

"Yes, finally!" said Dash jumping outside the school doors, "school is finally over!"

"It's just the end of the high school, you still have the college to attend if you wanna be someone on life."

"Come on, Twi, could you simply let me enjoy this? We survived high school, I don't wanna worry about college right now."

Sunset puts a hand on Twilight's shoulder.

"I hate to admit, but Dash is right. We still have some weeks before heading to college, so I guess wouldn't hurt to take a break of a week or two."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Sunset."

"Hey, why when Sunset says that we have to take a break you agree, but when am I saying that you start to lecturing me?"

"It's because Sunset had some sense in her brains."

"Hey, I have a sense too, AJ!"

"Jump with your bike over the park's lake isn't a sign of sense."

"Come on, Rarity, you too?"

"Dash, how many times I said that you can't pony up anytime you want just because you are awesome?"

"How I could now, Sunset? Do you think that I count every time someone says that I can't do something?

"Hundred and twenty-seven times on the last two months."

Rainbow blinks a few times before speak again.

"Fine, maybe you are right and I should, maybe be a little more careful. But I keep my point, we can think about college later, now we have to do something fun."

"What about we spent the weekend on Everfree Camp?"

"What a wonderful idea, Fluttershy!"

"Thanks, Sunset. I thought that would be nice spend some time closer to the nature."

"So, girls, who agree with Shy's idea?"

"I'm in, as long I could bring Applebloom with me. She needs to learn some surviving skills."

"This is a great idea, AJ. Maybe I should ask Scoots' aunts if she could go too."

Rarity let out a long breath. "And I guess I should bring Sweetie Belle with me, since she wouldn't wanna miss this opportunity to have some adventure with her friends. And she probably will annoy me until I agree with that, so you can count on me, Darling."

"You know me Sunny, I'm always up for some fun, specially with you babe." said Pinkie with a wink.

"And you, twi?" asked Sunset blushing.

"Oh, I'm in, sure."

"Ok, tomorrow we have the prom, so Twi, would you call Timber and say that on the Friday morning we go to Everfree Camp?"

"I already sent the message while you was talking."

"Wow, you don't waste time."

"I'm always three steps forward you, miss Shimmer."

"One step, if much."

"Two and we have a deal."

"Sure, why not?" said Sunset smiling and punching lightly Twilight's shoulder.

Later that afternoon, on Pinkie's room

"I still think that you should have signed up to be the queen of the prom, Sunset."

"Yeah, but if I had signed up, that would be unfair to the other competitors, you know that I would win for sure, after all, I'm the hottest girl of Canterlot High."

Pinkie throws a pillow on Sunset, who laughs.

"Ok, ok, I'll be serious. I know our colleagues forgive me, but I made them elect me three times before with threats and blackmail, so it wouldn't be fair to compete with any of the girls, not after all what I did in the past."

"I think that this time you would have a fair victory."

"Maybe, or maybe not, but just to you know, I voted on you to prom queen."

"And for your information, I really think that you are the hottest girl of CHS."

"Thanks, sweetie potato. So what you have in mind for today?"

"Um, I have not idea about what you are talking about."

"Come on, Pinkie is our two-month aniversary, I know that you have something planned."

"What? It's today? I totally forget."


Pinkie saw a pout forming on Sunset's lips and can't hold her laughter anymore.

"Sorry, sorry, it was mean of me."

"I should know that you are just pranking me." said Sunset throwing back the pillow on Pinkie.

"You know that I will never forget something so important, silly."

"Yeah, I know."

"We have a reservation for dinner in that new restaurant, The Tasty Treat, isn't fancy but it's really cozy."

"So I guess I'm better to go, I don't want to be late for our date."

Sunset walks and kisses softly Pinkie's lips.

"I already said today that I love you?"

"Yes, but you can say it again." Said Sunset smiling

Pinkie put her index finger on Sunset's lips.

"After dinner, we can go to your house, and maybe I could have a surprise for you."

"Or..." said Sunset sliding her hand over Pinkie's left thigh, "we can stay here and..."

Before Sunset could say something else, Pinkie slapped lightly her hand

"No, no, bad Sunset. Dinner first, surprise later."

"Awn, but I want my present."

"Bad girls don't get presents, just spankings."

"Well, it's a win-win for me." replied Sunset winking before letting the room.

About 7 pm, Pinkie rings Sunset's apartment doorbell.


Less than a minute later, Sunset opens the door and Pinkie sees that she's wearing an aqua-green dress and her hair in a ponytail. Looking closer, she sees that Sunset is using the earings that she gave to her past week.

"Too much?"

"Not at all. You looks stunning."

Pinkie is wearing a light-blue dress that let her left shoulder naked, her hair combed free, showing all her puffiness and Sunset thought that that hairstyle are the one that she likes more than any other Pinkie could wear, is the only one who could really make justice to her girlfriend beauty and personality.

"Thanks. You looks even more beautiful than earlier today."

"Awn, thanks, Sunny." Said Pinkie steping forward and kissing Sunset's right cheek. "So, are you ready?"


Twenty minutes later, Pinkie parks the car and they enter at The Tasty Treaty. During dinner, they laguth, share passionate looks, and around 11 pm, are back at Sunset's apartment.

They go upstairs and Pinkie sits Sunset on the bed.

"Now, for your special gift..."

She turns her back, and using her right hand reaches her dress' zipper, and slowly unzipps, pulls the only strapple of the dress and holding the dress against her chest, turns back to Sunset.

"I think is time to our relationship reach a new level."

She let the dress slide, showing Sunset the lingerie she was wearing: a frilly pair of light-red panties and bra that barely covers her girlfriends intimate parts. She can see Pinkie's nipples through the fabric and looking a little lower, saw that the panties were equally translucent.

Sunset's heart was beating really faster. She dreamed about this moment since she and Pinkie became girlfriends, and if she was being totally honest with herself, she dreamed about this even when they are just friends. Sure, they had foreplay many times before, with plenty of kissing and touching here and there, but never real sex, and now that the moment finally arrived, she is nervous.

She thought about saying that she wasn't ready, and she knows that Pinkie would understand and they would sleep together, but as most as she feels nervous, she also feels a huge desire and the urge of making Pinkie hers.

When Pinkie was beginig to afraid that she maybe pushed Sunset a little too hard, Sunset lifted and grabbed gently her hand, guiding to her left cheek and giving a little kiss on her palm.

Sunset pulls her closer and they kiss. After broking the kiss, Sunset turns her back to Pinkie and pulls her hair over her left shoulder.

"Could you help me with the zipper?"

Pinkie unzipps the dress and Sunset let it go to the floor, showing Pinkie her black lingerie. When she turns back to be face to face with Pinkie, the party girl saw that Sunset's lingerie wasn't elaborate like hers, just a simply pair of black panties and bra, but she thought that it looks wonderfully beautiful in Sunset, contrasting with the light-orange tone of her skin.

Sunset grabs her hand again, pulling her for the bed, and once she were laying there, they kissed again and Sunset whispered on her hear

"Let's get this party started."

Author's Note:

The high school is over, now is the time for a new chapter on the life of our favorite bacon-hair girl.

I've decided to put in this chapter only they talking about the prom and the end of the high school, but I thought: 'Nah, this is boring. Do you know what this chapter needs? MORE SHIPPING!!!', so Pinkie and Sunset take their relationship to a new level, a level with more lewdness intimacy.