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Rainbow was never one to stray away from trouble, even if it meant getting caught reading her fiancée's journal, but somehow she doesn't think Applejack will mind since she's laid-up in bed recovering from a nasty car wreck. Besides, the entries in the journal might be their only connection now and Rainbow wants to hold on to the memories for as long as she can.

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This is such an amazing start!! Keep it up! 😀

Thanks!! I'm so happy you're enjoying it so far!!

I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself! :twilightsheepish: Cool story though!

Awesome, cant wait for more!

I knew the title was a song!!! I don't listen to that sorta music but I wanna say I saw it off of Tumblr lol.

Thank you! I'm hoping to have the next chapter out soon!!

Awesome chapter!

Wait, wait

flannel shirts




Lmao, I was thinking more The winchester brothers but lesbian works too 😂

How does this not have a lot more likes by now. Though I am kinda happy I get to give it it's first. And a fav as well. Love what you have so far. The only issue I can really mention is that the whole premise that this is rainbow going through ajs journal has kinda been lost, but as of now it doesn't hurt the story. Keep it up.

Aw, thank you so much! Glad you like it! I feel like more people would read it if I kept up with it but my updates are whenever I get around to it lol. And yeah, I can see that. When I first started writing this, in between some entries I had Rainbows dialouge or thoughts but it seemed... off, I guess?? So I got rid of them.

I absolutely love your writing style. It's clever and hilarious. I swear it's one of the best I've seen so far. You really have a talent. I love how natural the situations in your stories feel and how real the characters feel when they express themselves. I'm really surprised you're not more popular. Your appledash fics deserve so much more recognition than many that I've read. The're touching, creative, not too sappy and superbly paced. I really, really hope you continue this story. It's already my favorite. I'm legit hooked. It has a perfect start and has so much potential to become an amazing fic.

I'm actually crying?! Thank you so much, your comment has made my entire year, I feel so blessed honestly! I'm super glad your liking it so far and my other stories as well!! I am gonna continue, I'm waiting on some much needed inspiration to write, I know what I want to have happen but putting it in words is the hardest thing for me right now, haha. I'll try my damnedest not to let you down though!! :twilightsheepish:

Awesome, can't wait for the next chapter!

*DING DING DING DING* That's our first kiss people, our first kiss!

P.S I'm so sorry that I didn't get here sooner I was logged off for like 3 months. Great chapter, as always

Hhhhhaaaaaa!!! Just for that top line, I forgive you!


Yayyy!!!!!!!!!! :rainbowkiss:

Ahh I really hope there are more chapters still coming but it’s been a while since the last update. I’ve been around since chapter three but only recently made an account

Hey! Just letting you know that I am still working on it! Im hoping to get a chapter out soon!! Thank you for sticking around! :twilightsheepish:

I hate that it took me so long to get around to the latest chapter, I really felt the need to go back and reread the rest before I did. Still such a good story and I still don't think we even know exactly what has prompted this trip down memory lane. Always looking forward to more.

I only got around to reading this story this year, but I’m glad I did. I’ll be tracking it from now on. :raritystarry::heart:

I appreciate it, and look forward to more:fluttercry:

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