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Being a close friend of Prince Blueblood has its benefits. His public perception may be a bit off, but Anton knows the wonderful truth—the guy is a total bro. Through methods unbeknownst to the human, the Prince was able to procure no less than four last minute VIP tickets to the first show of Songbird Serenade’s summertime tour—the Crystal Empire.

Human x Songbird Serenade romance, because Sia pone deserves some love.

If there's enough interest, I may well write a sequel to this.

Pre-read by JimboTex

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Comments ( 77 )

Aww, yiss! About damn time Sia pone got some love. :rainbowwild: :heart:

Now get to work on that super smutty sequel you promised! :trollestia:

Hate that mane-do

I loved this. Sequel please.

Sequel please! This was very entertaining.

Great story! You fleshed out the OC human enough to make him rather likeable.

Twice though you forgot to capitalize Songbird's name:

"Her coat was almost identical to songbird’s..."

and: "...Blueblood proclaimed rather loudly as songbird left the stage"


Thanks! Guess I'll have to write that sequel then. :moustache:


Oooh well spotted. Fixed them. :yay:

Can't tell if she wants him for a cop or to be on top.

I concur. A sequel must be done:twilightsmile:. Only a few stories have managed to put a butterflies in my chest like this one did. Bravo!:yay:

You fucking TEASE!

Still haven't watched the movie. Let's do this lol.

More, please. I loved the bro dynamic going on between Anton and his friends. It's rare to not only to see it, but to see it done well. Songbird was luscious! I'd love to see her fleshed out, see what kind of background she could have. Also important was a protagonist that wasn't an intolerable boob.

Yes more of this, please.

Sia pone needs more attention.

You gave some.

It was well-written, well-paced, and funny throughout.

By my count, that leaves you with +1 upvotes and +1 awesomeness points.

another please :3

I really do like it when people make Blueblood likable, hehehe :rainbowkiss: Well done! I liked this, a well done fic and I hope to see more!

i was lied to

I know right? He had me the second I saw the words Blueblood and Bro in the same description.

Making Songbird a fucking Xenophile, YOU MAD MAN

The Crystal Carousel was probably a bit too upper crust for such crass conversation. Hell, it was the empire’s most venerated restaurant

So, is Rarity trying to move from haute couture to haute cuisine with her newest branch? :trollestia:

Also, I'd definitely love to see a sequel to this story.

A Blueblood that's still in-character, yet not just used as a punching bag for the protagonist? That's a rare treat indeed!

Yup! Maybe Anton can return the favour somehow. This

“Oh, come on, Anton. I know you want to ruffle her feathers. You’re almost as bad as Blueblood. Pony up and grow some balls, for Celestia’s sake.”

implies Blueblood himself is either terrible with actual romance, has a thing for Pegasi, or both. Dude may need some help too.

*slams fists on table* I DEMAND MOAR!!!!!

Comment posted by JediAlexColbent deleted Feb 9th, 2018



Thanks for the kind words. :rainbowkiss: I already have a sequel in mind. Just a warning, though—it will more than likely be M rated.


:ajbemused:Her hair looks stupid.

Oh yeah? Well YOUR FACE LOOKS STUPID![/autism]

*clears throat*

My apologies, that was a tad out of line. I've just heard this spiel before, and it seems a little close-minded. What I meant to say was that just because somepony looks a little different, doesn't mean you should judge them. Songbird's hair is like that because her IRL counterpart, Sia, has her hair like that. She does it to maintain a little modicum of privacy. Yes, there are photos of her face without the fringe plastered all over the interwebs, but my guess is that her fringe makes her feel a little more comfortable regardless. It may look "stupid" to you, and many others I'm sure. But it makes her happier. Should we really be judging her because of that?

Just think about it. :fluttershysad:

Comment posted by JediAlexColbent deleted Feb 9th, 2018

Well damn, someone is salty. :rainbowlaugh:

I tried being nice. I guess I'll just have to settle for your downvotes, eh?

Much love. :rainbowkiss::heart:

Comment posted by JediAlexColbent deleted Feb 9th, 2018


It’s just that you’re acting like this is a real person I insulted. Except it ISN’T.

So, you're saying that Sia's not a real person? How dickish of you. :trollestia:

Comment posted by JediAlexColbent deleted Feb 9th, 2018
Comment posted by JediAlexColbent deleted Feb 9th, 2018

This was amazing, i want more, please sequel?

I think Sia pone exists because they wanted more celebrities in the MLP Movie. Otherwise, Coloratura would’ve been the famous singer in the movie.

M-rated you say... hmmmm, consider me interested

An M-rated sequel? Sounds great!

By the way, if Anton wants to get back at Blueblood, maybe he needs to talk to Blueblood's aunts and cousins about getting him a Pegasus bodyguard.
I hear that one needs work anyway.

Nice nice nice! I look forward to it! :rainbowkiss:

Also curses, I missed out on some salt!

An awesome story. The first one with this pony. I hope you do a sequel :rainbowkiss:

Ha ha you damn tease...

Songbird grinned, biting her lip again. “Well… Okay. I have… an opening … that needs filling .”

I may be just a teen, but that was still visual. I have slight regrets.

Well...That was...Interesting...

Great writing...But...

I...I have no words...A good story...And is a humanXpony...And isn't sexual...

What is this sorcery!?

Yes, there needs to be a sequel

What are you talking about? Teenagers are usually the horniest of all age-group, what with blooming hormones and all that.

The sex tag got my hopes up for something that didn't happen lol...

Oh thank god please do!

This was very well done we need more. :pinkiehappy:

Ooo, boy, I can't wait for the sequel. Godamnit, I'm disappointed all of those tease but didn't contain sexual scene, but you got me hooked already so that's a plus. :derpytongue2:

One side has pegasus fetish while another side is a xenophile and potentially just developed human fetish from this meeting, this gonna be good. :rainbowwild:

A sequel would be most appreciated! Nice job setting up the characters and scenario. All the characters had actual personalities, and I've always liked stories that can successfully show Blueblood as a decent pony with some off quirks.

Thanks, and yeah, Blueblood gets a bad rap most of the time. Not here though. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, and the sequel is at just under 3k words now, and about halfway finished.


but didn't contain sexual scene

Don't worry. The sequel will be sufficiently filthy, with a lot more wing play, and pegasi-specific lewdness. :rainbowkiss:

That was a very entertaining story. :raritystarry: I've become very fond of Songbird Serenade, so I had to check this out! I'm in the process of writing a Songbird Serenade story of my own, I only hope I can do half as good as you. :twilightsmile: And I have to agree with everyone on here, it's nice to see a story that isn't hating on Blueblood. I'm looking forward to the sequel. :raritywink:

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