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I'm an MLP lover/Pegasister, artist, writer, ABBA fan, Disnerd, and Young Justicer. So yeah. I love everything cartoony. I'm also a Youtuber.


Philly Barnmare is a circus ringmaster with the Greatest Show in All Equestria. She has acts of every shape and size and everypony absolutely adores them. She has a pony with the longest neck in Equestria, one with the largest beard in Equestria, a mare that is every color of the rainbow, and a pony the size of the palm of the hoof, along with elephants, giraffes, and three high flying zebra acrobats along with her pet Owl, Andromeda, a cotton pink owl. Together, they share the joy of entertainment with all Equestria. Together, they share their dreams across the globe.

Inspired by The Greatest Showman, obviously.

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 8 )

I’m exited for this!! Can’t wait to read more! Loved “the greatest showman” and even went to see it after Christmas. Great job so far I’m hooked!

Wait, is Twinkle a Zebra ?

Really enjoyed the song in this chapter. :twilightsmile:

It also reminded me of this song:

I've never heard of this song or listened to it. That sure is one odd coincidence.

I also had fun bending "This is Me" from the Showman movie to fit this story. Writing this story all around is so much fun.

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