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"I heard you talking through the walls late last night, there are no ends just grays and half-lives..." - EDEN, Forever//Over


“I heard you talking through the walls late last night, there are no ends just grays and half-lifes...”

This isn’t a story about love or heartbreak. This isn't a story that everyone will understand or a story that's meant to be easy to read. It’s a story filled with holes, and gaps in times. A story of lies and tears, of grief and friends, and of songs filled with so much meaning that I couldn’t explain it all if I tried.



A pegasus who keeps getting lost while looking for herself.


A pony who’s spent his entire life going in circles and would do anything to break the cycle.


In between all the lies, circles, fears, and misdirection,


In the midst of a friendship that’s bound to crash and burn and a relationship that would never work, Braeburn and Daring Do learn that sometimes a happy ending just isn’t worth fighting for.

Check the Author's Note for more information about what exactly this is.

(The title is uncapitalized intentionally.)

Chapters (22)
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Comments ( 9 )

The pacing was interesting, as were the scene changes. They seemed both jarring and smooth at the same time the first few are a bit abrupt and I was completely taken out of the story not knowing what was going on, but once I figured it out it was really unique. I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to smooth those bumps out, sorry. This was a good first chapter and it really pulled me in.

I liked this chapter its flow was spot on I was never pulled out of the story and knew most of the time who was saying what. It does a good job of establishing Braeburn's character.

Okay this was very interesting and the flow was very good, you've raised a lot of questions in these first three chapters I can't wait to read the rest of what you have in mind.

Thanks for all the feedback, I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far.

As I'm writing this story, I am a bit concerned that I might not be able to pull off the effect I'm aiming for, but I'll do my best nonetheless.

I did have a few problems beginning this story and chose to roll with a cryptic scene that was filled with representation that I'd build off of later. I wanted the story to carry a theme of time passing, but I was afraid the cuts would serve to pull the reader out of the story. I'll take another look at the first chapter, but I confess I'm not sure how to fix it as well.

Still, I thank you for your feedback, and hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

(The title is uncapitalized intentionally.)

But, the eden project is capitalized!

The Eden Project represents the band, brave is a name of one of the songs

Also EDEN is all caps yet most of his songs (rock + roll, and, drugs,) lack capitalization. I just threw that in as a tribute to him.

Sorry man but I have no Idea what this story is about. I got lost halfway through reading chapter one.

Sorry to hear that! We’re you able to understand after reading the other chapters?

To be honest no.:twilightblush: I didn't read the rest because I the story didn't catch my interest. :raritystarry:Good luck writing your story. I know how hard it is to write a good story.:pinkiesmile:

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