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This story is a sequel to The Horrors Of War

Number of humans in Equestria: 6,124,923

Casualty rate due to Shadow threat: 14.85%

Threat of extinction: 87.93% and Rising

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 22 )

Well twilight what are doing go save your brother don't just stand there go go go

Here we go again?

The story is going nice
For some reason you make awesome shit
Can't wait for the other chapter
Love the work
keep it up

Good chapter, thou maybe you should give Ahti sentence or even a word. I know that he is not main character but come on not even one word. Just that you have alot of going on same time and you need to give them all time but now l think about it finns have done nothing this far literally nothing.

Give it Time it's just the start there is only 2 chapters
Probably in the future ahti and lena will have some role
And maybe a big role who knows just give it time

Comment posted by warpsmith deleted Apr 11th, 2018

there probably is a reason for it all i cant say anything since we havent talked in a while so i cant say much but i dont think they would stay as the background characters thats there to be JUST there give it couple of chapters if you ask me
like as of now (as i know) lena was caught and is a prisoner (i think) so she cant do much but for jack and ahti i cant say much

like i said give it couple of chapters then maybe they will have some dialouge

Idk what you can add but I wanna see how navy will join

Oh and as a gap filler you can 3 episodes 1 for ahti 1 for jack 1 for Lena (you can do Lena brutally tortured for info but not talking or something else you want) as for jack and ahti you can ask the owners of the oc's

new ep probably is gonna be on Monday if not after Monday if everything goes right

Navy inclusion. Hmmmm.....
Naval aviators, Marines with embedded Navy Corpsmen (Medics). Otherwise, they'll have to discover something scary happening along the coast.

Is it even fair now ? I mean futuristic vs old
And futuristic for now is too op

since jack is in the "future" all i need is to read that he has flamethrower that shoots plasma or something and have him shout " I love the future" while burning his enemies

hey i have finals too although i have to save money for next semester by getting a job in the summer because i think i am not going to pass a programming class i have

The story will end in 2 episodes and something big will happen in the third installment

Lena lowered the crossbow and let the pilot hurry over to the spasming alicorn. “OK, this thing is a flying hospital. They have to have something for OD’ing here.”, she said. She dug through the metal cabinets, before taking a syringe.

I kinda don't get this part Lena was a prisoner now she is with Jones? If not she is heartless (dunno if I told you before) so she wouldnt let her go and wasn't she hired to kill twilight why would she help her ?

What next? Arma invades? Battlefield?

But other than that its not bad, other than me not knowing what the hell is going on.

No, the pilot is looking through, not Lena.

"Lena lowered the crossbow and let the pilot hurry over to the spasming alicorn." she wouldnt do this she would probably kill twilight there since she is her target and if possible kill the others but ! ill let it slide for now

she probably understood the situation and the fact that the others will kill her if she went and killed Twilight at that instant. They're trapped in a shipwreck

didnt know they were stuck in a shipwreck then she probably wouldnt do it yes

good ending i think :P none the less cant wait for the 3rd installment

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