• Published 4th Feb 2018
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Beyond the Express - ScarFox9700

In the aftermath of the Imperial War, the crew of the Battleship Express continue to try and rebuild their lives, while a shadowy force works behind the scenes to take them down

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Nice ending to this story Scar, I can't wait to see what happens in the next sequel.

Impressive. Now to see why scar and company should never meddle in the realm of time. A world noone should ever be in. Whelp i must get back to my world. I have no business her but to observe. *pulls out whistle and blows as he disappears into gold dust* (sorry just one thing i thought was cool but Thomas and the magic railroad)

Hey Dusk,

And I'm glad that you liked the ending. And I've already gotten most of the sequel written, I just need to finish it, proofread it, and then I can post it!

Hello Sanguine,

And yes, that's the gist of "Tracks Backwards". However, do they really cause trouble by meddling with Time, or do they end up starting an amazing adventure? You'll just have to wait and see!

And I like the TATMR reference. I was almost beginning to think that people had forgotten about that movie!


Any chance I could get a sneak peek at the sequel before you post it?

Maybe. I'll see once I have it proofread. Right now, my top priority is going back through "Beyond the Express" with a fine-toothed comb to fix all of the spelling errors, continuity errors, and other mistakes. I should have that done by tomorrow though, (hopefully!) and then I'll turn my attention back to "Tracks Backwards".

(I love that movie i mean it wasnt the best but considering that it was thrashed by test audience and critics its still good.) She is a beautiful whistle It was a gift from command. Little magic and it works as my teleporter.

Yeah, it could have been better. It was, but the critics demanded that it be changed.

And yes, it is a beautiful whistle, and I'm glad that command gave it to you.

Yeesh, overkill much? Wait, THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS OVERKILL!!!

Yeah, sometimes there is Silver. Sometimes, you don't sent a hammer to do a scalpel's job. However, when it comes to fighting world empires, once ALL of the civilians are evacuated, and the historical buildings and monuments, not to mention things like trains are protected, then yes, there really is no such thing as overkill!

'MURICA!!!! F@#K YEAH!!!!!

I never said I believed you betrayed us. We as a nation are very suspicious of the Futas, even before they helped us against the BWO. Think about it for a second: A new race of people, never before heard of and were supposedly made in a lab, help us in a major war. These people were all female (or Futa, whatever you want to call them), and we all know of that crazy bitch of an American President (whose name escapes me) who was all "Women>Men". Not to mention they actually proved themselves in the war, meaning they were capable and deadly. It all raises some alarms. It doesn't help that Germany, Austria, and Belgium were not at the best of terms with the U.S at the time, for reasons that would take far to long to explain. It was a matter of time period, nothing personal.

I can imagine that. The Futas seemed to rise up out of nowhere in what was left of Asia in the aftermath of WW4. While I was living in Las Vegas though, I learned the truth about where they came from. They were all born as women, and some later became Herms or Futas to help with the repopulation efforts. However, all roads to Hell are paved with good intentions. The Futas were fighting about what should be done with their new abilities, until they were united as a series of kingdoms ruled over by Queen Boudica. She was an Amazonian warrior with dark red hair, blue eyes, and a lot of muscles. She was born a Hermaphrodite due to a rare genetic condition, though her male parts didn't work. She later married a man known to History only as "Micheal", and together they had 2 daughters, Demetria, and Natasha. Demetria never married, but Natasha married a US Soldier named John Rikker, and together they had 2 daughters, Carla, and Stacy. However, John was killed fighting in the Afghan War in the early 2000's, and Natasha died not too long after due to an illness related to her being a Hermaphrodite. Upon her sister's death, Demetria adopted her 2 infant nieces, and raised them as her own. However, when they were older, Carla continued to use the last name of Boudica like her mother, aunt, and grandmother, while Stacy instead chose Rikker, as she wanted to break away from that. Eventually, around the time of WW5, the Futas rose up to help the rest of the world, and because it was world war, no one really stopped and questioned anything at the time. A LOT of questions and suspicions were raised after WW5 ended, though by then all of the Futa kingdoms were consolidated into the new Futa Empire, with Boudica as it's first Empress. However, within 2 years, the elderly Boudica, who had been ill for a while, quietly passed away, leaving Demetria with the throne.

And the President that you're referring to was John Dillinger, the 63rd US President. He was a capable leader, but he was an older man, and he did have a few health complications. Nothing that would prevent his being president, but they did wear him down over time. He had to hold the US together while WW6 was raging, and it broke him. At the end of his 2 terms after WW6 was over, President Dillinger retired from public life forever. His only interest was in preserving the US, and he was the first President since 52nd US President Gilbert Alexander to be president of all of the US at once, and the first since 45th President Donald Trump to complete his terms in office without dying, of being rendered incapacitated.

And yes, it was war time. Everyone was pointing fingers at everyone else, even their own allies. It was the rest of the world against the Futas, and while we still won, it was an almost impossible road to get there.

I thought the President that wanted a Matriarchal World Empire was a women. That was who I was referring to. John was fine, in my opinion, just old.

63rd US President John Dillinger was one of the best US Presidents in US history. He lasted longer than any other president during the world wars, and was the only one after Trump to not die in office. He saw the end of WW6, and FINALLY saw peace in the US for longer than 2 years!

Oh, and the woman, (if that beast can even be CALLED a "woman"!) behind the Matriarchal World Empire was a (former!) US Senator from California named Felicia Day. She wasn't president. Oh sure, she TRIED to have Trump impeached, and WW3 did prove to be the end of Trump and Pence, (they didn't die, but neither was physically able to perform the job of a president) but along came US President Gilbert "Gill" Alexander. While he did later lose his life in WW4, he saw the end of WW3.

Well then, now ends the second story. I have enjoyed this very much, and hope to read the other stories well they are up.

Kreigs out, Hail Kaiser.

Hello KriegsTruppen,

And yes, "Beyond the Express" is now at its end. It was an amazing story, and the saga keeps moving forwards. Soon, the next story "Tracks Backwards", will be ready, and then I'll release it. Hang on though, that story, while short, is only a quick transition story. After this, things get MUCH more intense. The REAL adventures of the crew of the Battleship Express, haven't even BEGUN yet!

I'll see you in "Tracks Backwards" my friend and fellow soldier!
ScarFox out for now!

(For the sake of my OCD, comments stay even)

I have my own, NAUTICAL version of this (although, not as big, expensive, or intimidating!)

(The spoiler is top secret information that only you, Scar, and I know!)

Allow me to introduce her, meet Battleship Mars! A ship of my own design, and one of the scariest things ever, in my opinion! She weighs over 200,000 tons, is over 1300 feet long, and over 600 feet wide. Her armament consists of 18 25in guns in 6 three gun turrets with a rate of fire up to 10 rpm (can be boosted to 90, but wrecks the auto-loaders), 32 10in guns in 16 double-gun turrets, 24 50mm Phalanx miniguns with a ROF of up to 15,000RPM, 34 20mm guns, 510 assorted missile tubes, and 80 torpedo tubes, with the 25in shells being able to punch through at least 60ft of reinforced concrete, and the Phalanx cannons being able to delete anything within a mile of her, even at speeds faster than mach 7. The armor she wears is a carbon-reinforced titanium alloy with laminated Kevlar and impregnated with Carbon Fiber, creating the effect of 600ft of pure steel just for one INCH of material (Seriously, she took a POINT BLANK SCHEWER GUSTAV round without a scratch, and she’s covered in 10 inches of it)! Not to mention two dual core fusion reactors, pumping out enough horsepower in order to move her up to 50 knots at cruising speed and 75 knots at battle speed, making her almost impossible to hit! AND the cores also function as ballistic missiles with a blast of over 300 MEGATONS and a range of 70000 miles! Mars cost nearly $60,000,000,000 and was shockingly built just in time for the Dock Town Incident, and is in hiding at a base near Ponyville.

Although she stands practically no chance against the Monolith, she might put up one hell of a fight, or at the very least, give the Monolith a run for it's money!

Wow, so THAT'S the USS Mars! Wow, NOT what I was expecting at all. I mean, I was expecting a battleship, but NOT something like this! This makes her presence in our RP story that much more impressive!

Hello Damnion,

And I'm glad that you liked the story. Yes, it might be a little bit sad, but don't worry; this saga is FAR from over! Next up is the sequel to this story, "Tracks Backwards", which you might want to read. I will warn you though, it, and it's 2 sequels, WILL take the series in a whole new direction for a while. Don't worry though, I WILL come back to the end of this story, (or rather, 2 years after it ended), in the sequel to the last sequel of this new 3 story arc. (What this means is that it will go "Beyond the Express", "Tracks Backwards", "Tale of 2 Big Boys", "Stitches in Time", and then I get to "Battleship Express: Back in Action!" This is where the saga picks up again 2 years after the events of "Beyond the Express. (This might seem confusing, and it kinda is, unless you read the stories in order. Next up is "Tracks Backwards", (which is out, and has been for a while), so please go and read that one next).

Hello Sandstorm,

And to be perfectly honest, I don't know. I didn't put this story in that folder, so maybe someone else did, and was unaware that Twilight was not a main character. She is indeed in the story, she's the wife of one of the secondary characters, Major Don Curry, the man in charge of the Battleship Express, and she has a bit of a role to play in the story, though not a large one. If this story was placed in the Twilight folder, then this is the first that I've heard of it, and I didn't put it there. Someone else must have done so by accident, though this isn't the first time this has happened. Someone once put my story "Battleship Express" in a "breast expansion" folder, despite it having NOTHING to do with breast expansion!

kewl, and i said Mlik cause that is her Birth name, but okey.

I know. As it showed in that one flashback, her maiden name is Spoiled Milk, though since she's married to Filthy by the time of "Beyond the Express", her name is Spoiled Rich (or Spoiled Bitch as a lot of Ponies, and Battleship Express crew call her behind her back!) And as you'll see soon if you haven't already, the name Spoiled Bitch fits her VERY well in her war against the Imperial War Museum, which will be ending here before too long with a bang!

ohhhh no doubt about that,

Yeah. Spoiled Rich tries to do something VERY illegal, and it ends up blowing up on her.

Yeah, you're right. She definitely is a bitch here, however, this scene was also to show the first signs of Spoiled actually being mentally unwell. The cracks are visible, but soon to become more apparent.

yea, that is obvious,

Yep, that's certainly a good way of putting it! She'd never really been told no before, at least until that one scene where she was first introduced, and Don got right up in her face and yelled at her.

he sure did, :P

And yeah, that was a bit of foreshadowing.

knew it, :D

And yep, she'll be out of the Battleship Express Series for a while now. Don't worry though, she'll be back. After this story, there's 3 more, and then she returns in "Battleship Express: Back in Action!" She'll be back, but will she have learned her lesson finally? Only time will tell.


And funny you should mention that. This whole thing about Spoiled wanting a private spa, and forcing someone to give up land for it is actually a reference to a story called "Ponyville Ghost Train", where Spoiled Rich was trying to have a grave on top of a hill dug up so that the hill could be leveled for her private spa. That scene stuck with me, and eventually inspired this one.

wanted to di..g u...p a g-grav-...... SHE WANTED TO DIG UP A FUCKING GRAVE?!

And as for Blueprick, aka Prince Blueblood, he does make an appearance in this story, though not until later. Of course, he's just as rude of a prick as he always is, but this time, he's about to get the verbal beatdown of a lifetime. Just wait until you get the the chapter called "Talks and Origins, Dinner Showdown" to see what happens.

i’ll be looking forward to that then, :P


That was a fun scene to write. I hadn't really seen too many others who stood up to Spoiled Rich, so I decided to change that.


Eh, you might be pretty surprised with what I have in mind for that. Spoiled's appearance in that story is pretty out of the blue, but if she hadn't shown up when she did, Leopard might have met a pretty unfortunate end. What do I mean? Well, stay tuned for that story, and you'll see

I think so. However, the author seems to have rewritten that story since I read that scene, so I don't know if it's still the same or not. (Why didn't I look? Well, the rewrite didn't happen until well after this story was finished. At the time I wrote this, everything was still the same).

You're gonna laugh, trust me. Blueblood was verbally slaughtered at the end of that chapter!

And this might not be Blueblood's last appearance either. He may come back someday to try and get revenge against Dren for what he said. Only time will tell

You’ll just have to wait and see once you get to that story

I still find it interesting that “Unstoppable” was based on a true story.

And other parts of this Chapter were inspired by the Thomas the Tank Engine episode “Going Forwards (backwards?)” where the Troublesome Trucks break away from Oliver, sending his brakevan Toad on a runaway ride along the railway

didn’t see the Thomas ref, but yea, i think it’s crazy that Unstoppable was a real thing too, to think someone was that stupid, -.-

Here's the episode I was talking about. Compare this to the scenes when 4449 running out of control, and you'll see what I mean

And yeah it is. But then again, stupidity like that is starting to pale in comparison to stupidity that we see all around us here in 2020

Hello Mikistenbeck,

And no, I just made up the name out of thin air. It has no basis in anything

Hello Archon Priestmane,

Somehow I missed your comment, and a reply is long-overdue, but here is is now.

I'm glad that you liked it, and assuming that you haven't read the rest of "Beyond the Express" yet, there may be more sex scenes like it, particularly in Chapter 29, Parts 1 and 2

Yeah, it’s a little hard to see, but I’ll make a note to make Twilight’s OCD more apparent in future stories

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