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Hearth's Warming day, and Rainbow Dash is being hunted through the streets of Ponyville—by Fluttershy. What did Rainbow Dash manage to do to urge Fluttershy into such action? The answer is within.

Spoiler: they kiss

Story inspired by: Dilarus' amazing work. Also, they provided the amazing art for the cover, and for the story itself. Show them some love.

Edited by: PeerImagination

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I really can't thank Dilarus enough for the amazing art for this. Their work in giving ponies individual looks has inspired a lot of my stories where characters just aren't the regular "pony" shape/size.

A great example of this variability is shown by the following:


Of course, this needn't be the scale all the time. I have had quite some fun playing with masculine-looking-Twilight in other stories, as well other such changes to the "default" designs.

Oh heck! IncendiaryBoobs did a great color piece based on one of the sketches!


A good fun read this.

Adorable! The illustrations were a nice touch as well. Pity it didn't come out around Christmas time but still heart warming...or core warming in my case.
Robot approved!

8704889 Beep boop! :twilightblush:


Damn it, you’ve found my weakness Damaged. :trollestia:

That was adorably silly, and the illustrations were perfect. :)

8705013 Excellent. :pinkiehappy:

8705052 I'll pass that on to Dilarus. :twilightsmile:

You and Dilarius make quite a one-two punch! The story was adorbs, and my favorite parts were dash hiding in pinkies mane, and then flutters peeping on wedding!Dash

8708362 Thanks! It was great fun to write, and the first time I have done Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash. :twilightsmile:

Liking this and faving this!

I love the accompanying drawings, they're so cute

8874069 You have Dilarus to thank for the art and inspiration. I love the expressiveness he imparts on ponies.

Dilarus' art is so darn cute
And to top it off, the story you made
I love it

Fantastic stuff in humor, cuteness, and body type diversity. Thank you for it.

You know, I really should report this. This much concentrated adorable sweetness in one story can't be good for my health.

9138793 I have plenty of insulin to go around!

Author Interviewer

If there's one thing I love about this, it's that Fluttershy can actually joke with Rainbow Dash. A much deeper cut of their friendship than you usually get. :)

Great story, and the pictures are wonderful accompaniments. The two of Dash hiding in Pinkie's mane are adorable, as is the one of Fluttershy standing over Dash. The first one of Fluttershy really looks like something from Code Lyoko. The large forehead and small eyebrows reminds me of Yumi, in particular. Definitely earned a like and a fave.

Rainbow is so smol, I love it. And Gilda’s so big! Seriously how’s the air up there?

10270661 You'll need to speak up to ask her—or get a step-ladder. :rainbowlaugh:

Forget a step ladder how about climb a freakin’ tree?!

10270722 Maybe some kind of jetpack?

Eh, that’s more for flying with her

Vengeful stalking has never been cuter~

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