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Hello, I'm BodhiBRO, and I'm just some young man that loves many things, including MLP, and I hope to make MLP stories and make friends that love MLP like I do.



This story is a sequel to Master Plan

More and more heralds of the Dark Lord are coming to their master's aid, and it's once again, up to Twilight and her friends to stop them from bringing unnecessary evil back to Equestria. And on the other side of things, an ancient legend of near unstoppable creatures with supernatural powers have come back to fit in the magical land.

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So... Which one of your stories is the previous story?

If you look at each author's note on each first chapter of all the stories I have so far, you'll know which is 1,2,3, and 4. Malavolence is previous to Heart Of The Guardians. I haven't put any more than one chapter on Malavolence yet, but I will in the future. 🙂

Still, you should link to the previous stories, so you won't confuse potential readers.

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