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Something Spike has taken to doing recently is going over at least once a week to the Lunar Embassy, to visit his friend, Sweetie Belle. And today, it’s time for him to go over again. But, when he arrives, he finds that she’s right in the middle of one of her lessons with her teacher.

Part of the Night and Day Storyline

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I really enjoy the ficlets in this line that feature the kids. The perspective is fun to read and they're just plain cute.

CSC #2 · March 11th · · ·

"Technically it's a command economy...but I'll let you have that one."

I knew it!! It's a totalitarian dictatorship!!

Also, this was a nice little story. Great to see the little ones aren't a part of the growing tensions between the US and the Soviet Union I mean Equestria and the Lunar Kingdom.

I have to admit I still sort of suspect even after this many entries into this series that Discord isn't as dead and harmless as people think he is and especially not as much as Nightmare Moon thinks he is.

"Technically it's a command economy...but I'll let you have that one."

Sweetie, the only way Spike will get any kind of hint is if you are direct, dragon scales and bones are hard, NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVS, so it is makes it even harder to get something through their thick head.

"I still have a few tasks to deal with, but by all means, carry on, you two. Sweetie's lesson is finished for today, and I'm sure she's eager to spend time with..."

A knowing smirk crossed the mare's face.


Coco knows what's going on:ajsmug:.

Very nice and cute one-shot:twilightsmile:.

I like this take on Coco. I have to say, though: Command economies don't tend to work well. With an immortal and rather chessmaster-ish ruler, it might be a little better, but the economy tends to do best when it's self-regulating. Let the laws of supply and demand do the work.

Actually it's two different dictatorships ultimately. They're monarchies both with immortal rulers, but with differences in ideologies. Celestia is an ultimate authority in the land but places value on personal freedoms and leaving her subjects to find individual excellence by their own merits. Nightmare Moon has her hooves gripping the steering wheel far more tightly and has a focus on efficiency for the good of the collective herd. One working toward the betterment of all.

Celestia in this case is a benevolent dictator who simply hasn't had much need to exercise her ultimate authority because her subjects actually like it under her rule.
Nightmare Moon is more pragmatic and controlling but all towards the security and well-being of her subjects. The subjects we see have lived under generations of this ideology, seem content under it, and have something to show for all this efficiency (as seen by a low-rank soldier in an earlier story being able to effortlessly avoid being subdued by several royal guard).

I wonder if Jay David has played Fire Emblem Gaiden at all?

Cute! :heart:

It's true, planned economy always fail on Earth due to corruption, bad planning and bad expend of money for different branches (like overly favorising heavy industry and military over light industry). But here there are some "but's". Lunar society is (by my opinion based on these stories) very rigid, disciplined and honestly nationalistic. These factors may extremly reduce levels of corruption. They also look like meritocrats, so they may have a lot of actually trained ponies (instead of "puny, but loyal yesmen's" typical in communist countries) on all levels of economy administrations, as this system is operating very long. Also this system is probably extremly polished and controled by uncorruptible Queen Moon. So this may be not so effective as equestrian market econy, but very stable and controlable.

I agree with Sunny Rose. As long as we will not see "reeduaction" programs for unfaithful ones to Only Way, political prisoners, massive censorship or similar things, it's simply very strong monarchy. Yes, Sweetie's education is strongly patriotic with some emphasis on "our great Queen", but it's rather norm in most of countries to try educate children's in love for country and nation to some degree.

This was really cute! One of the better Sweetie Belle and Spike fics I've read.:pinkiehappy:

Just one minor detail:

Things can't be serious every day, now can it?"

Instead of "it" that should say "they". Or you could change it to: "Every day can't be serious, now can it?", if you prefer having "it" at the end.

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