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I might as well be the only Anti-Brony here. Anyway, I also like Star Wars :P


Sonata Dusk, suffering the consequences of her Siren Gem being destroyed, has found shards of the gem and built a weapon granting her even more power than before. Strange that the fate of the multiverse is now in the hands of a filthy pirate. (Transfered over from my DeviantArt Account)

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From what i gathered, Sonata is a Sith, Sunset is a Republic/Jedi(?) agent. When does the whole LOTR stuff come in?

Okay, soooo, u really need A, longer chapters, B actual conversation scenes, and C, use actual genre tags. Other than that it has potential.

*facepalm* I forgot to change it to complete, didn't I?

Also, thanks for the constructive criticism :) Though I have one question: What actual genre tags did you expect me to use for this story?

Spoiler Alert: Aria visits Middle Earth

Sad to say, no. This takes place YEARS after "Return of the King"

I'm planning on having him mentioned in the sequel.

Star wars, avengers, and dc.

Also, don't bop around with the first person. Chose one person. Or, just use third person. Also, real conversations. Not just writing that a charector said it, have them actually say it.

I only had 3, and it was required that I have MLP in there anyways. Plus, I felt there was more Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings than DC and Marvel.
I didn't see that as much of a problem. Plus, I got the "multiple first person" trick from something I read growing up, so...yeah.

Yet, you physically had Star Wars, DC and Marvel.

Yeah, still, why not physically write it in the description if you have more than three tags, or if a tag doesn't exist?

Also, put In Actual Conversations And exchanges.

If you do that, I see this could have a lot of potential, Mr. AntibronyBenSwolo.

The tag thing actually makes sense,

Also, I'm not sure if I could make edits anytime soon, but I will make sure to put actual conversations in my stories (I took a creative writing class that gave me tips how, and this story was written before I took the classes)

Anyways, I thank you for the constructive criticism.

Yeah, cool, and put it hiatus to edit it if you can, good luck.

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