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Some years before the return of Nightmare Moon, Bon Bon wants nothing more than to take life slow and easy. Berry Punch just wants to raise her daughter. Neither of them feel like they entirely fit into pleasant Ponyville.

When little Ruby Pinch starts reacting with stark terror to the idea of sleeping in her own room, nightmares and an overactive imagination are the immediately obvious explanation. Everypony knows that the monster under the bed isn't real.

But maybe Bon Bon can offer a second opinion without immediately outing herself as a monster hunter. Some nightmares are more real than others, and ponies have to look out for one another.

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...Good to know? I mean, not sure if I would ever need that knowledge, or how you can apply enough heat and preasure to melt a body, but thanks. Also, please do a continue. This story is Fantastic!

Bon Bon shook her head. "If it's real, it's in your house, messing with your kid. And if anypony listens to this conversation, they'd think we lost our marbles."

Well... almost anypony... :pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2:

"Aw, that mare is creepy." Berry made no effort to suppress a shudder.
"What, because she wears a spooky cloak?" It seemed ridiculous that the other mare should be disquieted by an eccentric zebra, especially now.
"Everything she says is in rhyme!" Berry sounded genuinely unsettled. "How far do ya gotta twist your own mind until that comes natural? That's just so weird."

:rainbowlaugh: So Berry thought Zecora was creepy due to the rhymes? :rainbowkiss:

Very nice 'origin story' to how Berry and Bon Bon became friends. :twilightsmile:

Yeah. I meant to have an origin story for the relationship because I wanted to write another Bon Bon/Berry piece set after the episode Slice of Life, but I'm a bit stalled on that story. I might have to just post the opening chapters and see when inspiration strikes next.

Writers block is the bane of all our existences... :eeyup:
Nonetheless an enjoyable tale. :twilightsmile:

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