This story is a sequel to Rainbows have nothing to hide

Twilight didn't mean to avoid telling her how she felt. Well, she did, but she hadn't expected her chance to disappear with the rush of slipstream of a train blowing past.

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Another beautifully written story. Well done. :twilightsmile:

AHHH! I literally jumped in my seat when I realized this was posted!:rainbowlaugh: Another amazing story SW :twilightsmile:

Absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy you decided to keep going with this, it is so sweet but melancholy. The atmosphere was very similar to the first one, you really do have a gift with this form of writing. (and I am damn well jealous of it too).

makes me think of 5 centimeters per second the anime.

Beautiful story.

I thought this was posted a while ago and was gonna ask about a sequel but... It was posted yesterday.

Wow, got to it fast! Take that, read it later!
I also read the first.
Very good world building and descriptions.

Ok, if I hadn't downloaded this for my e-reader (and reading it there) I probably wouldn't have made it past the author's note. That song gets me every damn time.:raritydespair:

And the story beneath was worth struggling to read through misty eyes.

I absolutely Love how you write Twilight's introspection.:twilightsmile:

I have taken the great honour of reviewing this spectacular fic as part of the Reviewers Cafe.
Please find the review attached here.

May I just say the second I saw this fic I snatched it up, loved the first one, loved this one just as much!

Okay, I’m guessing this will be continued eventually..

This was a beautiful romance tale. Of a lover chasing after another despite the distance

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