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With Sweet Feather Sanctuary up and running, Fluttershy is ready to move on to another passion project of hers; reopening the long-closed Ponyville Pet Shelter. Unfortunately, renovating the pet shelter will cost far more than she can afford, even with the help of her friends. Luckily, Rainbow Dash finds that the Wonderbolts may be able to provide her with a way to raise the needed bits.
Unfortunately, that solution involves posing for the annual Mares of the Wonderbolts pinup calendar.

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That ending. Brilliant! I loved this story. I'd like to see how Twilight reacts to the whole calendar idea. And how it all turns out. Basically, I'm asking for a sequel.

Got to do what you got to do.

Also have you ever heard of a Hug Pillow?

The ending makes this story, especially right after Twilight's thoughts. Cute and wholesome. Nice work!

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