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A Teen aged Brony with a lot of ideas P.S Rainbow Dash is Best Pony ever, oh and Luna is best Princess YAY!


The events of the story take's place at the end of "Shadow play- part two"

At first Twilight dismissed her feelings for Fluttershy as just a really strong friendship, but after she realises that if the plan hadn't worked she would have lost Fluttershy forever and she soon begins to be by her side day and night but how can she tell the timid Pegasus pony that she.... Loves her

Will contain ScootaBelle in future chapters

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Ohmygosh yes! This seems promising! Really sweet to read your first words on here and I'm really excited for this story and many others in the future. Just the fact that this is TwiShy is literally the best thing ever, even if I might be biased, heh, but this is super adorable with how you handled this and just these two areeeeeeeeeeeee <3 ahhhh. Welcome!!!!! Wooo, love thiss, MY HEART.

Thanks it'll keep getting better I hope :scootangel:

Aw this is cute and I'm loving this, keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

It's a bit all over the place time wise but otherwise it's a great story can't wait for the next chapter:twilightsmile:

yeah, i know i still have trouble with the time side of it at least everypony can still enjoy it :scootangel:

I loved it. Please tell me you're working in a sequel!

YEYYESYSEYSE OMG, HERE WE GO, THE MOST FLUFFIEST CHAPTER IN THE STORY RIGHT HERE. Always love when ponies finally get all fuzzy and adorable together and it always shows with these two! Definitely was an excitement to see a new chapter of this! Woo, loving the Luna & Spike dynamic in here and overall the interactions in general ahhhh :heart:

a_rodrigues42 yes i am and thanks:pinkiehappy:

I'm still new to being an author but if i ever make a story similar to this i will try to slow down the tempo :twilightsmile:

I'm leaving that to everyponys imagination

other then some capitalization issues (like not capitalizing I and Starlights name) its good

Ah, good ol' Trollestia strikes again. :trollestia:

is it just me or does this make no sens "As everypony said goodbye and went back to there homes Scootaloo and her moms where about to go out to the park when Spike came running into the room with a letter for Twilight.

"Twi, you got a letter off the Princess's!" He said excitedly.

"Thank you Spike" Twilight replied calmly as she took the letter in her magical grasp and began to read it to herself, she smiled over at her Marefriend and Daughter before saying "I think we might have to go to the park tomorrow"

"AWWW, but i was looking forward to going!" Scootaloo sighed miserably."?

the ending felt a tad bit rushed

After rereading it my self i have found that you are right and am planing on rewriting it so that it does, so thanks for pointing it out for me :scootangel:

Ahh yesssss, more of this is always good for me heart. You definitely added all the fluff in this one with the interactions, especially with Scootaloo. It's so very sweet awwwwwwww. Definitely love how it flows and comes together, then you having Celestia discussing with Twi & Fluttershy & ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's like the most cutest thing ever! The great thing with that is given their personalities it's close to how they would actually act and it just makes me gush so much with how you handled that. It's sweet having exploring other relationships too to give it more texture and world building, but yesss, any TwiShy moment I'll cherish and love sooooooooooo soo much in here with how you portray their working personalities with one another!! :heart:

it's very rushed, maybe work on the cohesion

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