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Dreams are complicated and strange. But when dreams get so out of control that even Princess Luna can't control them, it means one thing- those dreams have something to do with reality.

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Yeah. Another MLP/Disney crossover. Somehow, I'm not really surprised. Still, good exchange between the Mane Six thus far and I will admit the "dream" set-up does make sense.

Well, I will try to be fair, but really Mac does NOT make a good Gaston. I mean, he's got the muscle, but NOT much else (thankfully). Besides, he's dating Sugar Belle now, so I doubt he would care if Fluttershy showed an interest in Discord. There can't be THAT much of a shortage of canonical egomaniacal would-be ladies' stallions in Equestria, where you have to write Big Mac horrifically out of character, are there? Sorry about that, couldn't resist a slight rant. My sincerest apologies .

And yeah, I'm going to guess that each of the Mane Six's dreams are going to be based on Disney movies. Given her personality, there is a VERY good chance that Pinkie's dream might be based on "Steamboat Willie" (with Cheese as Mickey), but that has just as much chance of being wrong as being right. Given the popularity of the films, the dreams of two of the others is certain to be based on the Little Mermaid and Aladdin (though I'm not sure which ones yet). Beyond that, well, there are so many great Disney movies that it's going to be very difficult to guess the final two .

But, anyway, I admit that right now, I'm willing to give this a fair chance and will admit to a certain degree of curiosity concerning which Disney films you're going to use , but, so far, I've seen both much better and much worse.

I see what you're saying, but there isn't really any other ship I could think of for Big Mac. And actually, I thought about making Beast Big Mac and Discord Gaston, but I'm a REALLY big Fluttercord fan! I am actually starting to agree with what you're saying, and if you have a fitting role for Gaston, please suggest! :pinkiehappy:


Well, how about Gladmane? I would think HE would probably want to make Fluttershy suffer for how she and Applejack helped the Flim-Flams mess up his racket in Las Pegasus. And, considering his combination of charm and ego, I could definitely see him as a would-be ladies' stallion.

I will admit I considered Iron Will, but, up until the immediately previous season, he didn't strike me as being anywhere near nasty enough.

And I also considered Prince Blueblood, but that seems TOO obvious.

Or Presto (quite literally a gender-flipped Trixie [a male version of Trixie would DEFINITELY have the ego to be a good Gaston])?

Do any of those help?

I liked Gladmane, I'll do that, thanks so much for your help and feedback!

Mulan goes perfectly for Rainbow Dash. I also suggest Cinderella for Rarity :raritywink:

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