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I like ponies and Sunset Shimmer is my Waifu.


After graduating high school, the gang from Equestria Girls are ready to take on more challenges then they can possibly handle including new threats making it's way from Equestria, finding out who they really are, falling in love and the toughest challenge yet, College.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 14 )

I'm enjoying this. Keep up the good work.

Will you also show what happened to the various one-shot characters such as the Dazzlings and the Shadowbolts?

I do have plans for them in the future

Will Wallflower Blush appear at some point?

Yes, I do plan on having her show up

I have the whole story planned out, but not the number of chapters. So the answer would have to be I don't know yet, it's going to be a long-running story.

Interesting start. I lov how u inculed ray.

If the Shadow Man was voiced, what would he sound like?

Imagine the Pony of Shadows but with a more cocky attitude. But when he gets serious, he acts like a serious Discord.

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