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Katy Takes Maretropolis - Pen Dragon

Katy was just a normal girl, but now she has a chance to become the Maretropolis's greatest hero or at least one of them.

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Act I: Farewell, Until We Meet Again

Act I: Farewell, Until We Meet Again

After everything she’s been through, Katy will finally be able to bring Shepard in. Nothing was going to stop her now. Not the power ponies, not the police and not even Gunvolt would get in the way of this one. Even with Dyspo here, there was no way that he or the Adept for that matter were going to mess with him this time. Besides, despite how annoying it was still in her head, there was a particular reason why the Adept was not going to be there.

He had a date scheduled tonight with Gabby… her roommate and the one person Katy knew that, despite being good friends with her, could not shut up about him. ‘After months of searching, fighting, I’ll finally be able to bring Shepard in with no one getting in the way this time.’ She thought to herself as she began to make her way over to the stadium with Dyspo, and Stella following behind.

“This should be the place… but I have a feeling that we’re walking right into a trap.” Dyspo said as Esper rolled her eyes at the officer.

“Come on, they have no idea we are here,” Stella whispered to him. “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

“Listen everypony… These two are a lot of trouble, so if we’re gonna take them down, then we need to work together and take them down. Since Esper had to take care of family matters, she won’t be able to help us now. So Stella, you’ll be our backup for this fight and if something goes wrong, you’ll jump in.” Katy explained, before wondering. “So what can you do again?”

“Well, my power is Neon and Energy Manipulation, meaning that I can take the energy from Neon Signs and redirect it as energy blasts. I can also put energy into objects that turn them into a bomb,” Stella replied. “If you have me be up top, I can pin him down in case he tries to flee. I know that the stadium has an old neon sign that still works.”

“It’ll be fine… We just have to make sure we don’t cause too much damage, there will be a music show starting tomorrow night. Last thing we want is for another murder to happen then.” Katy said as the four began to make there way inside for a final showdown with their enemies.

“Lance taught me how to use my powers to capture criminals, not kill. The same goes with my powers,” Stella replied, before giving an example as she wrapped what looked like a loop of Neon Light around Dyspo and kept him there. Reminding Katy of the ‘Galactic Donut’ move Gotenks had in Dragon Ball Z. “For example, I can do that and they could not be able to break it.”


“Quit being a pansy. It’s only a demonstration,” She groaned, before letting Dyspo loose. “There. Better now?”

“Hehehe, you should have seen the look on your face!” Katy laughed. All that did was cause Dyspo to roll his eyes before looking back at her.

“You had the chance to get that out of your system now?” He asked, brushing the dust off of his shoulders. The two ladies then nodded as the continued to enter inside the stadium, but Katy wondered how Lance was handling his own little psycho?


Lance was expecting to go to a dinner like Gabby had told him, but what he wasn’t expecting was to go to a water park, the young griffon had thrown him off. To which seemed a little awkward… and not really convenient because water was the one thing that didn’t really go so well with his powers. If he attempted to use them either when wet or in water, the electricity would short circuit and hurt him in the process.

Of course, it was all entirely possible that Gabby didn’t really know that at the time. So all he could do was enjoy the time that they were there. After all, he didn’t want to seem like a downer to the one griffon that was literally his biggest fan. “So do you want to go on the water slide Lance?”

“Sure,” He replied, walking up to the top with her and going down the slide first, before waiting at the bottom for Gabby to come on down and before he knew it, the happy griffon came sliding down faster than he thought before she crashed into him.

“Thanks for catching me Lance!” She said with a sheepish grin as she sat on top of him before realizing that he was underwater and quickly hopped off him. “Oh! Celestia I am soooo sorry Lance!”

That had the Adept get up as quick as possible as he was looking back at her. “Sorry about what? It’s been a long time since I’ve last had the chance to be at a waterpark like this. I’m enjoying it a lot.”

“Really? Even after I almost drowned you?” She couldn’t believe what he was saying, but she couldn’t help but laugh at him. “Your crazy… But I like crazy.”

“Heh… I’m just doing what I can to make you happy.” He replied back to her, smiling a bit. “What would you like to do next?”

Before she could respond, her stomach began to growl, causing her to blush. “Maybe we can get something to eat.”

“Alright, what do you suggest?” He said as he got out and dried himself off with a towel. “I’ll pay for it. Just tell me what you had in mind.”

“Well I think there’s a confession stand over there? I think the special was….A Hayburger or something like that?” She said, unsure of what it was as she rubbed the back of her head. “I’m… Fine with whatever your getting?”

“Don’t you mean concession?” Lance asked, noticing how Gabby phrased that last statement rather oddly. Before realizing what she had just said.

“CONCESSION!! I meant concession stand.” She said sheepishly, trying to hide her blushing face.

“Geez, it’s fine. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes,” He chuckled, before looking to her and smiling. “But yes, let’s go see what they have.”

As the two began to make their way over to the concession stand, Gabby locked onto Lance’s arm and had a sheepish grin on her face although the adept wasn’t used to this kind of attention from the griffon, but before he could say anything, the two had already arrived where a brown stallion in a black and white polo shirt smiled and greeted the two. “Hello, how may I help you two lovebirds?”

“Well… we were kind of hungry and were wondering what kind of food you had here.” Lance told her, while also looking back at Gabby. “Anything you would like to add to that?”

“Well, you can always have potato chips, some ice cold sodas, ice cream, or even fried fish.” The stallion said with a grin as he turned one of the fishes over the grill.

Lance grimaced at the fish part… and the smell of it for a moment, before looking back at the stallion. “I’ll just have a cola please.”

“Oh, can I have some chips please?” Gabby added and the stallion happily handed them their food and drinks.

“The drinks are on the house… just for you two lovebirds.” He said with a grin, waving to them goodbye. Lance himself, just focused more on Gabby as he cracked open his drink. Wondering if she needed any help with getting the chips open or help with her drink.

“Would you like any help with that, Gabby?” He offered.

“Sure thanks.” She handed him the bag, giving him a smile. Lance carefully placed his hands on either side of the bag and slowly opened it for her. He did not want to have it go too fast to where chips would be flying everywhere, but just open it up for her so it could be easy for Gabby to use her claws.

“There you go.” The adept told her as he handed the bag back to her.

The two soon sat back down and began to drink their cola’s. It was a bit awkward now that they weren’t doing anything and even though Gabby had offered some of her chips to break the awkward silence, it didn’t do much. But still, Lance liked the kind gesture and helped himself to one. Just one though, because he did not want to take away too many from her and leave her with nothing. After all, he was only thirsty, not hungry.

“So… Were you really stalking Katy?” She asked, not knowing what else to ask, making Lance choke on some of his cola before spitting it out.

“W-what? No!” He told her in response, trying to clear out his throat first. “If you were referring to what happened at town hall, I was not stalking her.”

“Well… Katy told me you were some kind of a pervert and that you’ve been following her. But I don’t think that’s true.” She replied, before hesitating and taking a step back. “Or your trying to trick me?!”

“I’m not a pervert…” Lance told her. “It’s… complica-”

“Hahahaha! I’m just kidding… You don’t have to be mean.” She replied, giggling still. “I just wanted to play a little joke. She must have gotten under your skin if you were affected that much by being called that.”

“The whole thing for me is a rather… complex story,” He said to her in return. “But in all the instances that I have run into her, all I wanted to do was help her. Not where I would come to swoop in and save the day like the power ponies, but help her be aware of what was going on and she could be the hero… Of course, that was the original point of what happened at town hall… until Masked Matterhorn and her friends messed it all up.”

“Well… sometimes things don’t always go as planned.”

“That… is rather true,” He admitted, before looking back at her. “There are many times where things don’t go the way you want them too, no matter how many times you prepare for it. But then there are times where things don’t originally go the way you want them too, but later on, things get better… and I really think that things are going to get better for Katy.”

“I’m glad your seeing it that way. I’m sure Katy is doing fine.” Gabby said as she pecked Lance on his cheek.

Back at the Stadium

“THINGS ARE NOT FINE RIGHT NOW!!!!” Katy shouted as Shepard continued to fire off rounds from a large minigun in her direction as she tried to fire back with her pistol, but it was like the bullets wouldn’t stop coming. Meanwhile Stella and Dyspo were being tossed around like ragdolls by the Masked Killer Saiyan.

“Stella… Great plan! ‘Let’s take out the masked guy while Katy handles Shepard’ Well how’s that working for ya huh?!” Dyspo shouted as he carried the pony to cover before the Masked Saiyan fired a large sphere of ki in their direction.

“Hey, I was doing this based on your judgement. You said you wanted to handle Shepard yourself!” Stella snapped, firing a massive laser towards the masked saiyan as it grazed the side of his mask. “I got an idea though… You got any big sized bricks over there?”

“There is literally bricks everywhere, you idiot! They are literally blowing everything up!!” Dyspo argued as he picked up a broken brick off the ground before a bullet shattered it and Dyspo push Stella to the ground as bullets and beams of energy flew over them. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” She said. Dyspo watched as, upon her feathers touching the brick, it began to glow a bright orange color. Much to their surprise. “I’m going to give you a signal when I throw this. On my signal, shoot it with the most powerful ammo you got.”

“What? Why?” Dyspo ask, before getting slapped by Stella.

“My powers aren’t just neon beams, you idiot,” Stella snapped. “If I use my powers through my feathers, I can turn them into explosives. Just trust me! I know what I’m doing!!” With the amount of strength that she had, she threw the brick to the point where it was coming from a direction that Shepard himself did not anticipate. His blind spot.

“Now!!!” Dyspo then fired off a blast of ki towards the brick, causing it to ignite in flames on impact. But parts of the brick also happened to break the release valve of a fire extinguisher that was once on the wall. Causing a thick cloud of white smoke to fill the room and render Shepard’s vision.

“Katy, now’s your chance!” Stella shouted before redirecting her attention to the masked saiyan who held Dyspo by his throat and hurled him towards the elevator. Beating the officer into the doors, but this bought Katy the only chance she had to take down Shepard, activating her mask’s X-ray vision, she spotted Shepard trying to get his bearings, she charged at him, firing off multiple shots at the the commander’s arms and legs before leaping into the air and roundhouse kicking him in the face and slammed his head against the metal bars.

“I’m not letting you get away this time!” She shouted, pulling out a pair of cuffs and locked both his arms behind his back. Just as she was about to help Dyspo and Stella, the Masked Saiyan held the pegasus from her throat and before Katy could do anything, Dyspo appeared behind him and fired a massive beam of energy, sending the Masked Saiyan flying out of the stadium before the officer caught Stella in his arms.

“T-thanks…” Stella coughed.

“N-No… problem.” Dyspo replied as he sat down on the ground with Stella still in his arms and Katy couldn’t help but smirk at the two.

“So… you two gonna kiss or what?” She said slyly. All before Stella glared at Dyspo, a sign to let her go, which he gladly did as he glared back at the pony.

“As if! I only saved her! That doesn’t mean anything, it’s just part of the job.” He said folding his arms after pushing her off him.

“Besides, even though we’re good partners, he’s not my type,” Stella sighed. “Don’t we still have that masked freak to deal with though?”

“First off, you aren’t my type either, nerd! Second, the guy is definitely still alive, but that blast should have knocked him out cold. He should be somewhere outside the stadium so we don’t have to look too far.” He explained, getting up to dust himself off.

“If that’s the case, are we done here? Because if we get both of them, we could call the cops and have these two locked up in the Zero Zone…” Stella said, looking to Katy for a moment. “What’s your call here?”

“Let’s look for that guy first and get him restrained as well. Then we can call the cops.” Katy said before lifting Shepard up on his feet and making their way out. “So Stella, is there someone special in your life?” Katy asked, trying to make a conversation to break the silence.

“No…” She said, before cautiously turning around. “But… something’s not right…”

“What do you mean?” Dyspo asked.

“It’s just… It feels like there’s somepony else in the room…” Stella told them, the fur on the back of her neck beginning to stand up.

“Well I don’t think so… I’m not sensing anyone else's energy and Shepard is out col-” But before the officer could finish his sentence, something grabbed hold of his ears and threw him against the wall. Katy turned around as fast as she could to see who was attacking, only to be met by a black boot to the face.

Stella herself, flew backwards to try and avoid getting hit while also trying to catch Katy as she was thrown backwards. “Hey! Who are you?!” She snapped, one of her hooves glowing with energy as it pointed in the direction of where the attacker was from, but was soon lifted off the ground and slammed against Katy’s head, knocking the pegasus unconscious while also having Katy become disorientated.

As Katy tried to focus, she saw a woman who wore a black top and white baggy pants and black boots. Her skin was completely pink and she had long messy pink hair… and right now, she had grabbed Shepard and lifted him off the ground. “Sorry Shepard hunny, but I can’t tolerate anymore failures from you or Bardock… But if it helps, you’re gonna be tasty candy!”

“P-Please just give me-” But before Katy’s very eyes, Commander Shepard slowly began to transform into what looked like a donut… And the women in front of her began to scarf him down like he was a snack.

“Mmm… Tasty… I’d say that was about a sixty. I wonder if Mira is having any trouble with Bardock?”

“W-What are you?” Katy asked as she struggled to get up.

“Oh, the Phantom right? Well as much as I want to eat you… your not ripe yet. But don’t worry we’ll meet again soon, bye.” She said, placing two fingers against her forehead and vanishing from her sight.

“K-Katy… I… I can’t feel my arm.” Dyspo stuttered and when Katy turned towards him, she saw blood leaking from the officers head and his arm was twisted.

“Oh, man! Stella… You have to get up!” She shouted, shaking the pegasus, but she wouldn’t budge and just as Katy was about to go look for help, she spotted something next to her friend. It was what looked like a small device the size of a bit, but it had a small glowing center as Katy placed her finger on it.

When she pushed down on it though, that’s when she heard a voice. “Hello? Stella? Stella, do you copy? Is anypony there?!” The voice was that of Lumen. Someone that she had met once or twice before in previous incidents. “Stella, please don’t tell you accidentally turned on your emergency beacon-.”

“It’s you!”

Wait… Katy? How the hay did you get your hands on Stella’s beacon?” She then asked. “Nevermind that, what happened? We thought you, Dyspo and Stella went dark once you went on that one mission of yours-

“Look… I’ll explain later, just send help, Dyspo and Stella are injured and in need of medical attention!” Katy shouted towards the Breezy.

Okay, okay, calm down already… I’m sending Vixen and Detective Whooves your way right now. They’re going to have medical personnel with them too…” Lumen then told her. “I’ll stay with you on the line until they arrive.

“Thank you…”

Eventually, both Vixen and Detective Hooves were able to arrive quickly and with medical staff on hand in order to help with their injuries. Katy’s injuries and Stella’s were very minimal… however, the one with the most serious ones were Dyspo. He suffered head trauma from the attack by that pink assailant that also broke his right arm, meaning that he would have to spend weeks to possibly months in recovery before he could be out in the field again.

And it was something that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with. “Just great… After all of my hard work… I’m now suspended from the police force until I get well. Just great.” Dyspo said with his arms crossed as he looked over to where Stella was resting.

“It’s called medical leave for a reason…” Vixen replied back to him, who was standing at the other side of the room by the doors. “We healed most of the major injuries, but there is no quick fix to the kind of injuries that you received and your bones need to heal. But if you overdo it and stress your muscles again, you’ll get right back to square one.”

“Thanks for filling me in for like the fifth time now…” Dyspo replied as he placed his hand on his head.

“You kept on bringing it up with the doctors were here. They were the ones that were telling you,” She then told him as Detective Whooves now trotted into the room and stood right next to her. “Besides… I’m just glad that we got to the three of you in time before things got any worse.”

“I know Vixen… I know… Hello Detective.” Dyspo said.

“Hello Dyspo,” the stallion replied back to him before looking around. “I’m glad to see that you’re still okay…” She then looked to Stella, who was on bed across from Dyspo. “So… should I ask what happened? Or is it a little too soon to ask?”

“Let me get back to you on that when I’m out of the hospital… But you can ask-” Dyspo began to look around the room. “Where’s the Phantom?”

“That’s… the problem…” Vixen sighed. “After the doctors checked her out and said there were barely any injuries, she bailed out and ran off before we could ask her about what happened. We were hoping that either you or Stella could help given how she just ran off.”

“Well Stella is out cold… And Seeing how I’m not on duty for the next few weeks, I ain’t of much help now am I?” Dyspo retorted but before the detective could say anything, the doctor had entered the room.

“I’m very sorry detective, but I’m gonna have to ask you and Miss Vixen to leave so my patients can rest?” She asked.

“Really? I thought we still had a few more minutes,” Vixen then asked. “Are visiting hours over already?”

“I’m afraid so… Now not to sound rude, but off with you. These two need as much rest as possible. You can visit them tomorrow around the same time.” She said, opening the door and leading the two ponies out. Even though it sounded odd, Vixen and Detective Whooves complied with what the doctor had requested of them. Stepping out of the room and leaving Dyspo and Stella to recover.

Meanwhile, back at QUILL, Katy sat across from both Gabby and Lance. “I can’t believe that not only did I fail to save anyone, but I couldn’t even capture the one responsible… And he got eaten.”

“But you’re still alive… and thanks to you calling Lumen when you did, she was able to send emergency help,” Lance told her in response, before thinking of something. “Did you at least see who did it?”

“It was a women with pink skin… but I doubt she was on any of the records here in Maretropolis.” Katy explained.

“Still, is Stella gonna be okay?” Gabby asked.

According to what I heard from Vixen, she’s just unconscious right now,” Lumen then spoke up. “It would take a lot more than that to try and seriously hurt her. She’s a fighter.

“Still… As much fun as it was to stay here with you Lance, Gabby, but I have to go after her. Now that I know she’s a part of this, I can go after her and put a stop to all of this… And with The Masked Saiyan still on the loose, I’m gonna need help from one of my friends.” Katy said as she got up from her seat. “Gabby… Make sure to keep this pervert out of trouble for me…”

“Don’t worry Katy, I’ll keep him in line.” She replied, giggling as Lance just sighed and placed his hand over his forehead.

Not before he asked a question. “Do you know where you’re going to go? I mean… this woman can be anywhere. Where do you even start?”

“Right now, I need to get in contact with one of my few friends I have here. The only one who might be able to her.” Katy said as she began to walk out the door. “I’ll still be in town for at least one week… So I can at least say goodbye to Stella and Dyspo properly.”

“Hey, Katy… Why don’t you take them with you? I mean, your gonna need help aren’t you?” Gabby asked.

“I can have Stella join you… it just depends on where your planning on going,” The Adept then added. “Dyspo might still need time to recover first with his injuries… But I can let Stella join you. She’s been wanting to get the chance to help others out more and I think helping you is a step in the right direction.”

“Thanks Lance… Makes me almost want to hug you… almost.” Katy replied before bonking him on the head. “Your still a pervert though and I don’t know what Gabby see’s in you.”

“Where will you go Katy?” Gabby asked.

“To Baltimare.” She replied.

That… had Lance blink a little for a moment, before letting out a sigh. “Okay… just be careful out there. That’s Stella’s home town… and she doesn’t exactly have a lot of good memories from there.”

“Don’t worry… I know Baltimare has a bad criminal background and a lot of terrible incidents have happened there, but we’ll be fine. Anyways, Gabby want to help me pack?” Katy asked.

“Oh, sure… Sorry Lance, but I better get going. Dinner tonight at your place?” She asked, kissing his cheek.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He smiled, kissing her back as Gabby returned to Katy’s side. Once the two had left the building, Katy couldn’t help but gag at the sight that was now stuck in her head.

“I can’t believe you’re actually even considering dating that pervert.” Katy said as she made gagging sounds while Gabby rolled her eyes and laughed.

“Hey, he’s not entirely perverted as you may think… And besides it’s not like he’ll be after you. I mean once we officially start dating he won’t be able to keep his hands off me.” Gabby reassured her friend, but Katy couldn’t help but laugh at her delusion.

“If you say so… Still he keeps comparing me to some ghost from his past. Don’t you think that’s a little weird?” Katy asked.

“Don’t worry, he’ll get over it. But on a side note, how are Dyspo and Stella getting along?” Gabby asked.

“They act like they hate each other, but if you ask me, I think they like each other.” Katy replied as Gabby awed as the two continued to make their way back towards Gabby’s apartment. “Seriously, after Dyspo saved Stella, they held onto each other until I brought it.”

“What did Stella say?” Gabby then asked her.

“She said he wasn’t her type and Dyspo called her nerd.” Katy replied as the two entered the apartment and continued to gossip about Dyspo and Stella. All while Gabby prepared Katy for the journey that she was about to take.

One Week Later

“I’m honestly surprised that you actually wanted me to come along with you on this,” The pegasus named Stella replied to Katy as she was walking to her. “Or for that matter, Lance actually allowed it. I thought he would need my help back in Maretropolis but… guess I was wrong.”

“Lance will be fine… Besides Gabby will be filling in for you for the time being, at least until we catch that woman.” Katy replied as she was now wearing a brand new suit.

“So you replace the explosive adept with the fan griffon?” Stella asked, raising an eyebrow. “I kind of fail to see how that is a good substitute… But I was surprised about you wanting me around for a different reason.”

“Well, for one thing, I’m gonna need all the help I can get, which is why I also invited Dyspo.” Katy replied as she opened the door to her apartment to find Dyspo with a cast over his arm and bandages around his head.

“It’s about time you got back, was beginning to think you actually left without me.” Dyspo replied as he approached the two. “You’re gonna need some speed on your side, other than brains.”

“Really? Because I thought you were supposed to be the pet mascot, I was the town guide and Katy was running a solo op.” Stella replied sarcastically. “Baltimare is my hometown, doofus.”

“Very funny… *Cough* Nerd *Cough*.” Dyspo replied before coughing and Katy couldn’t help but smile at the interaction between her two new friends. Even though she wasn’t quite used to interacting with people, she felt comfortable around these two.

“Alright… Looks like we’re going to Baltimare!” Katy cheered as the trio followed her out the door and made their way towards the train station to find answers about who the women was and how she was involved with the murders, but what they don’t know is that they were now apart of something much bigger than they realized.

End of Book I

Author's Note:

This wasn't entirely how Pen Dragon wanted to end it originally, but me and my friends worked hard to make a satisfying ending that is both open for the future. Do let me know how this turned out. There will be a sequel, but it all depends on if you all want me to write or hold off on it? Anyways I hope you have a wonderful night.

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