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Mister Phoenix

If you want to be friends with me on Nintendo Switch, because I have one of those. My Friend Code is; SW-4733-5829-2976 I hope to see you all there, maybe I hope :unsuresweetie:


There's been mysterious and strange noises coming from underneath, a terrifying growls throughout the night, scratching against the wooden floor, as it creak from the sound of moment. Scootaloo had seen the monster once or twice, but no pony believes her, well tonight is the night where she proves that there's a monster living under her bed!

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Comments ( 7 )

i know what that logo is from... :duck:

What the heck did I just read? :rainbowlaugh:

This was so random, but pretty funny too. Does need a bit of editing, caught a few typos, but still, such a screwy premise that it didn't detract. XD

Yeah pretty good comic too. we're still in a flashback XD.

This is pretty funny.

Where can I read the comic you supposedly get the cover art from?

google it that's what I did

Your switching between present and past tenses is very jarring.

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