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There comes a point in everyone's life where the only thing left to do is tear down everything you have, turn your life upside down, and start from scratch.

Having just experienced the hardest and roughest breakup of their lives, Delta Vee and Jet Stream have both reached that exact point, and now have to cope with being on their own again.

Just like Black Honey and Fast Car, this story is entirely based on Shinodage's ask blog telling the story of Delta Vee and her family. As always, all credit for the characters (and the awesome cover art!) goes to Shino!

Again, cheers to NumberEight and Pahnazd for their proofreading and editing!

This story was heavily inspired by the eponymous song by Rise Against.

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Comments ( 34 )

P-Berry's work continues to set the standard for the writers in the Space Ponyo community!

An incredible feat given English isn't even his native tongue.

Amazing work as always, Peebs!

Well this was... certainly gut wrenching to read, and 8658002 raises a good point, very nice... very nice.

Ima hug Delta now and try to keep my heart from imploding, kthxbai

Peebs aims for the feels, he shoots... and it's a direct hit! My poor heart!

I've said it before (maybe, my memory is terrible) and I'll say it again - you have done an amazing work. So much anguish, all because a weak moment brought about by desperation which later escalated into this heartbreak.

You sure know how to tug on the heartstrings, that's for sure.

... makes you wonder how it'd end if Delta left with Apogee. I have a feeling that Jet would lost every single reason to live...
But that's a hypothetical, right here and right now, you've done an amazing job :heart:

Fuck.... I hate break ups so much.... I want them to get back together so fucking bad.... PLZ SHINODAGE!!!!!!!!! MAKE THEM GO BACK TOGETHER :fluttercry:

God, that was a gutwrencher, that's for sure. God only knows if these can salvage what they had, but I sure hope they realize they both do need each other.

Could she even do this to herself? Just come crawling back to him after all that had happened and pretend like it had become mood all of a sudden?

Did you mean moot?

(This comment is made without having read this story, mind you.)

Okay, I keep seeing this pony pop up all over the place and I have absolutely no idea who she is or what the big deal is. Could someone take a minute to elaborate this 'Delta Vee' thing to me?

Man, this little universe that Shino and so many talented writers have created for Delta, Jet, and Apogee is truly astounding and heartbreaking. I enjoy every second of this ride, and all of the feels it brings with it.

Delta Vee is an OC initially created by the artist Shino.

Delta Vee is an unsuccessful rocket engineer who owns a junkyard in the outskirts of Las Pegasus. Her pregnancy and the birth of Apogee forced her to stall her career and lose the chance to work for poneNASA, making her very careless ever since and ending her relationship with Jet.
After this she developed an addiction for alcohol, smoking, fuel fumes, became pyromaniac and her eyesight got worse because of this. Only getting to work for private companies here and there and doing poorly at it.

In her dedicated blog, Shino is exploring her and her family’s story, to which many talented authors and artists have recently directed their interest.

Currently, there are many stories in the Jet Stream, Apogee and Delta Vee group, some of which have received great visibility here on Fimfiction; some pieces of art have been published on derpibooru and many more exist on independent tumblrs, to which I cannot link here.

For me it’s been great fun following the family’s development and I highly encourage checking out all the related material.

New story, new feels :raritycry: my poor heart!

In this one what I loved the most was the juxtaposition and contrast of the ex-lover’s perspectives, how their differences make each other stand out and make them unique.

The balance also came together quite nicely, with nopony taking the scene on their own for far too long. This is still Delta’s story, but Jet feels more like a co-protagonist than a sidekick, and he works really well as such: he isn’t simply a tool to show off Delta’s world, he has his own issues from the break-up and his own way to deal with them. He’s a really interesting character here and I like the value he’s given.

Delta that we know, love and love to hate still manages to steal a sad smile from my face. She’s so relatable and involving, it’s incredible how strongly she’s taken me.

I’m also once again surprised by how well all the space ponyos stories tie in with one another, these characters walk almost seamlessly between words and art, and each new instalment is an incredible journey on its own.

8659319 Pretty sure this was meant for 8659156

Peebs...bravo, mate! Absolutely lovely!
I enjoyed the shift of focus to Jet in the aftermath. It was a nice change on perspective.

And Delta is one bitter mare. Has Shino, or anyone, come up with why Delta left? I got the hint that she felt like she was just the babysitter, even though she loves little Apogee (thank you for that touch, too. We know she loves her later, just has trouble showing it “normally.”), what would cause her to tear up their flat and leave like that. What did Jet do? Or what did Delta think he did?

It was, sorry, answered the wrong person.
8659156 was the intended reference, I'll edit that post ASAP.

Rise Against works quite well with this. Significant Other happened to be listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Windows as I was reading this and it seems to fit spot-on:

So how's it going to feel
When you don't know what's real
You tell yourself it's love, then tear your insides up

So how's it going to feel
When you don't know what's real
You tell yourself it's love, then tear yourself apart
How many tears must you cry
How many buried inside
Until you finally let go
How many days must you brave
How many years must you pay
There's nothing left to let go

Great story! Felt like I was feeling every emotion Delta and Jet felt with them.

also this isn't exactly relevant, but while I was reading this story the name of the song I was listening to popped up and I couldn't help but feel like something was goin' on here

Aww man, thank you so much! It means a lot coming from a writer as experienced as you!
Trust me, it was equally gut-wrenching to write. But there is something to awfully fulfilling about writing that kind of stuff.
Thanks Pahn! You did a great job editing it for sure ^_^
I did, yeah. Thanks for pointing that out. Heck, at this rate I should hire you as a proofreader :rainbowlaugh:
Thanks for the kind words! I do think it's important to cover both sides of the story with these kinds of things, and so far we've mostly seen Delta's side of it, so I couldn't help but to wonder how Jet must be dealing with it. I never intended him to feel this sorry for himself, but that mid-section kinda just wrote itself.
Still, I'm so glad you liked it!
Well, aside from what has been implied in the main blog (and the discussion in the Discord), a concept story I had written out about a month ago (which was scrapped and turned into this story afterwards after receiving feedback from Shino) saw Jet being over his head in work, thus having no time for Delta or Apogee, and causing her to get increasingly worked up about her life ("He's out there making it big, while I'm sitting at home cleaning up his mess") and eventually breaking up with him on their anniversary. Although the breakup I had written out wasn't nearly as violent as the one that's been implied here.
But I presume Shino likes to leave room for readers' interpretation when it comes to what led to things ending the way they did.
It sure fits pretty darn nicely indeed! :0
Huh, interesting. Care to tell which song it was?

No problem man, I can... tell, how it must have been gut wrenching, whew...

Where's the fun in just telling you? lol

Man . . . this story is really good and sad. I’d take this seriously . . . IF PEOPLE WERENT MAKING JET FUCK HIS DAUGHTER :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: Good story though. Kinda reminds me of ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga.

I admit, it has been kinda frustrating not knowing why they broke up - not knowing how much of Delta's hate is justified - but it makes sense if that's the creator's intention.

Great story dude love this whole multimedia series thing. I gotta say though, fuck Jetstream.
Maybe I'm missing something but it seems to me that he got her pregnant with the express purpose of emotionally blackmailing her into a relationship (because I guess the equestrian Healthcare system doesn't cover abortions?)
But with the over whelming evidence of his fuckery even as far to him nearly stating it exactly I see no redeeming qualities in him. Even the part where he starts to feel happy for her is spoiled by his selfishness. Fucker, the only reason you feel happy for her isbecause your mind is trying to lessen the blow of what you did in the past.
Honestly if the whole saga ended with her putting a fuckin bullet in his dome I wouldn't even be mad.
Sorry for the rant, ya know a story is thought provoking when it draws out huge responses like this.

I think you've missed the entire point this, the other fics, and the blogs themselves have made. Mistakes were made on both sides by young ponies who got in over their heads.

Well, I think you do have a reason to be feeling this way, although Shino has (probably intentionally) left the exact circumstances rather vague. Basically, one could interpret the 'evidence' (in this case the last flashback-update) one way or another. People like you arguing that Jet got Delta drunk and pregnant on purpose to force her to stay with him are, until we get a clear answer, no more or less right than people like me, who like to believe he legitimately just wanted to spend one last evening with her, without intentionally getting her drunk or even pregnant, and things simply escalated on both sides. For all we know, it could have been drunk Delta who threw herself at him and talked him into doing the thing, which may be just as likely as it all being Jet's plan from the very beginning. On top of that, it should be mentioned that, so far, all we've seen is Delta's side of the story. I don't think she'd be intentionally telling lies, but such a deeply rooted hatred for somebody might warp your memory of something that happened 16 years ago.
But yeah, as I said, so far there's no safe way of telling who exactly is at fault for things going the way they did, and for now it all comes down to viewer's interpretation.
I'm glad you liked the story though!

Fair enough, I think it was the combination of me reading the tumblr comic then reading this fiction that led me to believe that it was done purposefully. Specifically the part in the second to last update where he shiftily eyes her family picture then reading this fic where he says things like
"None of this… none of this had been supposed to happen. Not like this!"

"For crying out loud, all he wanted was for the pony he loved to stay with him; to move in with him, and to eventually have foals."

"If only… if only he hadn’t been such a short-sighted moron, back then! Really, the thought of losing Delta and their shared vision going down in flames hurt him, but was it really worse than all that had happened just a few minutes ago?".

Followed by his thinking about how she will probably be happier and make her own way in the world even better then him. That train of thought particularly reeking of guilt.

But I always consider author intention to be important when (over) thinking about this stuff. So if your trying to maintain the ambiguity of the situation I'll respect that.

Also, good conversation it was like 3 in the morning or something when I read the tumblr, like 3 of your fics and subsequently made this comment.
I appreciate the measured response

All of this to you except for the parts when I'm talking to the author of this fic.

If it weren't for you, i would have never known about Shinodage.

Now I do.

These are good things. Yes.

Anyone ever notice Delta Vee's story plays out like that one album by The Killers?

What exactly prompted their fight? No, I know why she was upset in the relationship, but what actually instigated that confrontation? The story makes it sound like she was acting happy up until something happened in the apartment.

Author Interviewer

those big, light red eyes of hers

Yes, she was going to get through this - one way or another.

She'd better...or else things are only gonna get worse:fluttershysad:.

Never again would she have to change a messy diaper! Never again would she have to sit at home, waiting for him to come home for hours on end! And… and never again would she have to hold her daughter in her arms; feeling her little body against hers, hearing her small heart beat, sensing her gently breathe into her mother’s neck as she held her.


The feels man. Good job conveying the emotions of the break up without going into what actually caused the fight. We’ll likely have to wait for Shino’s blog for those details. Thanks for creating and sharing!

Oh fuck me here come the feels ;~;


Find a reading done by ScarlettBlade here!

sweet, i can hear it instead of reading it :)

video is no longer available


not that i mind reading, but would love to hear more stories read out load from this site.

I love how when Delta's contemplating leaving Jet, she realizes she can't leave Apogee (who's an innocent in all this.)

This makes her a better parent than my dad.

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