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Louise Shaw doesn't have much going for her. She a semester into college with not much to show for it besides some strained friendships and an over eager Mom. This should be an exciting time for her. Not only is she an adult, a bridge to a whole new world has opened up a few months ago. Yet as the buzz around Equestria and what contact with the strange alternate reality means died down, Louise doesn't see much reason to be excited. That is, until she starts looking into an exchange program between several major universities and "Canterlot University" as a symbolic way to build relations. Having nothing better to do, she decides to apply and gets in. Things are definitely different as they find themselves now a male unicorn in a strange land straight out of a cartoon. What will this semester hold for this confused stallion? Will they find something they're finally passionate about? Will they get roped up in something bigger than a simple exchange program? Only time will tell!

Chapters (3)
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I like the idea of the gender change.

Thanks. Whenever you see genderchange, it's usually male to female, seeing female to male is surprisingly uncommon!

Gotten around to finally reading it, and so far it's going rather well for the most part. I have seen several human male turned into pony mares and they have rarely caught my attention as gender-bender it not really a story premise that interest me in the long hull. While I do find the adjustments to the physical as well as the mental changes are very interesting for me but after that period it swiftly boring form me, or at least it stops being an issue in the rest of the story, and we stop seeing the minute quirks that they notice.

In all those years I have been lurking around on Fim I can only recall Two stories where the main character starts off as a woman and is turned into a stallion, one was a short turned into Prince Blueblood, which was hilarious, the other was a clop which that happened only at the end of the story. And to be honest, I have been wanting to see how a Woman turn Stallion would feel and having their gender change and how they would pensive it as well as how differently they will be treated from then on. So this is a very much welcomed story for me. What I wound wonder is how she/he will adjust in talking on the role of a provider instead of supporter role his new gender in society and how differently it is for Equestria, with perks and down sides to it along with the dichotomy of expectation VS realty. I am fully experting her to think that stallions have it easy, like being physically stronger, but will find out that their are also downsides to it, like how will he take the man are expected shrug off pain along with the expected competitiveness between them. I am glade to see this type of story in the female perspective this time around.

I do recall my own foreign exchange student experience which was a year in Belgium, Bruxelles, which was both the best year of my life and the worst too, and I loved the whole experience despite of how staining it was for me mentally. Despite being an a cultural environment very similar to my own being cut off of every one of my usual cultural reference was very taxing for me but allowed me to see things in a different perspective. also allowed be to see the world in as an outsider perspective which was really interesting and having everyone explaining the little things, or their mentality, all around me was a very enlightening of fun to me and to learning experience not to take my point of view values and beliefs as being universal to all, even in western cultures. I hope this will mirror some of my own experience for this story and is probably closer of how adjusting to Equestria would really be like.

Looking forward to see the next chapter.

I'm a graduate student here and very involved with functions here at Equestria University."

Equestria University eh? What happened to Canterlot University?

name of the story reminds me of

Did you give up on it?

poke poke poke

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