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Damn!! That was good!

You see, this is why you shouldn't keep secrets of taking some kind of fertility enhancer. 'Cause then you find out your partner and all their friends have been doing it too and you end up with octoplets.

Hmm, we need more MoondancerxSpike fics.


There was a comic where everyone in Twilight's family did that to her and she ended up having five foals. Well, everyone but Shining Armor, he wanted to murder the stallion in question

Comment posted by OminousBrony deleted Jan 5th, 2018

one thing i hate about clops is the lack of follow ups if the story results in foals/kids

Read this one in the pack beforehand. Real good stuff!
Let's hope they get some time with that lovely full term tum before she pops.

As much as I like to see a knocked up fics, if Ponyville's resident Dragon is permanently infertile then that'll solve heat season.

Violators will be impregnated.

Cute first chapter, especially the build-up of the everyday life of Spike. Although... two things. They're Starswirl's Treatises on Magic, not Treaties. And why would Spike custom-order socks all the way from Griffinstone, when one of his best friends is a renowned seamstress, and one that lives much closer at that?

Had a great reading session on stream! Got me aroused, GG

Oh? Do you have an archive link of the stream? :)

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