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Crescent is and always had been the second member of the trio of light. She had control of the moon while her brother, Radiant the Solgaleo, had control of the Sun. The eldest was Prism the Necrozma who had full control of Light itself. For years on end Prism had been giving light to the two and the three had been living in harmony. Until one day Prism suddenly vanished. Desperate, Crescent decides to travel beyond the Ultra Wormholes. But an accident suddenly transports her to an unknown world inhabited by multiple colorful talking ponies. What Crescent hoped to be a quick search ends up turning dark. The Princesses and Elements of harmony have been captured, Equestria is now trapped in Event Horizon, an unseen dark force has taken control, and the ponies are forced to go to war with an evil that was never meant to be awakened. Now as a pony, Crescent must use her powers to travel beyond the Ultra Wormholes into other worlds to find heroes that can defeat this tyrant of darkness, save Prism from the possession of Eclipse, and stop the war before the ponies destroy their nation by their own hoofs.

MLP belongs to Hasbro Studios
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon belongs to Nintendo
Other Characters belong to their rightful owners.
This story will be in process along with Pokemon Ultra Cosmos

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