• Published 2nd Jan 2018
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Switcheroo!? - Skijarama

When Discord and Discord Dos decide to swap the places of alternate universe versions of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, things can only get... uh, kinky, apparently.

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Prologue - Discord & Dos

“Oh my god it’s come full circle…”


“It always comes back to Discord…”


“It’s because I’m me.”

-Love, Discord and Discord Dos



“Oh, there you are!” Discord Dos proclaimed with a grin as Discord entered his house with a flourish. He stood, marched over to his counterpart, and the two bumped their chests together in the ultimate sign of broship.

“I would never say no to meeting with the only other most beautiful creature in the omniverse!” Discord replied with a grin.

“Indeed. Our faces truly are the most beautiful things in all creations.”

“Rarity agreed, at least for a while.”

Discord Dos then clapped his claws (and paw) together. “Anyway, there is a reason I called you here besides horsing around and chatting up the old times,” he glanced over his shoulder at a photo album with a mouth and eyes labeled ‘old times.’ ‘Shoo.”

“Aww,” the old times wined before fluttering off to do something else.

“Oh? What do you have in mind, my friend?” Discord asked, conjuring a glass of purple juice of some description.

“Remember that one time?”

“Oh, yeah, I remember that one time.”

A small bubble appeared above Discord Dos’s head, convenient for all those who had no idea what Discord was talking about…

“Oh, of course! The nice one shall, henceforth, be known as Chryssi!”

“Which one is the nice one?”

“Why does that drone look like the Princess of Friendship?” Chrysalis demanded with more anger in her voice, pointing at a now very confused Princess Twilight Sparkle just as the young changeling arrived.

‘What!?” Chryssi asked. ‘That’s my daughter you cu-”

“There we go.”

“There. All caught up?” Discord Dos asked nobody in particular, crossing his arms more than a little smugly.

“Indeed we are,” Discord replied with a smile and nod. “So, what is the plan you have? What grand bit of chaos and mischief are we to perform this time?”

“While we could take over the world, like Gummy and Boulder keep trying to do, I have a different plan. Similar in premise to when we chucked Chrysalis and Tone Shift into my world and watched all of that madness occur.”

“Do tell…”

Discord Dos conjured up a bubble in which they could see a different world from either of theirs. “You see, in this world, that darling little ball of ego, Rainbow Dash, was adopted by Princess Celestia as a filly. She currently lives with Twilight Sparkle in the Golden Oaks. The two are like sisters,” he turned a smile on his doppleganger. “I would like for us to perform a switcheroo, if you will.”

Discord grinned eagerly, then paused and blinked. “As much as I do enjoy messing with reality itself, shouldn’t you be calling upon, you know, the Discord in that world instead of me? Who knows what I’m missing out on with Fluttershy!”

“Oh, we can rewind time, no big deal,” Discord Dos waved off the complaint.


“But as it is, the Discord of this world is still stoned during the time period we want, so he won’t be of any help to us,” Discord Dos nodded to Discord. “Which is where you come in. I would like for you to go in there and pluck Princess Rainbow Dash from the library, and deposit her where the Twilight Sparkle in my world is standing. At the same time, I will put buggy Twilight where Princess Rainbow Dash was, effectively just swapping their places.”

Discord grinned. “I like the way you think.”

Discord Dos beamed at the praise, his chest puffing up like a balloon until it popped, his normal chest being revealed to have just been hiding beneath. “I am amazing.”

“Just to clarify one thing,” Discord commented, humming in consideration. “This is bug-Twi as a Princess, right? Or are we going full Queenie?”

Discord Dos snorted. “Better make it Princess Twilight. Queen Twilight is too much of a hard-ass for this to be funny. Too much like her mother.”

“Well, her mother did-”

“Ah ah ah, stop right there,” Discord Dos interrupted, Discord’s mouth sealing shut. “No spoilers now.”

Discord grunted. “Mmph.”

“So… shall we begin?” Discord Dos said slowly, tapping the tips of his fingers together.

“Mm-hmm!” Discord hmphed eagerly, raising his claws in preparation.





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