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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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I'm going need your strongest potions.

I'm dying RN XD

damn i was to slow to make the joke first

Moar pleaze! That was very hot and very well written, checked all my personal turn-ons too.

Can't directly link nsfw pics, OP.

What did they link?

uncropped fic image source.

Clicked this story and went straight to the comments, just in the hope of finding that joke - Thanks!

if anyone is super curious. just go on derpi and the image code is 1360568

Tried it. Doesn't work/

you did it wrong then. go here https://derpibooru.org/1622943

replace those ending numbers with the ones i provided :/

replace 1622943 with 1360568

Works for me.

Nah I'll pass thanks. Break my trust once, no point giving it again. I'm going to go read something else.

Now this is a story I can get fully behind. I don't think there was anything here I didn't enjoy

Thanks! There may be more of these two in the future so stay tuned!!!

I look forward to it

ima fucking eat the biggest tidepod while funneling bleach down my ass

Is tekky a mare or a stallion

Mmmmmthat’s better,” she cooed as stood before the seated blue mare.

I believe you forgot a word here.

Leech blushed at the comment, “Well, uh,” she leaned against the counter and brought her hand to her chest. “Ooof that stuff has a kick, I’m starting to feel kinda warm. What’s it made of anyways?”


"There may be more of these two in the future"
*Looks at the long list of sequels* huh... No kidding

Don't you sass me! :fluttershyouch:

I kid. But, in all seriousness, I didn't expect to go as far as I did! :trollestia:

“With a particularly fearsome thrust Leech’s womb finally gave way


Don't worry, we're goin by anime logic here, so she's fine! :trollestia:

Nice Story but not so good like your others... THANKS for the Entertainment

“Oh, you know, this and that,” Tekky began as she circled the the counter and approached Leech. “You feeling alright? Looking kinda flushed there,” Tekky said softly as she placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder.

Caught in the moment Tekky nearly missed Leech’s eyes fluttering wildly.

(New paragraph) “Does somebody want this?” the domineering blue mare asked while wetley slapping her pre-cum and saliva covered dick across the black mare’s face.

Question:- if there are at least 5 sequels, why is only the 1st sequel showing in the sequel panel?

what's a sequel panel? That's a feature this site is quite lacking of, afaik c.c

If a story has a sequel, on the title page that has the description of the story and shows all the chapters of the story, right under that has the word sequels and normally any sequels to the current story appears there.

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