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I might read this, but if I may ask first, is this soft sex or rough sex? The description says that it's tender, but I generally associate smut with rough sex.

Okay. Thanks for answering!

Adorable Equine Erotica is always good.

When its Twilestia its even better. :trollestia:

You stole the "hooves and tongues" line from me, and for that, I am so very proud. 😏

Totally. I loved your story and it did partially inspire this.

I didn't read this because it's not my thing, but gave an upvote purely because I think it's important to support fellow authors.

I don't know what to say. I don't even ship TwiLestia (more of a TwiLuna shipper myself), but this is going in the favorites pile. You handled dialogue wonderfully, managed to keep the characters how they should be, and actually made this a very passionate one-shot. And all without any grammatical errors! Well done, well done!

“Don’t what?

"Don't stop!"

Oh, I so want to use that. Please let me use that.

Also, just to clarify (because I've never heard the term used in a clopfic before), is bulb just another term for clit? Excuse my lack of education on beloved horse genitalia. :raritywink:

I'm happy you loved it! I can't promise any more smut, but who knows. I said over the years I'd never write it, and look where we are now. And go ahead, use it.

And yes, not necessarily in clop, but I've seen the term bulb used before in both regular porn and in clop, just rather rarely.

Thanks for the permission, and thank you again for crafting such a great clopfic. Carry on your writings!

And if you want to read one of mine in return (please do not feel obligated to do so!), it would be nice.

this story is proof that u dont need a ton of fetishes to make an incredibly erotic story...you just need a sexy imagination, a great couple, and a good skill at writing. this was exactly what twilestia smut should be: tender and romantic, uncompromisingly sexy, and erotically natural. you really have made a fantastic sexy little story about mlp's hot couple here, great work!!!

ur welcome! i hope we see more sexy mare-on-mare stories from u in the future!

I can't promise anything, as this one was more spur of the moment from a prompt I took. If I get inspired, who knows?

Loved the way you wrote this out!

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