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The title says Fallout I'm all in lad.

"Zis is promisink pony stuff! Vee vill remeber your sacrifice!"

"METRO! Holy shit! You made me so vet vith D6 Ja! Da Nazis! Zee Reds! you make me excitet! Ja ja!"

"I really vish I knev hov to vrite like zat!" I'm picturing the meme where everyone starts clapping

The dislikes are proably from people that don't like the ending in the intro. Even though it's not really the... uh... ending... but ehh.. I still like your storu because Fallout! And ponies and smart pony! Smarter than the rest anyway! And doesn't hesitate to kill! Unlike the other ones that hesitate and get their friends hurt over and over again

Thanks for the support! Admittedly chapter one is very rough, this is my first attempt ever writing a story and I had to overhaul the thing four or five times to get it presentable. One of those overhauls involved choosing to have that Prologue bit. I felt the first and second chapters were a little slow in terms of action and pacing, so I needed a better hook to draw the readers in long enough to get them to chapter three where things really start to pick up. Plus the prologue bit also makes locations like Apple Park stadium a bit more interesting because the reader would wonder "how did x become y?" whenever Shepherd would come across something that was mentioned there. I'm also glad you enjoy Shepherd's character too, he's fun to write and gives an interesting outlook into wasteland survival.

I'm also currently reading your "Fallout Metro at Dark" story, its going to take some time (between the never ending college grind and writing my own story) but so far I'm really enjoying it. I'll try to give some constructive criticism along the way too if you're interested. I know I personally really enjoy getting feedback, I like to know what others think of my work and hearing suggestions on how to improve.

This story is quickly turning into a mashup of some of my favorite games and I cant wait to share it. I just finished a big fight in Entry 5, and it's going to be one long and exciting chapter.

Thanks! I'm kinda new to the site but hopefully the story will spread once I get more chapters written.

Yup, I know how you feel writing and busy. Yeah my story is loosely related to "Hunter" didn't much to grasp from the of the character. But i the now. So newer chapters will be more lore friendly? On my part anyway

A great chapter as always. Keep going my friend.

Wait I am confused... How can this be an epilogue when it is an alternative setting in which the original stories never ended, so there are nothing to follow up on?

The dislikes are uncalled for.

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