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After the Mane Six finish singing Flawless, one pony in particular, being that she genuinely understood it, helps the fan ponies see that nobody is really perfect, even celebrities.

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This was nice. There are some typos here and there ("Goof Off" instead of "Good Off" for example) but I still liked the way you handled this story and how Sparkler played a role in settling things with the fans :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you liked it and thanks for telling me about the typos. :twilightblush:

I like how background ponies actually get involved with the mane 6 for once XD :rainbowkiss:

Yeah, we could use more of that! :raritywink:

brilliant. BRILLANT!!!! 10/10 for sure!!! <3

I'm glad that I was the one who suggested it <3

and of course.... instant favorite from me for sure!! <3

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!:pinkiehappy:

your welcome <3

I for sure indeed did <3

Really nice. I throughly enjoyed it.

Huh, Sparkler?

Is that the tag? I'm pretty sure her name is Amethyst Star but, oh well. XD

Her name is Amethyst Star. It's just I think on this site her name is Sparkler for some reason.

one word to describe this story:
now a sentence to describe it:
DAMN, you took the biggest flaw in the entire episode, and fixed it(in a believable manner, no less!).

And that's a good thing? :)

well gee, what do you think?

Well.... i was the one who requested this story ^^;

then 'tis to thee i deliver my thanks

-bows- your welcome =3

I have always liked Amethyst ever since she confronted Rainbow over milking the whole hero thing. I even commissioned a plushie of her.


I'm glad T-Storm did this story for me :)

What do you think of it though, StormLuna?


I've written my own story involving her called "Election in Ponyville" that is in the comedy/random folder here. Right now I'm working on a sequel called "Re-election in Ponyville: Defending Her Turf"

In both stories, I portray Amethyst as a no-nonsense type pony who wants to eliminate wasteful spending, balance the budget, lower taxes and wanting a more business friendly environment in Ponyville. She won in the first one and achieved her objectives and in the sequel she is facing off against Miss Mare and Iron Will...which will be very fun because Iron Will is going to try to win votes by promising free zeppelin cruises for everypony if he wins.

Noice =3

Anyways, you know.... I would love to see someone try and make a comic based on this Fanfic, just so I can still let people know of this one scene that I saw in Fame and Misfortune and letting them know I'm not the only one :)

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