• Published 22nd Jul 2012
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Rainbow in the Dark - ScriptScrolls

Luna has to decide whether or not love is worth the inevitable pain.

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Every follower I have always provides me with a little (or in some cases, a TON) of inspiration to put my heart into what I publish. Looking back at early chapters of A Happy Accident, I still can't believe anybody even reads my material. Nonetheless, there are crazies out there, and I'm going to provide a list of the original 100 nutters.

Before I do that, however, there are some people on this site who definitely deserve a great portion of credit for what I publish.

Criticul – This guy. He is the reason I started writing in the first place (so any and all complaints should be sent directly to him). Seriously though, Criticul has helped me from the very beginning. I don't think I've published anything at all here without at least bugging the hell out of him to read through it. We've chatted more through google docs than I've conversed with most of my friends in any way. Interestingly, I used to edit for him, but then he became better at it than me, so I stopped. Love you, bro.

Deceased – What can I say about the person who first mentioned ponies to me? Honestly, without this guy, I wouldn't even be a fan, let alone a fan-fic writer (so yeah, blame him too). I know him in real life, and his quirky ingenuity is always interesting. Deceased is the best writer I've ever actually met, and I highly recommend anything he publishes.

Vozzlefox – Although we don't associate much, I feel the need to mention that the pairing in this one-shot has a lot of parallels with his Lately which was the original inspiration for my pairing choice.

Dr.Atom Discharge and Mavaku – I edit for these two writers because I absolutely love their stories and love being a part of them even more. I owe them big time or taking so long to get this fic out the way. I know I have a lot of catching up to do, but I hope they'll be patient and forgiving as they have been.

hitman61live – I owe this guy big time, and you do too if you liked this story. He helped me edit at the last minute so I could finally publish. He pointed out the places my keyboard decided to derp and the more numerous places where my brain decided to derp.

So here’s the list. Keep in mind some names may be a little out of date because I manually copied them over two months ago. If your old name is the one listed here, please tell me.

Wings Of Reparation
Ranger Roger
Vlad The Inhaler
Gildor Surion
The Meta
Nina Diamondheart
Tsuki no Mai
Super Big Mac
The Dreaming Immortal
Dynamic Soup
DerpyHooves MLP
Mike Michaelides
Hexidar the Broken
Colt Cuddler
Meta Knight
Pounded Cake
Armasyll the Reader
Dreamer of Dragons

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949218 Cliche is all I do, really.

949218>>949229 It's true, cliche is kind of his calling. He does cliche... adequately though. I have no objections to this story. ^_^

I will have to put this on my serious must read later list, seeing the comments I have to make sure to read this before the other 135 stories :/

949260 Always the way. We need a "Read Later" AND an "ACTUALLY Going to Read Later"

949257 Shut up and eat my tableus.

Hahaha... I killed "UoK" back 3 months ago, mate!

Where've you been XD

949420 LOL I wrote most of this in May

949780 Tomorrow, I go grammar-hitler on your shit :rainbowdetermined2:

This was utterly amazing. I'm too tired to give you a review that could give your story justice, but I don't think I could give you a proper review even if I wasn't tired. Your story was just that amazing and beautiful. Thank you.

950039 Your perception is your reality. Right, 949257?

YOU OWE ME A MUFFIN!:derpytongue2: Like I always say, no prob. :twilightsmile:

950090 You need to read Envy by LunaUsesCaps, then. My story is nothing compared to that.

950097 You da man. :yay:

950109 Also very glad on the likes of this story, (more or less dislikes are natural, so blah blah blah) all the real work belongs to you, of course. I was just the hangman.
Now, big projects to get back to, games to make, worlds to not save. Good day brony kind!

954180 955035 950659 Oh you haven't seen anything yet. One story I have on my list will permanently damage your feels.

I don't know why, but I always enjoy seeing my name/username on stuff :pinkiehappy:
In case you're wondering why it's not up there, it's because I changed it recently. I used to be Helix Feather.:derpytongue2:

The ending makes me cry evfytime. ;(

Me? :twilightoops: oh god what did I do lol

1006857 I was kinda scared about what I did for second or two before I found my comment again :twilightsmile:
I want to get a Dashie plushie, but all of the good ones are so damn expensive.

990798 EEEEEEHHHNNNN!!!!! Incorrect. Vozzlefox wrote LunaDash into Lately, and that's actually where I got inspiration for the idea.

1006857 I'm sorry for your loss and hope I did such tragedy justice though I have never experienced it myself.

1134265 I'm definitely using that pic in the future.

Damn it. I try to go to bed and then reread this story and now I'm tearing up and there's no way I'm sleeping.... Awesome story even after like the third time I've read it. Props Script.

1322685 Thank you. :twilightsmile: Glad to know I'm doing something right.

1553399 I'll get right on that, thank you.

Aww, this was an amazing story. LunaDash is underrated!

This was an really nice read. :twilightsmile:

So there actually are other Ships with Luna even though TwiLuna is my OTP, I am intruged by other Luna Ships and even though JJ makes Lunerpy extremely cute I just can't find any Stories on it.

1553594 LunaShy is actually my favorite. TwiLuna is a bit too common for my taste.


Pretty sure I've seen this as a story title before, although I might be getting it confused with a story named after a Dragonforce song.

1553827 No, you probably have. There's one called "A Rainbow in the Dark" on this site, but it was made after mine.

a very heartwarming and bittersweet tale. Although, I feel as though the backstory on Luna's other love kinda stole the rest of the story's thunder as a LunaDash ship. Nonetheless, I loved the story. IT SHALL BE FAVE'D

Nitpick section: I could be wrong on this, but I think that the word 'Spectral' was used incorrectly. (if I am wrong on this, feel free to bitch-slap me repeatedly)
While I did enjoy the advanced vocabulary on this story, others might not understand the message you're trying to send

Perhaps “imprisoned” would prove the more appropriate term

cannot seem to make sense of this particular part in my head.
it seems as though you're using 'imprisoned' to compliment Streak's looks, but I don't see how this works. pleas explain?:twilightblush:

Spectral: adj. Of or concerning spectra or the spectrum.
Spectra: n. A band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, produced by separation of the components of light by their different degrees of refraction according to wavelength

... Bitchslap engaged. :rainbowlaugh:

"Imprisoned" was just me taking liberty with the extension of the word caught's meaning. I mean her eyes weren't just caught by Streak's figure, they were actually "locked" so to speak.

1554078 bitchslap and point received. :fluttercry:...:rainbowlaugh:jk
Weird.:rainbowhuh: I always thought spectral referred to the ethereal (ghosts 'n' stuff)
ooooookay now I understand that 'imprisoned' part. looking back I really should have gotten that in the first place:facehoof:

1554088 It means both, so you're okay.

This is a really fantastic story, I think this has made me a fan of LunaDash now. I needed a good does of feels and this story delivered. Also, congratulations on getting featured on Equestria Daily.

This must be fate...the last song I was listening to when I drove up tonight was this very title by Dio...I will DEFINITELY read this some time tomorrow. I'm too sleepy to do it now. :fluttershysad:

OK, that's it, Rainbow has now been shipped with literally EVERYONE now

All joking aside, looks like a good read, may give it a look-about.

1554854 Holy shit! FINALLY, somebody catches that! YES! :pinkiehappy:

Great story. Manly tears were definitely shed.:fluttercry:

no sign of the morning coming, you've been left on your own, LIKE A RAINBOW IN THE DARK! :yay:

Decided to read this just because of the title (i love Dio) but didn't know what to expect. Your story was amazing, :pinkiehappy: and this page of last page leads me to believe you to be a generally awesome person on top a good writer. Well done, here's a mustache: :moustache:

1557358 It makes me feel like I'm heartless, knowing that I didn't even cry after watching Angel Beats and reading MLD.:applejackunsure:

1565455 Manly tears were shed after watching Angel Beats that was a great anime:twilightsmile: but what is MLD:rainbowhuh:?

1565455 I didn't cry after reading MLD either, mostly because the errors were distracting me. I did cry listening to this song, though.

1566575 My Little Dashie one of the greatest/ saddest fimfics out there.

1567002 I love that song.

1570830 I will find and read that story.

Edit: Oh my gawd that story was really freakin sad manly tears were shed while reading the story.


Cliche is all I do, really.

Thank you for the in-depth review. I'm still an amateur writer, so I figured working on the emotional plane would provide decent practice and help me learn "reader manipulation" for when I later experiment with more moral/societal/philosophical pieces. To be honest, I think this story reflects my maturity pretty accurately as well. It shows that, while I may have all the "ability" necessary to create a coherent composition, I still lack the experience necessary to produce something with true substance and character.

In other words: yeah, I'm friggin' naive.

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