This story is a sequel to Sour Sweet, Sweet Gift

Sour Sweet has been making reaction videos on HoofTube which has been mostly successful so far, and she found a particular video that got a lot more hits than her other ones. However, the person who made the video who was being reacted to... didn't react well. And now he's made a 'roasting' video to Sour who doesn't really take it well...

Rage ensues.

Once again, inspired by the wonderful works of Nico-Stone Rupan. If you haven't read his work, go do it. He's written great Sour Sweet stories.

This fanfic was purely made for sh**s and giggles. Enjoy!

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Comments ( 29 )

Whenever I see sour sweet dialogue, I always hear failsafe's two voices in my head.


I don't understand what you mean:twilightsheepish:

Hope you liked the story! :twilightsmile:

"Oh, that's so painfully cringy! ... dude, stop trying to push your ego on screen, its about as big as your nose, holy crap!... Maybe you should review bleach!" Sour's voice said on the computer overhead.

This was well-done. I really enjoyed reading it, both for Sour's mood swings ("Cookies!" is my favorite moment :rainbowlaugh:) but also for the message at the conclusion. And the very last line was just funny. XD


Aww, thank you. :twilightsmile: Glad you enjoyed the story.

Any likes you can give would be nice, too:twilightsheepish:


Sadly, I know exactly what person Sour Sweet roasted, and got roasted by here... (Thank you for showing me those videos by the way...)

Not sure if the humor resonated with me, but then again, I'm more the dry, witty humor lover. Still, interesting read all the same.


Not one of my better stories, I know. Could have done this with a bit more originality, but there's always room for improvement.

Yes, that is the sort of thing I would do with that sort of vid.
Free speech is one thing. Hate speech is quite another.

"... Is it the guy who had his mouth so close to the camera lenses for that food review?" Sour asked. "Cause I really don't want to see that again..."

Joey's World Tour, I'm guessing? I don't wanna see that either, to be honest. I'd rather watch Running on Empty Food Review (ReviewBrah)

Not even two seconds had gone by, and already Smallfoot was a bit uncomfortable. The person who was recording the video, in the very first frame was so close to the camera she could see right into his nose and that wasn't an angle she wanted to see. Thankfully this image wouldn't be there for too long, as he was sitting in front of the camera with his face and upper torso in view.

Ugh, I hope this isn't based off of an actual guy. It doesn't ring any bells, thankfully, but I can imagine someone on YouTube like that.

"RustyWarhead says 'Why would you say that?'.

Ayy :moustache:

Pretty good story. I liked the little references here:

Sour rubbed the temples on her forehead. "Lemon, you need to be more specific, that could literally be anyone. Do you mean the crazy person who accused a couple of having sex when they were just showing public displays of affection?"

Lemon went silent. "Um... no."

"The idiot who was saved from drowning but jumped straight to suing the guy for saving her?" Sour asked.

"Thankfully not her!" Lemon replied.

"The fat pig who screamed at her neighbor over a parking spot?" Sour asked.


"The jackass who tried to attack the news reporter on live TV?"

"Not him!"

"The tap dancing streaker?"


"... Is it the guy who had his mouth so close to the camera lenses for that food review?" Sour asked. "Cause I really don't want to see that again..."

I HAVE SEEN MOST OF THESE :rainbowlaugh:. I haven't seen the tap dancing streaker, though. That sounds... odd, to say the least. :derpyderp2:

Some of those I just made up on the spot.

The roast humor was a bit hit and miss with me, but the reactions of Sour helped take it to the next level. I enjoyed it and fun doing so.

You were more accurate to the real world than you thought!

First thing happened to me on a daily basis when my girlfriend and I still went to the same school.

Then there's the lady suing a guy for saving her life:

Couldn't quite find the video for the one where the neighbor gets mad over a parking space, but I found something similar.

Attacking (and killing) a reporter and a cameraman

That one is actually pretty chilling.


... Wait, a lady getting mad over a parking space is actually real!?

And attacking a news reporter!?


I didn't even know those existed!


VERY enjoyable. And wow it's a good thing Smallfoot was there, otherwise ay buey I don't even want to imagine the childish flame war to come out of this.


You know the old saying;

Reality is stranger than fiction.

Parking space thing happens a lot, actually.

Unfortunately, so does the other thing. Can't really say exactly how often that happens, though.

. NicLove says 'You are a despicable human being, leave her alone. She made a disclaimer at the beginning of the video saying she wasn't serious, did you even watch the full video?'

You think I would say that ?


I honestly was making up the comments here. I thought it'd be cool for you guys to have cameos:twilightsheepish:

I know. but did you think of what they may say, or was it jest random ?


No I wasn't thinking of what people would actually say.

I was making up comments here, and I was trying to be as respectful as I could be. :fluttershysad:

Smallfoot scrolled through more comments, and squinted her eyes. "This user asks 'Don't listen to this creep Sour, he's just trying to get a rise out of you. By the way, are you actually going to pleasure your girl--OKAY, I think we've looked at enough on HoofTube for now."

That's a good question. Is she ever going toe pleasure Smallfoot?

Hehe, cool. Did you get the question from earlier?

How come Sour Sweet doesn't have her signature violent mood swings?


Because this Sour Sweet is not bipolar.

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