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I'm a terrible writer ;-; 19 yrs old


After the event at the Friendship Games, Twilight Sparkle, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, Indigo Zap Lemon Zest and Sunny Flare come together attempt to learn about the magic friendship.  Easier said than done, as they struggle through obstacles with each other and themselves.

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So Sci-Twi is gonna go through the 'Midnight Sparkle' Arc without going to CHS & gonna hanging out with the Shadowbolt girls?! You have my attention.


The idea seems good, but it feels a little rushed.

I know right? (Hey, it's been a while.) I'm horrible at first chapters. The pacing is always bad and I always think putting something things in with slow the story down. I also suck at explaining things. ;-;

Thanks tho


Anytime; next time, try stretching the chapter out by adding certain details or even plain filler. Are the other Crystal Prep students upset about the friendship games? Are they upset at Twilight? Is there even a small change within the student body? Does Twilight regret staying at Crystal Prep? And what about the Shadow 5? How are the other students thinking about them?

Just some ideas.

I hope it turns out to be interesting, especially Sugarcoat's relationship with her mom.

What, is Cinch her mom?

Holy shit, its back! What happened to this story!? One day, its here, the next, its gone, then its back again! I was freaking out when I couldn't find it on my favorite list or in the search pages!

Okay after calming down & rereading chapter 1, I've noticed some new scenes that made this even better. Can't wait for more.

P.S. Sorry for 2 comments in a row, but I did panicked like crazy when I saw this story disappeared.

I really hope to see more of this!

This looks good. Subscribed.

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