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Wonderful story, loved it! Wish I could see more of what happened after, such a tease with the maid uniform.

I think we all know what happens after the maid uniform comes out :raritywink: I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Well, even if you didn't find it arousing , I'm happy that you enjoyed that aspect of the story and gave it a read through nonetheless! I love it when people tell me what they like/dislike because it helps me improve!

This was a great clop, I loved it, really liked how she was stringing him along, making him believe that she was, right into her lair only to to break the act and use him as her her fuck toy. I really liked it. I hope you will put a sequel to this maybe she could recruit another unsuspecting homebody to be under her services and get Scribble to fuck each other while she watches in delights showing how she has broken the both of them. If that's not a thing I could certainly love to see what has happened between the two of them later on for more kinky stuff. Great job.

but could a zebra change its stripes that quickly? It felt…dangerous.

That's seems racist.:twilightangry2:

Well thank you for the kind compliments! I wanted to do something a little more off the beaten path, and the bad-mare-gone-good thing is certainly on that path. This remains as a standalone fic for the time being, but I have included additional chapters to stories before, so who knows. But I don't have the motivation to continue this one for now.

I thought that when I wrote it, and wanted to make a meta joke about it in the story itself, but I said "nah, fuck it, they're horses" and let it be.

... Everything about this fic gets my approval

Moar plz

Comment posted by wolfectman deleted Dec 30th, 2017

Of course we all know what happens when the uniform comes out, the goddamn dishes get done! :flutterrage:

I aim to please. Probably just staying as a one-shot for the foreseeable future, but I've reneged on that before, so who knows...

FINALLY! Someone gets it! Someone's gotta do the cleaning after Tempest's depraved orgies!

Well on one hand this is hot but on the other hand my empathy is telling me she's gonna have a bad time

I'm glad that you think that it's hot, and I promise you that both of them are having a very good time

Great story, keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Thank you! I plan on releasing more in the upcoming future.

Kinda want to see a sequel to this.

Will you be making more stories like this?

You got to make another tempest shadow story in the future

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