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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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Good stuff.

Good stuff.

Good stuff.

Good stuff

Good stuff

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Good stuff.

Majin Syeekoh


you sonova bitch

Majin Syeekoh


Good stuff.


Also, good stuff.

Good stuff.

Seven of seven.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I hereby officially (and almost belatedly) identify this calendar cycle for FIMFic's historical archives.

2017: The Year Of The Ridiculously Blatant Title

I absolutely love this.

Good stuff.

This comment section...

Good stuff.

Not too shabby. :pinkiehappy:

All three have been pretty good stuff.

time for Starlight to intervein and get in on the fun sexy times!

I don't think I've ever seen such a straightforward story title.

Good stuff.

Some pretty good stuff

👌👀 good stuff go౦ԁ sTuff👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌stuff

Apparently this is good stuff. And yeah. It is.

disguise that would now be unravelled, no matter how intricate it might have been.

U lil shit

Seriously, who leaves the door open while they’re masturbating?

Someone who lives alone lol

Rainbow risked a small grin. “You mean get me off, right?”

I love the way you wrote RD in this. Even though I haven't watched MLP in a while, this seems totally in-character for her.

Now, her guise was ruined

Delete comma

as did her legs shake

as did her shaking legs (???)

So it was that she teleported

So it was that she had to

So it was then that she(???)

Leaning down further, Twilight bit against the scruff of Rainbow’s neck, her fur clamped between her teeth as she softly pulled at it, teeth slightly grinding against her and leaving a small mark as she worked her way to the front, Rainbow’s gasps acting as all the incentive she needed as she left red calling cards in her wake with each bite and nibble, pulling away and looking back to her conquest, who looked awfully demure compared to just a moment ago.

Dude. Holy fucking run on sentence.

begged but to no avail

I think that deleting "but" would be best. It's a small thing, but if you leave it in, I think that a comma should go somewhere but... something like that. :/ Or y'know. Just ignore me. This one is weird enough anyways.

just as she wanted.
It was when her hoof had

An extra line between paragraphs


This was an excellent smut of TwiDash, those 2 are meant for each other.... Unless its a Sunlight story :rainbowlaugh:

Good Stuffing.

Good story too

Excellent material. :twilightsmile:

Is that sequel bait? I feel like that’s sequel bait.

They Finally Fuck

Yeah but, loads of other fanfic writers have made them fuck already. As far as I can tell there is no reason to read your fanfic. It's not special.

"They finally fuck after a series of three stories in which they have yet to fuck." Should I change the title to that? Do you require that level of context and clarity?

...Don't make such a big deal out of a triviality. Yes, there have been other TwiDash stories in the past. Yes, they have included sex, this one has nothing to do with them by virtue of being a series and is clearly marked as such, which should give some indication as to whether 'they' refers to Twilight and Rainbow Dash as characters or my iterations of the pair. They Finally Fuck means "They finally fuck in universe", which seems to have been obvious enough to over eleven hundred other people before you. (And it hasn't confused you, let's be honest. You're being pedantic for the sake of it. )

Or at least, they didn't feel that the story wasn't special enough to read. Real sorry about that by the way. I mean, I have no clue what the fuck it means (I didn't realise that originality was considered a staple of quality right down to the title until now) but in future when I'm trying to make the entire world happy I'll bear that in mind.

Cheers for your comment and Happy New Year.

With that logic, you'll never read another shipping fanfic because all pairs and groupings have already been done, and you'll never read any other fanfic unless it's completely new and unique, right?

Kinks: Dominance, Restraint, Immobilisation, Masturbation, Spying, Squirting, Cunnilingus, Happy Endings.

Nope. I don't do happy endings.

Good sneaking, peeking, tied up and confused stuff.

I know I should have said something on all three, and I apologise. I got so wrapped up in wanting to get to the next one.

Damn, these were great!

Just one curiosity; why split them up? Or did you not intend to write sequels?

Yeah! That's awesome! Thumbs up to this comment!

Dude, don't. The best thing to do when you're trying to piss in someone else's wheaties is to pretend you're serious about it. Act upset and shit. The last thing you want to do is let them know you're fucking with them. Make them suffer wonder!

I'm not following you?

Good on you, mate. ;)

Just a side note, but I think you've got a goon-squad of pathological downvoters running around and spamming your comments as if it really mattered. Don't take them seriously. xD

Oh really? Good. Let them. Their contempt for me won't spoil my masturbation time later on. If anything their downvotes are what I'll be thinking of when I finally reach climax, jacking off my tiny chode to the sounds of anime busty babes having their anchors dropped off in Poo Bay.

If your clopfics are as good as your dirty talk, I know what I'll be reading tonight. :ajsmug:

I think my reply may be controversial so I'll PM it to you...

Oh god I hate these sort of videos. They're not clever, they're just rapists to people's ears. Damn you, dude! We just entered 2018 and I already have another name to add to my Hit List XD

No, I'll let you off this time. XD

Good Stuff

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