• Published 27th Dec 2017
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Comet - ShadowedKnight68

A man wakes up one day to find he's in another world, and in another body, a mare wakes up to find she's in another world, and in another body.

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Adam walked into his house exhausted, school was hard enough but work too? that was just painful, he took off his work clothes and started heading towards his bedroom but stopped when he saw a bright shining light from sky, he walked outside and looked up only for his eyes to widen in amazement.

A glowing blue comet was passing over, it was absolutely beautiful, the stars behind it seemed to shine brighter as it passed, he got his phone out and took a picture of it, he then walked back inside and set his phone down on the stand next to his bed, he laid down and closed his eyes ready to get some sleep.

While he slept he saw images flash through his vision, things he's never seen before, then everything began glowing bright blue before total darkness, an alarm clock then began ringing.

He weakly opened his eyes, his vision was blurry from sleep but slowly cleared and he found an alarm clock ringing on the table next to his bed, the only problem is he didn't have an alarm clock, his phone had an alarm, and his phone was missing.

That made him realize that the table wasn't even the one he knew, he lifted his head looking around the room only to find an entirely different unrecognizable room, there was a wardrobe in the corner, and a dresser with mirror to his left.

'who's room is this? And how the hell did I get here??' he questioned in his head, he lifted his hand to scratch his head only for a dark blue almost black stump to appear in his vision, he jumped back seeing the thing but froze when he found it connected to his arm, the arm that was dark blue and furry, confusion and fear rising he looked at his other hand only to find the same thing.

He looked between the two stumps hoping that his eyes were just messing with him, while he moved his head back and forth some of his hair draped down into his vision, the hair was blue though, by impulse he blew the hair out of his face, his eyes went wide once more when he thought about it and shook his head to make blue hair fall into his vision, he never had blue hair and it definitely wasn't this long before, he always had his hair short but now that he thought about it, it felt like he had a lot of hair now.

'what the hells happened to me?! Wait the mirror!' he looked at the dresser with the mirror and quickly got out of bed only to face plant into the ground hard, for some reason his legs weren't supporting him like usual, he looked at his legs only to find more of the blue stumps 'what the crap?!' he attempted to stand once more but he couldn't keep himself standing up he kept falling back down, he growled and started to pull himself towards the dresser, once close enough he put his stumps up on the edge and pulled himself up till he could see himself in the mirror, his victorious smile soon vanished when he actually looked at himself.

In front of him an inhuman face showed a horrified yet adorable looking expression, his face had a small muzzle and two large blue eyes, his hair was a mess from sleep, on top of his head were two ears one twitching slightly, he noticed two feathered wings on his back as well, he hated to admit but his new face looked very cute, and what made his heart beat faster in fear was the fact that it looked almost feminine, the long eyelashes, the long hair, not only that but he realized he looked like a small horse.

He shakily slowly looked down between his legs to find what he feared "this...this isn't happening!" He yelled with the new female voice he had, he was freaking out he was some weird female monster horse, the ringing in his ears weren't helping either, that was when he realized it was the alarm clock ringing, he crawled back over to the bed and pulled himself up, he then looked at the clock and tried turning it off which was a lot more difficult with these stumps that he realized were hooves.

He growled and glared at the clock after not being able to turn it off, he then slammed his hoof down on it repeatedly until it stopped ringing, which was when the clock was smashed into pieces "there...." He took a few deep breaths and closed his eyes thinking 'ok ok this is not possible there is no way I'm a horse thing or a chick, this crap only happens in movies and dreams' his eyes shot open in realization, this was all a dream "oh my God haha! Now that makes sense! I'm having one of those crazy super realistic dreams, everything feels real but really it's not hehe nice try mind but I figured you out' he smirked.

He then carefully got off the bed, now standing on all fours and tried to walk, it was difficult at first but he was able to get the hang of it, he walked out of the bedroom and into the rest of the house, on the walls were a few paintings and a picture of him and some other weird horse things "wow this dream really went all out, to bad I figured it out" continuing through the house with a smirk he walked into the living room, there was a couch a coffee table and a window with it's curtains closed, he walked over to the window and pulled the curtains open, outside he found a colorful landscape, there were many other houses around and a few ponies walking down the road, all of which had smiles, and in the distance he could see a forest.

"Wow I've never had this detailed of a dream before, so crazy" he followed a butterfly with his head as it passed before his stomach growled "huh? Hungry in a dream? Never had that before" he walked towards the kitchen and struggled to pull a cupboard open, once he did he found a few boxes of cereal and a few bowls.

He was about to carefully get a bowl but remembered all this was a dream, it didn't matter if he broke one it wasn't even real, he pulled a bowl out and dropped it as it shattered on the ground "oops" he chuckled and grabbed another he then dumped the entire box into the bowl, most of the cereal not making it into the bowl and it was overflowing.

He walked to the fridge and got the milk out with his mouth, he then walked back to the bowl and proceeded to pour the milk into the bowl, he spilt the milk on the ground, when the bowl started overflowing he stopped pouring, he set the milk down and smiled before putting his face in the cereal and eating it, once he finished he whipped his face with his arm "ah I've wanted to do that since I was a kid hehe" he hummed and walked out of the kitchen, he then left the house, he looked like a mess his hair all over the place and the fur on his face still wet from milk but he didn't care, it was his dream and he wanted to mess around.

Another female horse walked by and she smiled and waved "good morning Nova".

"Screw you" he smiling and walked by leaving her standing there in shock after hearing that, it mostly went like that as Adam walked through town, when someone said hello he'd say screw you with a nice big smile, it was until a male horse and a female horse were walking and came up to him smiling.

"Hey Nova...um what happened to you?" The girl asked.

"Yeah it looks like you just woke up, your manes a mess" the guy asked.

"I did, and I thought I'd try a new style" he had to hold in his laughter at the confusion on their faces.

"Well...do you still want to get some coffee?" The girl asked.

"Sure lead the way" he smiled, as the two started walking he followed.

Eventually after a while they got to the coffee shop, they all ordered a coffee and sat at a table.

"So Nova are you feeling alright? Your acting very unlike yourself" the girl questioned.

"Eh I'm just having a little fun" Adam said with a smile.

"Your like a whole different mare" the guy said.

'oh yeah mares are the woman and stallions are the guys' Adam thought before saying "well I thought I should try to be different for a day" he smiled.

The stallion and made looked at each other before looking back at Adam confused.

Adam stood up "well I'm not gonna waste this time of this dream sitting here, I'll see you two maybe never" he hummed and walked away.

"Did she say dream?" The mare asked the stallion.

"Yeah...." The stallion said as they both watched their friend walk away looking like a mess "we should check on her tomorrow and see if she's alright then..."

"Agreed" the mare said.

Hours passed as Adam went around the dream town messing around, most of the time he was just messing around with horses, eventually it begins to get darker out and he head back home, he walked in looking at the mess he left in the kitchen, he then ran as fast as he could before jumping into the air and landing on the bed "hm this was the best dream ever, I'll have to write it down in my journal when I wake up..." He yawned as he began falling asleep, once more he saw the blue light.


Nova was walking home after work, she was so tired, she loved her job but it just drained her of energy, while she as walking she noticed that a bright blue glow lit the area up, she looked up at the sky to find a shining blue comet passing over, her eyes sparkled in amazement at the beauty of it, she smiled and walked into her house, she walked to her room and laid down on her bed sighing with a smile.

She closed her eyes slowly falling asleep, soon images flashed before her, ones she had no memory of before, then everything turned glowing blue before she heard a little tune waking her up.

She opened her eyes and noticed that she was definitely not in her room, the room looked way different than hers, there was some clothes on the ground and a table with a strange large rectangular thing, she sat up looking around very confused and scared, she tried to wrap her wings around herself but she didn't feel her wings move, she looked at her back to find nothing but she found she had a black shirt on, that's when she noticed her arms and the lack of hooves, she had strange-looking things at the ends of her arms, she moved them around before realizing they were hands, like a dragons or monkeys, they look more like a monkeys though.

She pulled the blanket off herself and got out of bed but walking on all fours felt odd now, her back ached a little so she stood upright expecting to fall but she didn't, standing on two legs felt better, she walked around the room but stopped when she found a mirror, looking into it she gasped, instead of her normal dark blue furry muzzle, she found her face was flatter and only had a bit of hair on her chin, she looked nothing like a pony now.

"W-what in Tartarus?!" She clasped her hand to her mouth, that was not her voice either it was much deeper and definitely more masculine sounding, with fear she looked between her legs and gasped in shock and fear, she wasn't a mare anymore.

The house that wasn't here was soon filled with screaming.

'ok ok Nova calm down calm down, it's ok it's ok....it not ok!!!' she panicked and paced back and forth, the little tune that started out please tell was now annoying, she looked back at the source of it and found a strange flat metal thing, she picked it up and suddenly it changed from black to a picture of the night sky, there was some words too that said scroll up to unlock, she scratched her head before scrolling g up on the picture and suddenly it changed again, now there was a small schedule.

Get work clothes in bag.

Eat breakfast

Go to school.

Go to work.

Go home.

Nova read each one-off in her head "ok this is really weird but I should probably do that...." She went around the room getting ready, she out her some clothes she found in the closet and then grabbed work clothes that she recognized and put them in a bag, before leaving the room she got a pencil and wrote down on a piece of paper.

Who are you??

She then left the room and walked to the kitchen, she made herself some cereal, while he was eating it she noticed how odd it tasted compared to the cereal she usually ate.

She put it in the back of her mind and quickly left the house, she followed the map on the strange thing with the schedule, she looked around as she walked in amazement, she was in a city she's never been in a city before now.

"Wow...." She noticed as she walked that there were other things like her new body all over, she eventually found the school and it looked very different from the one she's recognized, she walked in looking around 'um....how do I find my class...?' she looked at the schedule again hoping it would answer her questions but it remained the same 'dammit...' she huffed and started walking around.

"Yo Adam!" Another stallion walked over and put his arm around him making Nova jump "woah jumpy today huh?" The guy chuckled.

'wait does he know who this body belonged to?' Nova thought before clearing her throat "um y-yeah" she shrugged he shoulders.

"Well c'mon dude don't want you to be late again" he walked down the hall pulling her with him.

'again?' she questioned as they walked.

After half an Hours of sitting through a very strange class that she knew very little of what she was actually learning she relieved when they left for lunch, the food though was very strange, nothing she's had before.

She walked over to a thanks he began eating, she had some time to think during the class, all of this has been very strange, she seemed to have just fallen into someone else's life, not only that but she seemed to be in an entirely different world, she hadn't seen any other ponies since she's woken up.

"So Adam, what's up with yu!? You've been acting strange" the guy said.

"Oh yeah sorry...I'm just a little um...out of it today" she looked down at her hands opening and closing one.

"Yeah....so your high?" He asked smirking.

"W-what no!" She looked at him aghast.

He burst out laughing holding his stomach "oh man your not gonna believe me when this finishes".

She blushed and looked away 'so weird...'

Eventually they had to go back in to finish school, once that was done she followed the map to her apparent job, she went into the bathroom and changed into her work clothes, she figured out the original owner of this body worked as a waiter at a restaurant, she took a tray with plates of food to a table, and gave each person at the table a plate with food.

it was difficult at first figuring out how to be a waiter, but she eventually got the hang of it, a lot of the customers were total jerks, while others were actually very nice and tipped her, only problem was she didn't recognize the money they gave her.

By the end of the day she was exhausted, she left the restaurant following the map to the house, she stumbled a bit as she made her way to the bedroom, she yawned rubbing her eyes, she took her work clothes off and collapsed on the bed 'ugh Luna I'm tired....I hope tomorrow I'm back home and back in my body...' she yawned before calling asleep.


Adam yawned waking up, he stretched and sat up, like he thought he was his normal human self again, he smirked "such a crazy dream, hehe I'll right it done after I take a shower" he got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom but noticed a small piece of paper on his dresser by his computer, brow raised he looked at the paper.

Who are you??

Adam was confused for a moment before his eyes went wide "wait...." He looked at the ground and found two sets of work clothes, he dropped the paper and ran to his phone grabbing it and looked at the date "it...it wasn't a dream...I-I was in an alien horses body!!" He put his hand to his head "oh my God I was an actual horse chick!!!"

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Comments ( 4 )

Instantly thinks of that anime movie called "your name"

After a lot of deliberation about how I should approach what I've witnessed here, I've decided to just be blunt: I can't read a story with an absurd amount of run-on sentences, where you literally only see a period (outside of ellipses) at the end of paragraphs. Frankly, it's mind-boggling. If the punctuation is ever addressed, I'll come back and give reading this story another try.

I don't know what it says about me that I didn't even notice that every paragraph was one single huge sentence until I finished the chapter and read the comments...

Anyway it's interesting. Wonder if his/her friends are gonna figure it out.

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