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Interesting, slightly arousing and funny as heck.

Where is the part where she gets arrested for, indecent exposure?

Well now.....

Sunset is certainly going to be in for a BIG surprise when Twilight shows up at her apartment. Either that, or she’s going to have to come bail her out after she gets arrested.

At least the other girls got a show.

haha theres gotta be a three parter one with her arrested and one for not it be totally humourous

c’mon u can’t leave me hangin like that Twilight gotta either go to jail or Sunset sees somethin

Don't know why he can't just call me over it, but I guess it's just something serious.

I've never heard anyone say "I guess it's just something serious", ever. doesn't it kinda make it sound hoo hum? I recommend taking out the "just", otherwise any impact kinda gets lost.

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