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Twilight learns why Starswirl wasn't around for the first Heath's Warming Eve.

This is a slightly revised version of my entry in the Jinglemas 2017 Secret Santa Story Exchange and was written in response to Pwnego's request for a story featuring Starswirl and Celestia. It's also slightly related to a story I wrote several years ago called "A Giant Leap Forward."

Cover image, "Honey Frozen," is from the DeviantArt account of Royce-Barber.

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What is that cover art?


a picture of flowing honey that was flash frozen

Nice bit of backstory for Starswirl. I like how it combines what we already know about him into an interesting narrative.


Thanks, folks!

I did a Google Image search for "frozen honey," and this image came up after pictures of actual desserts made with frozen honey. :twilightsmile:

I'm glad to have had a chance to give this idea another go. And there aren't nearly enough stories about baklava in the world.


"And perhaps a certain pastel-headed harridan of our mutual acquaintance will someday come to realize that she's grown much too bulky to successful lurk eavesdropping outside caverns!"

My my, he should be renamed Wordswirl the overly verbose Orator!

The cave being the same exact cave makes so much sense, I love this characterization of Starswirl's relationship with the princesses, the story was sweet and heartrending, the cover image is really cool, and Starswirl looking down on Clover like you mentioned is exactly the same way he treated Twilight in Shadow Play. Did I miss anything? Oh, yeah.
I think that about covers it.


Thanks, folks!

I had way too much fun writing dialogue for Starswirl and the banter between him and the princesses. As for the cave, I'm stealing that idea from bookplayer. Her stories about the Founders are just the best.


Even though I think the whole bit with Clover and Starswirl is a lot of nonesense to fit in the show, have a fav anyway.

Twilight being able to teleport from Canterlot to the Everfree raises the question of why she always takes the train to Canterlot. Maybe she's been practicing. Anyway, great characterization of Star Swirl, and the time travel spell gone awry makes sense for the show.

Thanks for using my humble 3D fractal with your story. <3


Thanks, folks!

That's part of the fun of fanfiction: taking bits and pieces from the show and gluing them together in ways that hopefully make sense. And I always figure Twilight takes the train when she's got the time or when she's with friends. The same with Celestia sometimes using her big chariot to get to Ponyville and sometimes just popping in.


Like I said over on DeviantArt, it's just the image I was looking for!


So, uh, I went back and read "A Giant Leap Forward", and it doesn't look like he actually does apologize to her in that one. There's a few other continuity differences, but that's the big one. I guess this is more "inspired by" than a direct sequel, maybe?

It's good, though! Twilight and Starswirl bounce off each other nicely here.


Yeah, it's:

"Slightly related to" that earlier story more than anything else. It's the same idea, but I think this works better as a story than that one does.


His beard prickling, Starswirl turned his glare to where she sat on Twilight's left. "Once, I would've asked you to respect your elders, young lady. But now that you're a thousand years older than I am, I suppose I must take my own advice, smile pleasantly, and indulge you in your dotage."

Well, he was stuck in the void for a thousand years, but Luna was stuck as a moon-spirit for a thousand years, so, really much difference...?

Huh, and I always thought the cave of the Hearth's Warming Cave was depicted as being high in the mountains, near (or under) Canterlot. Though this actually some sense too. But, as the story pointed out, history books can be wrong...

I had never even even heard of clover or bluberry honey before I read this story...time to go expand my culinary palate. Thank you!

Author Interviewer

Marvelous. :) And I think this is the first fic I've ever read that refers to baklava in any way.


At the library where I work:

We had a Little Old Lady who would bring us a tray of baklava every year around Christmas, so it's got associations with the season in my mind. And it seems like a natural Pony delicacy, too. :eeyup:


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