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The many creatures from south of Equestria come to pay a visit to Twilight’s castle. Lots of talks ensue.

SPOILER WARNING: Contains characters from the My Little Pony Movie and possible Season 8 spoilers.

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That ending is just perfect.😂 Nice story! Keep it up!

This is amazing and I really wish there was more so I could see the looks on everyone's faces when Twilight and the gang talk about more about equestria; specifically like the equestria girl's world and their past adventures. Still, this is good for want it is.

This was actually really good! Well done!

And by the way...

Twilight chuckled, and said, “What if I told you all, that I once went through a mirror portal and saw an alternate universe where humans live?”

She got ten weird looks after that.

That was basically my reaction when I found out that Equestria Girls was a thing.

I hate to be that guy, but:

“Tempest?” Twilight Sparkle once again walked to the unicorn. “Are you all right?”

I think there's a word missing. Other than that, this was such a wonderfully touching story.

Leave the humans out of it, they got their own things to deal with.

Plus they’ve already had plenty of trouble from Equestria.

Can you make a seque?


Funny story; EG was actually my first exposure to MLP. I saw the trailer for the second movie around the time it came out. This was long before I became a brony, and all I kept thinking was, "Wait. So the ponies are humans now? What's up with that?"

Suffice it to say, EG looked stupid back then, and it looks stupid now. (Except for Sunset Shimmer; she's the exception.)

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