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I'm a female graphic design student and I'm just here to write and read stories. I also do art requests.



One year after the defeat of the Storm King, Tempest Shadow and Grubber are now residents of Canterlot. With Twilight's help, the two of them start to become friends. Tempest reflects on how she has changed since then. She is starting to learn how to trust again. Yet she can't help but feel like something more than her horn is incomplete. And she meets a young stallion who just might be able to identify with her feelings.

Be aware that since this story takes place after the events of My Little Pony: The Movie, there are some spoilers regarding the ending of the movie plot.

Stormfeather (a background pony from the show) makes an appearance here. The story eventually contains a relationship between Tempest Shadow and an original character (the stallion Xenon). It is my first piece on this site, so any feedback would be helpful!

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I’ll keep an eye on this.

You make this all go away?

A bit confused about what this story was about.

Hi, Soraya. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your story. Despite some things being slightly confusing, it was a comfortable read.

Also, have some time to check out my Tempest Shadow story on my user page! Stay awesome!

“Xenon doesn’t work for me, he’s just a friend who likes to help me out,” the DJ clarified. “I like having him around, and he makes things easier when I have a DJ session in Equestria. I met him about nine months ago, and he told me he had interest in becoming a live DJ himself. Xenon had just broken off a relationship with a mare, and he told me it had ended badly. He wanted something to take his mind off it. So we help each other out. He’s been assisting me with the sound and setting up the equipment and I share my experience and advice with him.”

Okay, Vinyl, if you have a friend, you are in no position to tell a random stranger his entire life story, especially if he has recently been in a broken relationship!

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