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I'm an MLP/Sci-Fi crossover writer. 'Nuff said. My stories seek to answer but these three, simple questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC5QT6CWiSM


Kamen Rider Build, the briiiiliant physicist Sento Kiryu, has found himself in Ponyville with no memory of how he got there. However, he quickly finds that new Smash are here, too, created by a mysterious villain named Faust who quickly steals all of his Full Bottles. Now Sento has to "build up" a new arsenal of Best Matches and fight back, but what is this Faust really after?

Are You Ready?

(Kamen Rider Build crossover, from a gap in the middle of episode 13.)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 22 )

About bucking time someone did a Kamen Rider Build crossover. Considering the role Faust has in that series, compared to MLP...

I'm going to need more popcorn.

Like it especially with the Kamen Rider being build, and I cant wait for more.

...Is the title of this fic based on the term "Faustian Bargain"?

Yep. (It was the only fitting way I could think to put "Faust" in the title, considering her importance to the story.)

I approve of the wordplay.


Not bad, I have a few ideas for best matches if you're interested.

The whole story is planned, it's just turning notes into paragraphs that takes time. And dealing with a half dozen other stories at the same time. My ideas may all be mapped out and mean something to the plot, but I always like hearing other ideas, though.

Apple, Hammer
Impact Harvester
Apple Hammer

Cupcake, Cannon
High Calorie Artillery

Eye, Chain
Binding Gaze
Eye Chain

Pegasus, Storm
Lightning Wing

Butler, Propane
Fire Star Service

Princess, Sun
Master of the Dawn

Baku, Moon
Dream Feaster

Draconequus, Dice
Roll for Reality

(Couldn't think of one for Rarity, so have 1 for Derpy, and one that's not MLP related, but might still be fun)

Muffin, Bubble

Scientist, Shotgun
Analyze and Assault


...This is AMAZING.

And Faust is evil?! How did this happen?!


That's an AWESOME Best Match.

And oh dear, I think I see what Faust is doing. She's angry her original vision for the world's been utterly changed and is trying to reset it back to how it was in season 1. Maybe even further.

Welp. It would appear Faust is delusional about the Mane 6 being either reincarnations of her friends or her friends actual selves.

Operative word above: appear.

Oh my god. It's Megan.

“ Rule Number 12 ,” Starlight whispered to her with a smirk.

Never date a co-worker.

“Henshin!” he shouted, holding his left arm out, before crossing his arms and throwing them down and out. The frameworks quickly slid in and connected over him, encasing him in the armor. The framework tubes retracted and the base disappeared as steam shot from the armor: a base black suit with shiny red and blue strips wrapped diagonally from upper left to lower right; red strips on his left leg, and covering his right arm, upper right chest, and the lower left side of his face; blue strips on his right leg, and covering his left arm, lower left chest, and the upper right side of his face. A white spring was on his lower left leg, and his right foot had a tank tread on it; a red spike and blue shaft pointed over his left shoulder; his left eye cover was a red rabbit face’s profile with the ear sticking out like a spike, and his right eye cover was a blue tank with the turret barrel sticking out like a spike. Kamen Rider Build, RabbitTank . Hagane n o Moonsault! Rabbit Tank! Y a a y !


Someone actually got a one-word reference. I'm impressed.

As the emblem spun back in, Sento turned the Driver’s crank, spinning the gears on the front as the large one flashed red and blue and making the Bottles’ contents pump up and down, the device giving off a cyclic clanging sound. Clear tubes extended out from the Bottles, reaching down then one heading backwards as a base appeared around him and colored liquid flowed through them, the tubes branching sideways at the front and back base edges before stretching up and forming a pair of frameworks in front of and behind him, connecting with three lines of tubes along the sides. New tubes appeared inside the frameworks, filling with red and blue liquid as they shaped themselves into armor suits on the die-cast punch cards. Sento stopped cranking as the tubes finished forming, all the liquid being pulled from the framework tubes into the inner ones, which solidified into armor. A r e Y o u R e a d y ?



encasing him in the armor

I chose to use that word for the exact thing your comment quoted on the off chance someone realized it, hence a "one-word reference".

Would this story continue? Pretty interesting story right here with it being a crossover with a Kamen Rider shw.
Wonder if there is something in store for Spike in the future? Especially with how there's Cross-Z Dragon in the show.
Same with Luna and Celestia here, wonder whats in store for them? Especially Luna.

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