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A closet brony trying his amateur hand at some artistic expression on the net. If you think one of my stories should be in a group you're already in, I'd be flattered. (or confused if it didn't fit)


A D&D gamer is sucked into the land of Equestria in the form of his favorite custom D&D character, with absolutely no understanding of why or how.
What will happen to our pseudo protagonist? Will he go feral from being hunted? Will he find allies? Even if he does, would they still accept him if they discover the cruelty of his homeworld? Will he manage to reach civilization before he starves or goes insane? Or did he already go insane thinking he was in the body of an RPG character? And most importantly, "Why can't I cast any flipping spells!?"

Let the torture story* begin...

And if it wasn't clear: this is a D&D crossover. (5e rules for all those rules lawyers out there. Corrective comments welcome!)

Warning: The teen rating is in place because of the presence of themes such as; survival and combat based gore (kept as mild as possible, not for thrills but present in the atmosphere of the story), light speaking of "war is ugly" gore and general misfortune, the potential for mildly adult language and comparable actions, as well as realistically less than responsible choices that would only work in fiction settings and require a developed sense of suspension of disbelief. (Think kids jumping off a bookcase because Peter Pan said they could fly on the TV.)

In short, this story has Gore and Violence tags up for fair warning of there presence, but it is not a Dark story.

Chapters (26)
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The term is called “in medias res”, translated from Latin it literally means “to start in the middle”.

Thanks. Thought the way I write only worked with so many genres and that this one would not work right.

What will happen to our sudo protagonist?


What makes you groan? The question itself, or the use of the wording "sudo protagonist?" I suppose I could have been a bit more original with my wording.

i shall read this when you have at least 10 more chapters written. that way i can have something of a good length to read and see if i like it or not. until then.

If you wish, I'll be sure to message you around that time. Unless you marked the story?

i have it in my read later and tracking library

"Thank you, Star Trek Voyager," I whispered as I found a rich nest of grubs. I quickly put them in a solid looking tin from my pack.

To which Voyager episode is this referring?

Had to look it up again, but season 3, episode 1, just under 8 minutes in. "Back to basics, Part 2."

Thanks for commenting. I kinda would like it if more readers would do it.

Racial feature of a water genasi from D&D 5e. While he doesn't know how to access everything from the character he made, I kinda figured that one would just work. But yes, it is pretty neat. :pinkiecrazy:

good to know some people are liking it. I was afraid I had lost my touch taking such a long break from writing.

Yeah, I love the story. Anything to do with DnD is my guilty pleasure! ~

neat. I'll be trying to make a contest/game of letting readers guess the protaganist's character build. Maybe you might try your luck when I get it working.

Because he is a water type will he be able to learn how to minipulate water in the future

The character he's modeled after would be able to, yes. Now if he could... That's another story. (this story! :trollestia:)

yay hes a waterbender will he meet a fire bender or an earthbender oh will the pegusi be airbenders eath ponys would seem like earthbenders i am rambling now

Umm... before you do more "rambling" I want to remind you and anyone that's reading this comment that this story is a crossover of MLP and Dungions and Dragons 5e (fifth edition). The magic in this story will be based on either of these franchises, including limitations. While what you say about characters in D&D being able to "water bend" is kinda sorta similar in concept, it is not based off Avatar the Last Air Bender, nor is it nearly as flexible in D&D.

You might want to look up Water genasi's in the Elemental Evil player's companion. (The PDF version is free of charge.) as well as some of the 5e basic rules or the 5e player handbook. Sadly I can't seem to find any free link to basic rules. If you can't do that, then at least prepare yourself for the boring rules of tabletop RPG to dampen the range of potential magic abilities.

Now, with the party pooping out of the way, It's nice to see you're getting excited. Just didn't want to get mislead from not being familiar with the series/franchise. (That's the job of all the red herrings I put in my stories! :trollestia: )

Eyy, nice to see a D&D character make their way to this little land of happiness and low CR creatures. Could you give us a stat block and proficiencies for this Genasi of yours? No Class Features, Feats, or spells yet, mind you - he doesn't seem to have the Verbal, Somatic, and Material parts to his spells down yet.

Actually... I was hoping that would be prime material for the readers to try to figure out in time as more and more clues come in. (but yes, there is an actual character sheet for him)

as for profficencies and stat blocks... I'll meet you half way: he definitely has exactly 4 skill proficiencies that have been serving him well so far, but not flawlessly. (although the whole he's not actually his character, just in his character's form does affect decision making to an extent.) As for his stat block... I'm not comfortable sharing that right yet. I want some people to make some educated guesses to them first as the story progresses.

I will hint, however, that his 4 skill profficencies do stack well with his stats. Have fun with that little tidbit my little theorist. :rainbowwild:

Dear, I have been foiled! Oh well, it was worth a try.
I'm trying to write my own sort-of crossover, using a Four Elements Monk-style Tales of Equestria character, and this has given me a lot of inspiration for it, so thanks.

I'd love to swap notes some time.

But If I were to give advice: Be careful about information dumps and keep them as small/few/integrated into the flow of the story as you can manage. Realize that you need to write for 2 audiences: one where they don't know what's going on and you need to give them enough information to keep up without overwhelming them, and a second where they know everything about the source material and don't need you to to feed them information they already know. Find a balance between them that keeps both entertained without having to just dump info. Exposition in mass can be a real buzz kill for a reader of either end of the spectrum. Sometimes when the reader only has small hints to the bigger picture or only partial explanations, it can help draw people into the story.

(thus why I'm not just dumping the entirety of his stats into the story in one large chunk.)

Normally I find that it's Princess Luna who does all the surveillance and stuff, shopping around in dreams and the like. It's good to see Zecora in a fabric or two.

Uh, did you put the Luna bit in this one by accident? Cause to me it feels really out of place.

nope. This is him telling the story to Luna, and a break happens. I've adjusted it to where it might be a bit easier to read. You can read the footnote in chapter 6 to see the correction in narration. I hope that makes it a bit clearer.

I wish there were more dnd based stories, their so rare

They're hard to make into MLP stories, MLP not being adventure based. I'm trying to blend the elements of it to have a story that is an effective hybrid, kinda like how Sepheroth's theme song in Advent Children is a hybrid of classical Music and modern Rock Music, but not truly able to be classified clearly into either. Like sweet and sour, you can make something truly wonderful if you do it right, but it is a recipe that is but a single slip up away from ruin.

If this ever features after I get the formula right, I might petition FimFiction to allow both tags in this story, though I doubt they'd let me.

So is he able to level up and upgrade his stats or will he just get better at what he does the more he does them

He knows his character's build and what it should be able to do "in theory" but he's unlocking how to actually USE it step by step. Thus why he still can't do spells but also recognized the tingle on the back of his neck. Those that play D&D 5th edition might recognize some of the mechanics I hint at in the story.

But leveling up isn't an impossibility. He has certainly gained experience since first arriving, despite his bumbling around.

It's like if Sturgeon's Law claimed Coeur del'Aran as a victim.

I'm sorry, I have no context to interpret that with. Could you clarify? I'm open to constructive criticism if you think something could be refined better.

Sturgeon's Law is an accepted occurrence in regards to the quality of fanfiction.
Coeur is a writer for the RWBY fandom over on fanfiction.net and has (against all odds) managed to produce several high quality stories, the least of which are still head and shoulders above the rest in that brutalized category.

(reads, interprets, still doesn't get the full meaning of reference, but better informed)
Soo... I gather that means I'm either doing something decently well and impressed you, or I made a story that you find disturbingly badly written.(mostly inclined on the second because I saw a down vote at the same refresh as your message.)

If it is bad, sorry you didn't enjoy or find anything I could improve on.

This has been in my read it later list since it first showed up on site and I just now realized the cover image is a hero forge custom mini.

With a link to the customizing page. It is the source after all. :derpytongue2:

I think he/she's trying to say that you were good, but now he's disliking the story for some reason.

In my opinion, it's going well, but the skip to the present and his apparent argument/disagreement with Zecora doesn't feel right.

Otherwise, it's pretty good so far.

HAHA... I get it now.

Sadly, it seems that the princess bride was able to do this method of storytelling right, but my method seems to be butchering it.

Example of interrupting the main narration by narrator done right:

Sturgeon's Revelation (Not Law, as commonly thought) states that 90% of any given group of things is bad. I TVtropes has an article on it, and they're better at explaining things than I, so here it is.


The 9th chapter certainly seems to flow better than the 8th one, with regards to the Past-Present transition. That was done quite well.

Maybe when I've had some time to get a new view on it, I might go back and rework it.

Stockholm syndrome.

I'm very glad they'll be able to understand each other now. Especially after all that.

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